10 Best Credit Cards for International Travel Revealed

credit cards for international travel

The appropriate credit card can significantly enhance the international travel experience by providing exclusive perks such as complimentary access to international airport facilities, interest-free cash withdrawals, and low forex markup fees, among many others. This exhaustive guide reveals the top credit cards for international travellers. We will discuss the features, benefits, and how each card fulfils different travel requirements. Explore elite credit cards tailored for international travel, providing unmatched benefits such as low currency conversion fees, global airport lounge access, and personalised concierge services.

Understanding the Importance of International Travel-Focused Credit Cards

Beyond its primary payment method, a travel-oriented credit card provides various benefits to consumers who frequently visit international locations. These cards accommodate nomadic travellers’ preferences and requirements by delivering several travel-facilitating advantages. By granting access to specialised rewards programmes and lobbies, these cards may enhance the character of each journey in various ways.

Key Features of Top Credit Cards for International Travel

HDFC Regalia Gold Credit Card

credit cards for international travel

Annual Fee: Rs. 2,500

Best Features:

Low forex mark-up fee of 2%:  Using this application to conduct international transactions will prevent you from incurring expensive currency conversion fees.

Club Vistara Silver membership, MMT Black Elite membership, and gift vouchers on card activation: You will receive a gift certificate, a Club Vistara Silver membership, and an MMT Black Elite. These benefits allow one to access exclusive travel deals, discounts, and privileges.

Complimentary lounge access within India and outside India via Priority Pass Membership: One can easily access lounges in India and around the globe by obtaining a Priority Pass membership. Appreciate beverages, pre-flight relaxation, and access to airport facilities worldwide.

Accelerated reward points on specific categories like travel and shopping: Accelerated bonus points on select purchases, including apparel and airline tickets: Enhance your point accumulation with each transaction by engaging in more enormous travel-related expenditures.

HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card (Invite-only card)

credit cards for international travel

Annual Fee:: Rs. 12,500

Best Features:

Low forex mark-up fee of 2%:  Leverage our favourable currency conversion rates to optimise your international spending.

Access any airport lounge worldwide without incurring any expenses: Access to an airport lounge enables you to unwind and appreciate your journey more at any airport worldwide.

Specific categories of purchases may incur substantial reward point accrual: Maximise your benefit earnings when dining out, travelling, and making routine purchases.

Complimentary Club Marriott membership and golf games: Obtain a complimentary Club Marriott membership and a round of golf. Appreciate privileged privileges, including complimentary golf at select courses and reduced rates at Marriott lodgings.

A worldwide service of personal concierges: Leverage our round-the-clock assistance for all your travel needs, including personalised services, bookings, and reservations.

SBI Card Elite

credit cards for international travel

Annual Fee: Rs. 4,999

Best Features:

Low forex mark-up fee of 1.99%: Reducing the frequency of currency conversions can result in significant cost savings when conducting international business.

Complimentary Trident Privilege Red Tier Membership and Club Vistara membership:  Register for Club Vistara and Trident Privilege Red Tier at no cost. Utilise hotel benefits, such as priority treatment, and flight privileges, such as complimentary enhancements and discounts.

Free movie tickets, bonus reward points, and annual fee waivers based on spending thresholds: Spending-based incentives may include complimentary cinema tickets, bonus reward points, or an annual fee waiver. Leverage entertainment benefits, additional incentives, and cost-saving opportunities to your advantage.

Advantages of having access to an extensive selection of lounges within and internationally: Whether you travel domestically or internationally, you can select an airport lounge that corresponds to your preferences and requirements.

IDFC First Wealth Credit Card

credit cards for international travel

Annual Fee: Nil

Best Features:

Low forex mark-up fee of 1.5%: Leverage inexpensive currency conversion rates to save money on international purchases.

Interest-free cash withdrawal worldwide: The ability to withdraw cash from any account globally without incurring any supplementary charges will afford you financial autonomy while moving.

Comprehensive travel insurance cover: By procuring comprehensive travel insurance, one can embark on their journey with a sense of assurance. Obtain coverage through comprehensive insurance.

Reward points and cashback on various spending categories: One can increase long-term savings by accruing cashback and incentives on routine purchases and other expenditures.

Discounts on dining, entertainment, and travel bookings: Take advantage of discounts and promotions when purchasing vacation packages, dining, and entertainment items.

AU Bank Zenith+ Credit Card

credit cards for international travel

Annual Fee: Rs. 4,999

Best Features:

Low forex mark-up fee of 0.99%: Use our inexpensive currency converter to reduce conversion expense costs for international transactions.

End-to-end airport VIP check-in services and international lounge access: VIP check-in provides all-inclusive access to airport facilities worldwide. VIP status grants access to exclusive lounges and preferential airport service.

Benefits for earning reward points, reaching milestones, and redeeming vouchers for luxury brands: Those who travel with a substantial amount of cash may be eligible for exclusive vouchers, personalised milestone benefits, and abundant gifts.

Golf games, movie ticket offers, and discounts at partner outlets: The following establishments, events, and venues offer discounts: movie theatres and golf tournaments. During your absence, use your points to purchase leisure and entertainment items, partner service discounts, and more.

Federal Bank Scapia Credit Card

credit cards for international travel

Annual Fee: Nil

Best Features:

Zero forex markup fee: Avoid FX markup fees to preserve the value of your international transactions by avoiding the imposition of FX markup fees. No longer be required to pay for currency conversions.

