How to Make Money on Discord: 11 Proven Strategies

How to make money on discord

In its ongoing development, Discord is expanding into more than simply a chat service. It’s a flourishing ecosystem where people may find others who share their passions. This opens various doors for creative types to make a living doing what they love. In this lengthy article, we’ll review 11 tried-and-true strategies to make money on Discord in 2023 and explain why they’re so successful.

What is Discord?

It’s no secret that Discord is a wildly popular chat service for groups of all sizes. It’s perfect for gamers, amateurs, professionals, and enthusiasts because of the plethora of ways its users may communicate with one another: text, audio, and video. Users of Discord can set up their servers, which may then be used for various purposes, including but not limited to hosting conversations, storing and sharing material, and planning events. Discord provides a flexible platform where users can create their unique experience by adjusting settings like roles, permissions, and built-in bots.

Offering Premium Memberships

Establishing a subscription tier structure that provides users early access, unique material, and customised roles is a great way to monetise your Discord server. This helps people feel like they belong and provides a reliable source of revenue for server providers.

  • There are a few different ways premium memberships may be structured, from tiered subscription models to one-time purchases for enhanced access.
  • Create a tiered system with increasing perks to attract a larger audience.
  • Attractive premium member benefits may include behind-the-scenes access to development, early access to new features, and personalised interactions.

Integrate safe payment processors into your server to improve the user experience.

Freelancing or Consulting Services

Learn how to make money on Discord by building your network and providing professional services in graphic design, coding, and marketing. Build your customer base and demonstrate your skills by establishing a professional portfolio channel.

  • Use the site to flaunt your abilities in graphic design, coding, marketing, or anything else you’re good at.
  • Create a professional portfolio site to display your work and discuss your accomplishments.
  • Take advantage of Discord’s built-in audio and video features for your business’s client meetings, consultations, and project talks.
  • Establish straightforward pricing policies and make them known to prospective customers.

Hosting Paid Events or Workshops

Find out how to make money on Discord by hosting in-depth events or courses that appeal to the interests of your community. Collect dues from members and share your knowledge freely to strengthen ties in the neighbourhood.

  • Workshops and other activities should be planned around the needs of the community members attending.
  • Use Discord’s built-in event management tools to simplify signup, payment, and scheduling.
  • Make learning more engaging by including question-and-answer periods and additional readings.
  • Advertise your gatherings anywhere, from social media to message boards to other Discord servers.

Selling Merchandise

Please find out how to make money on Discord by establishing a name for yourself or your group and capitalising on it by selling branded items. Your store’s inventory might include everything from personalised clothing to digital downloads.

  • You should first determine what people in your community find most appealing, whether clothing, accessories, or digital goods like wallpapers and stickers.
  • Consider employing a dependable platform like Etsy or Redbubble for fulfilment or creating your integrated e-commerce system.
  • Incentivize purchases by announcing time-sensitive sales or price reductions.
  • Get involved with your audience to learn what they want, then modify your product offerings accordingly.

Affiliate Marketing 

Learn the ins and outs of making money on Discord by forming relationships with businesses of interest to your community and earning commissions by advertising their goods and services. Honest advice is invaluable, as is being open about your ties.

  • Think about the priorities of your target audience, and only participate in affiliate programmes that share those ideals.
  • It’s essential to be honest about your affiliate status when promoting goods or services, but you should still aim to provide engaging, helpful content.
  • Discord’s text channels, specific promotional channels, and announcement features are all excellent places to strategically disseminate your affiliate links.
  • Maintaining a close eye on key performance indicators will allow you to fine-tune your affiliate marketing tactics over time.

Running Paid Advertisements

Consider the scenario in which you have a sizable, engaged Discord community and are interested in monetising it. To earn money on Discord, you might advertise to businesses that want to target people in your area. Establishing norms is essential for keeping things safe and under control.

