Top 10 Credit Cards for Airport and Railway Lounges in 2024

Credit Cards for Airport and Railway Lounges

Although certainly invigorating, travelling frequently presents the difficulties of congested stations and airports. Credit cards that provide complimentary lounge access have become essential to enhance the overall travel experience and adeptly navigate these obstacles. This scholarly article for 2024 lists the 10 most prestigious credit cards that give holders access to airport and railway lounges. Consisting of distinct advantages and functionalities, every card in this compilation guarantees that regular travellers experience the highest standards of convenience and comfort.

IRCTC SBI Platinum Credit Card

best credit cards for airport and railway lounges

Pros: This card grants a significant 10% value return on AC1, AC2, AC3, AC CC, and lounge access. Additional benefits include an exemption of 1% on fuel surcharges, exclusive activation bonus reward points, and reduced prices on train ticket reservations.

Cons: Some charges are exempt from reward point accumulation, whereas specific expense categories accrue points. It is worth noting that cancellations lead to a 50% forfeiture of collected reward points.

Why We Picked This Card: Distinguished for its effortless approval process, this card offers notable benefits during high demand for rail travel, rendering it an exceptional selection for families.

HDFC Infinia

best credit cards for airport and railway lounges

Pros: This premium card distinguishes itself by providing unrestricted access to domestic and international lounges and a noteworthy credit limit surpassing Rs. 10 lakhs. Additionally, patrons benefit from substantial reductions on well-known online marketplaces such as Amazon and Flipkart and significant returns on travel expenditures.

Cons: Although the card does provide considerable advantages, its annual fees are comparatively steep, and it does not offer frequent monthly and yearly benefits.

Why We Picked This Card: HDFC Infinia is a highly regarded super-premium card highly recommended due to its unparalleled rewards and unrestricted lounge access.

HDFC Regalia

best credit cards for airport and railway lounges

Pros: HDFC Regalia provides a comprehensive travel experience by visiting 12 domestic and six international lounges. Additionally, it sets itself apart by implementing the most minimal foreign currency markup of 2% on all international transactions. Users also receive a complimentary membership to the Dineout Passport.

Cons: Redeeming reward points for the entire appointment value is not possible; access to the same domestic lounge on the same day is subject to restrictions.

Why We Picked This Card: Regalia, a lifetime free card with restricted availability, merges reward points and access to international lounges.

SBI Elite

best credit cards for airport and railway lounges

Pros: Besides providing members with a generous gift voucher worth Rs. 4,999, SBI Elite grants them access to six international lounge visits annually and eight domestic lounge visits annually. The credit card features an extensive reward points programme that awards points for dining, grocery, and department store purchases, among other international transactions.

Cons: Low-spenders may find this card less suitable, and it does not grant access to golf privileges.

Why We Picked This Card: The Elite card, the pinnacle offering from SBI, grants privileges to lounges both within the country and internationally.

Axis ACE

best credit cards for airport and railway lounges

Pros: Four gratuitous domestic lounge visits and a straightforward rewards programme are notable features of the Axis ACE. Users can receive an unlimited 5% commission on bill payments via Google Pay and appealing cashback offers on well-known services such as Swiggy, Zomato, and Ola.

Cons: Significantly, the application does not grant iOS users access to international lounges or support rebates on utility bill payments.

Why We Picked This Card: Apart from granting access to lounges, this card distinguishes itself through its unparalleled rebate advantages on utility bill payments and frequently utilised applications.

HDFC Bank Diners Black

best credit cards for airport and railway lounges

Pros: A high reward rate, complimentary memberships, and unrestricted access to domestic and international lounges are all complimentary with this card. Cashback credit cards allow users to accumulate additional funds with each purchase, rendering them a favourable option for frequent travellers.

Cons: The restricted card acceptance by diners may present difficulties when embarking on international journeys.

Why We Picked This Card: Diners Black, akin to Infinia, is a formidable card featuring a potent fusion of boundless lounge visits and substantial rewards.