Scapia Coins is a customer loyalty programme that offers rewards for in-store and online transactions. You may accrue points with each purchase, redeemable for vacations and additional rewards.

Unlimited domestic lounge access and discounts on travel bookings: By purchasing your tickets domestically, you may be eligible for complimentary access to lounges and substantial savings on travel expenses, both of which have the potential to enhance your journey significantly.

Redeemable points for travel bookings and other benefits: To optimise your spending power, redeem your points for hotel accommodations, airline tickets, and vacation packages.

Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card

Annual Fee: Rs. 12,500

Best Features:

Low forex mark-up fee of 2%: By capitalising on favourable foreign exchange rates, one can reduce expenditures on currency conversion during international travel.

Luxe gift cards, airport concierge services, and lounge access: One potential benefit is using a club, obtaining priority airport lounge access, personalised concierge services, and prestige gift vouchers.

Specific product categories are eligible for bonus points: To optimise the benefits of your rewards programme, expedite the accumulation of points on dining out, vacations, and commonplace purchases.

Discounts on dining, entertainment, and travel bookings: To optimise the financial aspect of your upcoming journey, utilise price reduction strategies when selecting accommodations, dining, and entertainment, including hotel rooms, performances, and meals.

Personalised “concierge services” for healthcare and insurance: Obtain support for insurance and medical matters to unwind and enjoy your vacation.

ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Card

Annual Fee: Rs. 3,500 (waived off on spending Rs. 6 lakh in the previous year)

Best Features:

Low forex mark-up fee of 2%: When conducting international transactions, utilise inexpensive currency conversion services.

Complimentary airport lounge access: Utilising the Priority Pass programme grants access to over 600 airport facilities across the globe.

Complimentary domestic and international golf rounds: Receive a complimentary round of golf at some of the world’s finest courses in your backyard.

Culinary Treats program: Members of the Culinary Treats program, among other advantages, receive complimentary or reduced-price meals at partner restaurants.

Standard Chartered Ultimate Credit Card

Annual Fee: Rs. 5,000

Best Features:

Low forex mark-up fee of 2%: Avoid paying for currency conversion to save on international transaction fees.

Priority Pass, including a three-month complimentary trial: Obtain access to more than one thousand airport facilities worldwide.

Golf privileges: one complimentary round of golf at select renowned courses throughout India.

Reward points in various spending categories: Use incentives and redeemable points for various purchases to enhance your dining out, shopping, and vacation spending.

Kotak Mahindra Bank Royale Signature Credit Card

Annual Fee: Rs. 999 (waived off on spending Rs. 1 lakh in the previous year)

Best Features:

Low forex mark-up fee of 3.5%: Prompt and affordably priced services for exchanging currencies.

Complimentary airport lounge access: Obtain complimentary access to airport lounges worldwide, including those in India, through the Visa Lounge programme.

Milestone benefits: Achieving expenditure targets will earn you additional reward points.

Dining and entertainment privileges: At partner restaurants and venues, dining and entertainment privileges provide perks such as discounts, complimentary items, and exclusive offers.

Choosing the Right Credit Cards for Your International Travel Needs

Before selecting a credit card for your international travels, determine your flight frequency, annual spending, and most essential perks. One should contemplate services that offer both flexibility and value, including but not limited to complimentary lounge access, travel insurance, rewards programmes, and low FX markup fees. In the supplementary benefits, annual fees, and rewards framework of each credit card, you can optimise your financial investment and travel experience. Before selecting a card, thoroughly examine the terms and conditions to understand its advantages and disadvantages. Equipped with the appropriate credit card, international travel may become a pleasure rather than a burden.

How to Apply for These Credit Cards

1. Go to the physical location or website of the credit card-issuing bank.
2. Navigate to the credit card section and select a travel-oriented card.
3. While completing the online application process, kindly verify the accuracy of all personal and financial information.
4. Please include two photographs of a passport size and proof of income, residence, and identification with your application.
5. Kindly be patient as the bank reviews and implements your request.
6. The address you provided during registration in Step 6 will receive the credit card if everything is in order.

Benefits of These Credit Cards

1. Low forex mark-up fees: Benefit from economic currency conversion and decreased forex brokerage fees for international transactions.
2. Complimentary airport lounge access: Use the airport lounge’s complimentary special services and amenities to unwind in sophistication at any airport worldwide.
3. High reward points: Many reward points, such as purchases, dining out, and travel, contribute to accumulating reward points.
4. Travel insurance coverage: Achieve a tranquil vacation by purchasing all-inclusive travel insurance.
5. Dining and entertainment privileges: Dine and enjoy entertainment at associate establishments that provide complimentary items, discounts, and special offers.
6. Tailored concierge services: Obtain round-the-clock assistance for all your travel arrangements.
7. Access to golf courses of international renown: appreciate a complimentary round at renowned classes.
8. Bonus reward points: Achieve your expenditure goals to accumulate additional points redeemable for rewards.


Do these credit cards have any special requirements? 1.
Some of these credit cards need an invitation to apply or have particular income or score restrictions, so unfortunately, you won’t be able to apply for them all.

Is it limited to international travel, or can I also use it for domestic shopping?
These cards provide perks and incentives for domestic spending, such as dining out, shopping, and going to the movies, as well as fantastic advantages for international travel.

How can I get the best credit cards for my international travel needs?
Think about things like yearly fees, foreign exchange markup prices, lounge access privileges, rewards systems, and anything else that can be useful. You may choose the ideal credit card for your travel requirements and tastes by comparing its features.