  • Maintain your community’s trust and respect by setting up rules for paid advertising agreements.
  • To limit who may see commercial channels or threads, use Discord’s role and permission settings.
  • Tailor your advertising to reflect the tastes and passions of the people who call your area home.
  • Advertisers may get more mileage and value from your service if you give them bundled advertising packages.

Creating and Selling Digital Products

Discover the secrets to making money on Discord by giving unique software, tutorials, or e-books to the community. The value proposition may be improved with regular updates and strong support channels.

  • E-books, how-to instructions, and software applications may all benefit from being adapted to the requirements and interests of a given audience.
  • Ensure your customers know you care by giving them frequent updates and assistance.
  • Utilise third-party platforms or Discord’s file-sharing features to ship products safely and securely.
  • Get input from your audience on how to improve and develop your digital products.

Offering Coaching or Tutoring Services

Learn how to make money on Discord by sharing your knowledge and giving private lessons. Guide individuals or small groups through challenging problems using Discord’s built-in audio and video chat features.

  • Clearly articulate your expertise and design comprehensive service packages or course outlines.
  • Discord’s speech and video capabilities make it easy to conduct virtual training sessions for individuals or small groups.
  • Help students learn more effectively by giving them extra readings, tasks, and tests to complete.
  • Clients will have a more positive and productive learning experience if you encourage open lines of communication and feedback.

Running a Subscription Box Service 

You can earn money on Discord by compiling a list of resources that members of your community will find helpful. Offer several tiers of subscriptions with progressively more features and advantages to attract and retain customers.

  • Collect and organise a wide range of materials that address the needs of your audience.
  • Provide several membership levels, with higher tiers gaining access to more features or enjoying additional privileges.
  • Use Discord’s channel creation tools to set up automated subscription management.
  • Promote a feeling of belonging by giving patrons a voice in the direction the subscription service is heading.

Crowdfunding and Donations

Crowdfunding sites like Patreon and Ko-fi may help you get financial assistance from your audience. Share the vision, explain how they will benefit, and show your appreciation by providing incentives. Find out how to make money on Discord with the community’s help.

  • Use crowdfunding sites like Patreon or Ko-fi or the in-game contribution system via Discord.
  • Motivate the community to help support your server by making the aims and advantages of doing so very clear.
  • Giving donors something in return is a great way to show appreciation and build loyalty.
  • Give your backers regular updates on how their money is being used via crowdfunding campaigns.

Offering Custom Bots or Plugins

Create and sell custom bots or plugins to maximise your programming skills. Maintain a high-quality standard in the Discord ecosystem by providing thorough documentation and consistent support. Learn the ins and outs of monetising your Discord projects.

  • Use your coding abilities to create custom bots or plugins for the Discord platform to address unmet requirements.
  • The intricacy and usefulness of your one-of-a-kind inventions should inform your pricing structure.
  • Make sure your custom bots or plugins have good documentation and support channels to help users efficiently adopt and use them.
  • Maintain market relevance and competitiveness by improving and expanding your product or service offering.


Discord’s 2023 functionality as a community-building and monetisation hub remains unchanged. Learn how to turn your Discord server into a profitable community hub by using these strategies. To succeed, you need to put in the time, think outside the box, and care deeply about the people and issues in your community. Making money on Discord can be a rewarding experience for artists and businesspeople if approached correctly. Embrace the possibilities, maintain your involvement with the community, and your Discord enterprise will thrive.


Is Discord free?

Yes, there is a free version of Discord, and it has a lot of functionality. Discord Nitro, a paid premium edition, offers even more features to its users.

How can I build a server on Discord?

Just hit the plus sign, then “Create My Own,” enter a server’s name, area, and modifications, and then hit “Create.” Recruit new users and arrange communication paths to best serve your group.

Can Discord be used for non-gaming purposes?

Yes! Whether you’re a business, a club, or a school, Discord’s robust chat tools will serve you well. It’s not just a thing among gamers.