CITI Prestige

Pros: Prestige, one of the finest Citibank cards, grants Priority Pass members unrestricted access to lounges. Users are granted exclusive privileges twice yearly, including luxury city guides and specific hotel stay benefits.

Cons:  The card does not offer travel protection services, and there needs to be more clarity regarding the eligibility criteria.

Why We Picked This Card: Due to its renowned customer service and exclusive benefits, Citi’s credit card ownership is an experience.

American Express Platinum Travel

Pros: This card provides extensive annual rewards, complimentary access to domestic airport lounges, and a variety of greeting and milestone vouchers. Although designed primarily for Indigo passengers, it offers numerous travel benefits worth thousands of rupees.

Cons: No mileage, utility, or insurance expenditures that accrue reward points or access to international lounges.

Why We Picked This Card: The Platinum Travel card is a remarkable asset to one’s portfolio as it offsets fees with substantial travel benefits.

Axis Bank Vistara Infinite

Pros: Vistara Infinite, a premium travel card, offers complimentary access to Club Vistara Gold and a business ticket. In addition to milestone spend bonuses and lounge access at select Indian airports, Club Vistara members receive incentive points for their expenditures.

Cons: The card does not offer an annual fee waiver, and most of its benefits are specific to Air Vistara reservations.

Why We Picked This Card: Exceptionally economical, this fare is well-suited for frequent Air Vistara passengers.

HDFC Bank Superia

Pros: Overlooked among HDFC Bank’s alternatives, Superia stands out for its numerous distinctive attributes and advantages. In addition to a complimentary Priority Pass membership, the card offers the convenience of redeeming reward points for air miles on a vast network of 20 international airlines.

Cons: Although not possessing airport and railway lounges credit cards airport and railway lounges possessing airport and railway lounges, credit cards airporter will be used for settings and exceptional premium benefits; Superia provides substantial flexibility.

Why We Picked This Card: Superia, which offers exceptional rewards and flexibility and is practically a lifetime-free card, is a valuable asset to any wallet.


A credit card selection can improve your travel experience considerably. These ten most prestigious credit cards in 2024 will provide an extensive range of advantages, including special access to airport and railway lounges, among other privileges. Evaluate your spending patterns, travel inclinations, and particular card functionalities to identify the card that most closely corresponds to your requirements. Safe and joyful travels!


1. IRCTC SBI Platinum: Lounge access, 10% value back, fuel surcharge waiver, activation bonus.
2. HDFC Infinia: Unlimited lounge access, high credit limit, substantial returns on travel and popular purchases.
3. HDFC Regalia: 6 international and 12 domestic lounge access, low foreign currency markup, Dineout Passport.
4. SBI Elite: Generous lounge visits, Rs. 4,999 gift voucher, robust reward points program.
5. Axis ACE: 4 complimentary domestic lounge visits, flat cashback on popular services.
6. HDFC Diners Black: Unlimited domestic and international lounge access, high reward rate, and complimentary memberships.
7. CITI Prestige: Unlimited Priority Pass lounge access, Luxe city guides, and specific hotel stay benefits.
8. Amex Platinum Travel: Complimentary domestic lounge access, substantial annual rewards, welcome and milestone vouchers.
9. Axis Vistara Infinite: Complimentary Club Vistara Gold, free business ticket, lounge access at select Indian airports.
10. HDFC Superia: Unique features, complimentary Priority Pass, flexibility to convert reward points into air miles.

How to Apply:

– Visit the respective bank’s official website.
– Navigate to the credit cards section.
– Choose the desired card and click the “Apply Now” button.
– Fill in the required details in the online application form.
– Submit necessary documents as per the bank’s instructions.
– Await approval, and upon successful processing, receive your credit card.


What makes HDFC Infinia stand out?

– Infinia stands out with unlimited lounge access, a high credit limit, and substantial returns on travel and popular purchases.

Can I get lounge access with Axis ACE internationally?

– Axis ACE provides four complimentary domestic lounge visits but needs more international access.

Are there annual fees for HDFC Regalia?

– Yes, HDFC Regalia has annual fees, but it’s a lifetime free card for a limited period.