WiFi Plans for Home from Airtel, Jio, BSNL, and More

WiFi Plans for Home

Unlike today’s digital world, having a reliable and fast internet connection is essential for both work and play. Unlimited WiFi plans for the home allow customers to browse, stream, and download without worrying about data restrictions or overage fees. In this article, we will look at the best unlimited WiFi plans available from significant internet service providers such as Airtel Internet, Jio Broadband, BSNL Broadband, Hathway Broadband, Excitel Broadband, Tata Play Broadband, ACT Fibernet, Tikona Broadband, YOU Broadband.

Airtel Xstream (499-999)

Airtel Broadband is one of India’s most well-known broadband service providers. It offers numerous plans for high-speed, unlimited WiFi for home users. The Airtel Basic Broadband package costs Rs. 499 monthly and includes unlimited internet speeds of up to 40 Mbps. Because a free Wi-Fi router is integrated, users may enjoy smooth reading, watching, and downloading. Airtel Broadband is well-known for its reliable network, excellent customer service, and additional benefits such as Airtel Thanks Awards.

Jio Broadband (999-1499)

Reliance Jio’s Jio Broadband service provides several plans with unlimited high-speed wifi for home users. The JioFiber Rs. 999 monthly package offers 150 Mbps speeds and complete internet consumption. Jio Broadband provides a smooth internet experience with a 30-day validity period. Jio broadband subscriptions sometimes offer extra features like free access to major streaming platforms. The Internet provider has garnered appeal among people searching for fast and economical Internet services due to its reasonable price and vast coverage.

Bharat BSNL Broadband (300- 1299)

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited’s BSNL Broadband is a reliable broadband service in India. The BSNL Fibre Rural HOME WiFi package, which costs Rs. 399 per month, provides speeds of up to 30 Mbps up to 1000GB, with rates of 4 Mbps after that. BSNL Broadband delivers continuous surfing and streaming experiences with unlimited data downloads. BSNL Broadband is well-known for its extensive network coverage, low cost, and dependability, making it a popular option for consumers in urban and rural locations.

Hathway Broadband (1500-11148)

In India, Hathway Broadband is one of the top companies offering high-speed, unlimited Wi-Fi home plans. Hathway has a variety of programs that are made to meet the needs of families. They put a lot of emphasis on dependability and customer happiness. One of their most popular plans is the GPON dual band plan, which comes with a price tag of Rs. 1,698, has a speed of 150 Mbps, and is very fast. With endless data, users can browse, watch, and download without thinking about how much data they use. Hathway ensures the construction process goes smoothly and has excellent customer service.

Excitel Broadband (424-999)

Excitel Broadband is a popular option for low-cost, high-speed internet subscriptions. Users may enjoy unlimited data consumption with the Excitel 12 Months package, which costs Rs. 424 monthly. Excitel Broadband specialises in delivering cost-effective options, making it an appealing alternative for those who prioritise price while still wanting quality internet access.

TATA PLAN (1500-3600)

Ata Play Broadband provides high-speed, unlimited Wi-Fi plans for home users with exceptional connections. The Tata Play 300 Mbps Speed package costs Rs. 1500 per month and offers a high speed of 300 Mbps. This package includes free installation and a dual-band router, ensuring a smooth online experience for consumers who need faster speeds for streaming, gaming, and downloading huge files.

ACT Fibernet 

ACT Fibernet is well-known for its high-speed, unlimited, reliable home Wi-Fi plans. The ACT A-Max 500 plan, priced at Rs. 500 per month, provides a blisteringly fast speed of 50 Mbps. With limitless data consumption and equal upload and download speeds, ACT Fibernet provides a symmetrical and high-performance internet connection. The package also includes zero-touch installation, making it a simple solution for those looking for a quick and easy reference.

Tikona Broadband

Tikona Broadband offers home users high-speed, limitless WiFi access. The Tikona 30 Mbps Speed Package, which costs Rs. 399 monthly, provides 30 Mbps with unlimited internet consumption. In addition to the monthly subscription, there are no installation fees and a one-time membership fee of Rs. 5650. Tikona Broadband serves people who need dependable and cheap internet access for various online activities such as surfing, streaming, and gaming.

You Broadband (472-1062)

YOU Broadband’s offerings include high-speed Wi-Fi plans for home users. The YOU Broadband Unlimited Plan costs Rs. 472 per month and has a monthly data cap of 3.5TB and a speed of 30 Mbps. YOU Broadband provides consumers who demand high-speed access for their online activities with a reliable and consistent internet experience. YOU Broadband is an excellent solution for consumers who want a dependable and unlimited internet connection at a low cost, thanks to its inexpensive pricing and generous data allotment.

Comparison of Unlimited WiFi Plans:

When considering unlimited WiFi plans for home, it’s essential to compare different providers to find the one that best suits your needs. Here’s a comparison of the plans mentioned above:

Provider       Plan Name                Speed                  Data Limit       Price (per month)

Airtel           Basic Broadband       Up to 40Mbps        Unlimited         Rs. 499

Jio               Rs. 999 Monthly        150Mbps               Unlimited         Rs. 999

BSNL           Fibre Rural WiFi         Up to 30 Mbps      Unlimited         Rs. 399

Hathway      GPON                       150 Mbps             Unlimited         Rs. 1698

Excitel         12 Months                 NA                      Unlimited         Rs. 424

Tata Play     300Mbps Speed          300Mbps             Unlimited         Rs. 1500

ACT             A-Max 500                 50 Mbps             Unlimited         Rs. 500

Tikona         30 Mbps Speed           30 Mbps             Unlimited         Rs. 300

YOU             Unlimited Plan            30 Mbps             3.5 TB/Month   Rs. 472


Unlimited WiFi home services provide customers the flexibility and convenience of internet surfing without worrying about data restrictions or overage charges. Indian users may choose from a variety of services, including those provided by Airtel Broadband, Jio Broadband, BSNL Broadband, Hathway Broadband, Excitel, Tata Play, ACT Fibernet, Tikona Broadband, and YOU Broadband.

Users may choose from Airtel Broadband, Jio Broadband, BSNL Broadband, Hathway Broadband, Excitel Broadband, Tata Play Broadband, ACT Fibernet, Tikona Broadband, and YOU Broadband, among others.

Before you pick a plan, consider what you need from the internet, such as speed, data use, and your budget. Consider dependability, customer service, and network connectivity to ensure a seamless online experience. You may read, watch, and download from home with the correct unlimited WiFi subscription—happy suffering at home.