Smartwatch Industry in India: Affordable Devices and Domestic

The brand smartwatch industry in India has developed by an astounding 171% over the past few years, making it the largest in the world. This tremendous growth may be attributable to several factors, including the prominence of local businesses, the impact of the holiday season, and the preference of consumers for Bluetooth-enabled timepieces. The number of Indian consumers purchasing smartwatches has increased substantially as a result of the combination of these factors. As a result, India has become an attractive market for both domestic and international businesses.

India’s emergence as the top market for smartwatches reflects the country’s rising tech-savvy population and growing interest in wearable technology. With the widespread availability of low-cost smartphones and internet subscriptions, more Indians are looking to add smartwatches to their electronic arsenal. These wearable gadgets are appealing to users because they provide several functions and capabilities, such as fitness tracking, alerts, music management, and even the capacity to make phone calls.

The Dominance of Domestic Companies

One of the main things driving the rise of the smartwatch industry in India is that most of the companies in it are Indian. Titan, Noise, BoAt, and Amazfit are just a few of the Indian firms that have gained a lot of attention and market share. These firms have prioritised the pricing of their products above the number of features they have. This broadens their appeal. Because smartwatches are both high-quality and reasonably priced, Indian consumers are becoming interested in them.

A. Titan

Smartwatch Industry in India

Titan, a well-known Indian brand, has effectively blended traditional watchmaking with cutting-edge technology. Their smartwatches are attractive to a broad spectrum of users due to their exquisite appearance, unique features, and dependable performance.

B. Noise

Smartwatch Industry in India

Noise, a prominent youth-oriented company, has created waves in the Indian market with its fashionable and reasonably priced timepieces. The brand has built a dedicated following among young customers by concentrating on current fashion trends and implementing innovative features.

C. Boat

Boat, well known for its audio equipment, has extended its product line to include fitness-focused smartwatches. These wearables appeal to fitness fans by providing specialised training modes, precise health monitoring, and an attractive design that complements an active lifestyle.

D. Amazfit

Smartwatch Industry in India

Amazfit, a company renowned for its feature-rich and low-cost smartwatches, has made considerable inroads into the Indian market. Their gadgets provide a broad variety of capabilities, such as fitness tracking, sleep monitoring, and alerts, all at a low cost.

Impact of the Festive Season

The holiday season in India, which normally lasts from September to January, has also played an important part in the expansion of the smartwatch business. During this time, people are more likely to make purchases, and marketers capitalise on this tendency by providing appealing bargains and discounts. Smartwatches, with their variety of features and functions, are an appealing gift choice for holidays such as Diwali, Dussehra, and Christmas. This holiday shopping rush has bolstered smartwatch sales, adding considerably to the total growth of the industry in India.

A. Festivals as Catalysts for Smartwatch Sales

Consumers are more likely to buy smartwatches during holidays such as Diwali, Dussehra, and Christmas. Brands capitalise on the holiday shopping frenzy by offering compelling prices, discounts, and bundled offers, making smartwatches an appealing gift choice for people and families.

B. Attractive Deals and Discounts

Various smartwatch companies have had a flurry of promotional offers over the holiday season. These offers vary from price reductions to special bundles, luring customers with the potential of owning a feature-rich smartwatch at a lower cost.

Preference for Watches with Bluetooth Calling

Another intriguing trend in the smartwatch industry in India is the desire for Bluetooth-enabled devices. Users may make and receive calls straight from their smartwatches, eliminating the need to carry a smartphone with them at all times. The option to have a separate device that delivers calling functions has struck a chord with customers in a nation where smartphone usage is quickly expanding. This functionality is especially attractive to those who live an active lifestyle or need to keep connected while on the road without carrying a phone.

A. Convenience of Standalone Calling Functionality

The option to have a separate device with calling capabilities is particularly tempting in a nation where smartphone use is quickly expanding. Users may remain connected while on the go, which is particularly useful in circumstances when carrying a smartphone is impractical.

B. Appeal to Active Lifestyles

Bluetooth calling watches to appeal to those who live active lives, such as fitness fanatics, outdoor explorers, and professionals who are always on the move. These watches allow you to remain connected without having to bring your phone with you during workouts or other activities.

Emphasis on Health and Fitness

Furthermore, growing awareness of the significance of health and fitness has led to the popularity of the smartwatch industry in India. These gadgets include extensive fitness tracking capabilities like heart rate monitoring, step counting, sleep tracking, and even specialised exercise modes. With a greater focus on personal health and fitness, more Indians are turning to smartwatches as a simple tool to monitor and track their wellness goals.

A. Advanced Fitness Tracking Features

Smartwatches have a lot of ways to track exercise, such as keeping track of your heart rate, steps, sleep, and different training modes. With this knowledge, users can track their progress towards their health goals and make informed decisions about their workouts.

B. Integration with Fitness Apps

Many trackers work well with popular exercise apps, letting users share their data and look at it all in one place. This link makes the whole exercise experience better by giving people a full picture of their health and well-being.

Furthermore, the Indian government’s “Make in India” plan, which supports local manufacturing and tries to enhance domestic output, has aided the expansion of the smartwatch industry in India. Several Indian firms have taken advantage of this transition by building factories in the country. This leads to cheaper manufacturing costs and lower consumer pricing. This has aided the expansion of the smartwatch business since users can now get high-quality devices at reasonable rates.


The dominance of local companies, the influence of the holiday season, and the demand for watches with Bluetooth calling may all be credited with the extraordinary rise in the smartwatch industry in India. The advent of low-cost, feature-rich smartwatches has increased the popularity of these wearable gadgets among Indian customers. As the market expands, both domestic and foreign companies are likely to increase their investments to meet the changing wants and tastes of Indian customers. The combination of technology and fashion has positioned smartwatches as a vital part of many Indians’ daily lives, cementing India’s position as the world’s largest smartwatch market.

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