15 Top Female Instagram Influencers Are Changing the Game in India

15 Top Female Instagram Influencers Are Changing the Game in India

In recent years, Instagram has established itself as the top social media platform for sharing both images and videos. India is one of the nations with the highest percentage of Instagram users, with more than a billion users. In recent years, Instagram has developed into a fantastic platform for individuals, particularly women, to showcase their talents and successes to the world. We discuss the 15 top female Instagram influencers in India in this article.

1. Dr. Tanaya Narendra (@dr_cuterus)

Top Female Instagram Influencers Dr. Tanaya Narendra (@dr_cuterus)

Dr Tanaya Narendra is an Instagram celebrity who happens to be a gynaecologist and fertility expert. Her posts aim to inform and inspire women to take charge of their reproductive health. Many women who are curious about their bodies and their choices might find encouragement and guidance in her story.

2. Leeza Mangaldas (@leezamangaldas)

Leeza Mangaldas Top Female Instagram Influencers

Leeza Mangaldas, an influential media figure and advocate for positive mental health, uses her Instagram to promote these issues and inspire people to care for themselves. Her tale gives hope and motivation to many people who are struggling with mental health concerns. Leeza Mangaldas is well-known on Instagram for sharing photos and videos from her career as a journalist, TV host, and content creator. Because of her magnetic personality and engaging content, she now has over 910K followers on Instagram.

3. Anushka Rathod (@anushkarathod98)

 anushka rathod Top Female Instagram Influencers

Anushka Rathod, who teaches yoga and is a fitness lover, uses the social media platform to motivate others to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Many others have been motivated by her example to work on their health and fitness. Anushka Rathod is a model and influencer on Instagram who discusses fashion, skincare, and travel. Her blog is an eye-candy-filled treasure trove of travel and style advice.

4. Ruhee Dosani (@ruheedosani)

Ruhee Dosani Top Female Instagram Influencers

Ruhee Dosani is not only a content creator and fashion influencer, but she also uses her Instagram to spread the word about sustainable apparel and accessories. Many people looking for new ways to express themselves through clothing have been encouraged by her narrative. Blogger and fashion industry influencer Ruhee Dosani showcases her style on Instagram. Because of her unique style and innovation, she has become a fashion icon.

5. Larissa D’Sa (@larissa_wlc)

 Top Female Instagram Influencers Larissa D'sa

Larissa D’Sa, a travel blogger and content creator, often shares photos and videos from her adventures on Instagram. Her story has been an exhilarating source of motivation for many people who like travelling. Larissa D’Sa is a content creator and writer who uses Instagram to share images of her life, work and travels. Her narrative has inspired a generation of women who are determined to make the most of their lives.

6. Satshya Tharien (@satshyaa)

Satshya Tharien Top Female Instagram Influencers

Satshya Tharien is an artist and illustrator who often shares snapshots of her work on the social media platform Instagram. A lot of people who are struggling to realise their own creative potential have been inspired by her narrative. Photographer and content creator Satshya Tharien often posts breathtaking images and videos on Instagram. Those who appreciate aesthetics will like her description.

7. Chandni Mimic (@chandnimimic)

Chandni Mimic Top Female Instagram Influencers

Chandni Mimic, a comedian and mimicry artist, used her Instagram account to share videos of her humorous impressions and parodies of well-known figures in pop culture. Readers with a good sense of humour will enjoy the many comedic scenes in her story. Comedian and content producer Chandni Mimic’s Instagram is loaded with hilarious videos and memes. Her work has been praised by a wide audience.

8. Anumita Nadesan (@anumita.nadesan)

Anumita Nadesan (@anumitanadesan) Top Female Instagram Influencers

Anumita Nadesan, a writer and content creator, shares her work and thoughts on a wide range of topics on her Instagram account. Her experience has served as inspiration and a new perspective for many readers and learners. Anumita Nadesan is a content producer and influencer who often publishes photos of herself in stylish ensembles on Instagram. Her reputation for having impeccable style has helped her amass more than 270K Instagram followers.

9. Uma Raghuraman (@masterchefmom)

Uma Raghuraman Top Female Instagram Influencers

Uma Raghuraman is a chef and food blogger who uses Instagram to share pictures of her dishes and instructive recipes. Many people who like experimenting in the kitchen find motivation in her narrative. Uma Raghuraman is a food blogger and chef who shares mouthwatering photographs of her dishes on Instagram. Her narrative has inspired a lot of women to up their cooking game and make healthier, more appetising meals for their families.

10. Tarini Peshawaria (@tarinipeshwaria)

Tarini Peshawaria – Top Female Instagram Influencers

Tarini Peshawaria is a well-known Instagram user and fashion and lifestyle blogger. Her profile is an eye-candy-filled treasure trove of travel tips and fashion inspiration. Tarini Peshawaria, a content creator and fashion blogger, uses Instagram to showcase sustainable clothing and accessories. After reading her story, many people discovered they could express themselves more fully through the clothes they wore.

11. Shenaz Treasury (@shenaztreasury)

Shenaz Treasury (@ShenazTreasury) Top Female Instagram Influencers

Instagram star Shenaz Treasury shares stories from the road and life on the small screen. Her experiences have inspired many others to follow their dreams of seeing the world. Shenaz Treasury is a well-known actress and Instagram star who often shares travel images and videos. Her experiences have served as an inspiration to many others with wanderlust.

12. Priyanka Kocchar (@bikewithgirl)

Top Female Instagram Influencers Priyanka Kochhar

Priyanka Kocchar is a motorbike rider and travel blogger who often shares content from her journeys on social media platforms like Instagram. Her account of her time on the road is sure to inspire many female bikers. Priyanka Kocchar is a popular Instagram user and writer who typically writes about her experiences on two wheels. Her account of her time on the road is sure to inspire many female bikers.

13. Pooja Dhingra (@poojadhingra)

Top Female Instagram Influencers Pooja Dhingra

Pooja Dhingra is a self-made businesswoman and dessert cook who advertises her goods on Instagram. Anyone who wants or loves baked goods will be inspired by her story. Pooja Dhingra is a businesswoman and a dessert cook. On Instagram, she posts about her work trips. Many people who want to be cooks or business owners have been inspired by her story.

14. Kusha Kapila (@kushakapila)

Kusha Kapila - Top Female Instagram Influencers

Kusha Kapila, a comedian and content maker, keeps her Instagram fans entertained with short acts and videos. Her story made a lot of people laugh, especially those who like funny things. Kusha Kapila is a comedian and content maker who posts funny videos and jokes on her Instagram account a lot. Many people were happy and felt better after hearing her stories.

15. Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju (@trintrin)

Dr Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju Top Female Instagram Influencers

Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju is an artist and painter who uses her Instagram account to show off her beautiful drawings and paintings. Many people who want to be more creative get ideas and inspiration from her account. Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju is a wildlife filmmaker and photographer who posts her amazing photos and videos of animals on Instagram. Her story will be interesting to anyone who likes the outdoors and animals.


In India, there is no shortage of brilliant and creative women who use Instagram to spread their message, connect with like-minded others, and further their careers. These women are paving the way for other women to use Instagram as a platform to exhibit their skills, creativity, and accomplishments in the workplace. You may gain knowledge from their footsteps, find motivation in their accounts, and connect with like-minded people by following them.