10 Best Cities for Expats in India: A Comprehensive Guide by Allied

Best cities for expats in India

India, renowned for its diverse cities, dialects, and cultures, provides expatriates an unparalleled and dynamic experience. Selecting the most suitable city can be challenging, considering the extensive range of existing alternatives. Allied, which facilitates many expat relocations annually, comprehends the complexities of locating an ideal Indian city—one of the top cities for expats in India—to reside in. This article examines the ten most desirable cities for expats, considering factors such as environment, employment prospects, and quality of life. Recognise the top cities in India for expats with the assistance of Allied, your reliable companion in seamless relocations.

Understanding the Criteria for Selection

Deciding on the correct city in India involves considering various factors, each pivotal role in ensuring a smooth transition for expatriates.

Ease of Living

A delicate equilibrium exists between convenience and quality of life in the “ease of living.” Although metropolitan areas may provide greater conveniences, they frequently entail higher population density and decibel levels. For example, Bengaluru has a vibrant cultural environment, affordable housing, and a high standard of living.

The constantly evolving infrastructure in Bengaluru enhances the city’s dynamic atmosphere. In addition to employment prospects in the technology industry, recent advancements accommodate the city’s accelerated expansion by offering expatriates diverse cultural and gastronomic encounters. Furthermore, the city’s ample verdant spaces and parks are accessible to residents year-round due to its moderately mild climate.

Job Opportunities

Prospects for employment are a significant factor for many expatriates. While major cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru are home to numerous multinational corporations, the advent of remote work has broadened the range of opportunities available to expatriates, contingent upon the presence of critical infrastructure like dependable internet connectivity.

Increasingly, employment opportunities are becoming available to expatriates in significant metropolises and smaller towns and cities in India. Bengaluru’s reputation as a technological epicentre draws in expatriates desiring to participate in the flourishing startup ecosystem. Nevertheless, remote work alternatives have allowed professionals to investigate urban centres such as Pune, renowned for its vibrant cosmopolitan atmosphere and diverse sector prospects.

Scenery and Surroundings

The aesthetic appeal of a destination is an essential component of life as a migrant. India provides an extensive array of choices for expatriates, from the serene landscapes and historical sites in smaller towns to the architectural marvels, skyscrapers, and teeming markets in larger cities.

The varied landscapes of India accommodate a spread of preferences. Urban centres such as Mumbai boast a dynamic marketplace scene and a towering cityscape, whereas more modest towns like Jaipur enchant visitors with their majestic allure and significant historical sites. Individual predilection dictates whether one prefers the urban whirlwind or the tranquillity of nature.

A Closer Look at the Top 10 Cities for Expats in India


Best cities for expats in Idia

Bangalore, which Bloomberg recently named to its list the emerging best cities for expatriates, is a technology centre undergoing rapid expansion. The city presents a cost-effective high quality of life due to its many employment prospects, thriving cultural and culinary communities, and continuous infrastructure investments.

Bengaluru distinguishes itself not solely by its technology-oriented labour market but also by its dedication to improving the quality of life for its inhabitants. Lalbagh Botanical Garden and other green spaces within the city offer an escape from the city’s hectic tempo. Even with the cost-effectiveness of residing in Bengaluru, international institutions might present a financial obstacle.


Best cities for expats in Idia

Pune, renowned as the “Oxford of the East,” is an appealing locale for foreign nationals searching for employment prospects, a cosmopolitan way of life, and picturesque surroundings. Its cultural offerings, hospitable locals, and extensive past render it an attractive destination for expat students and their families.

Modern conveniences and historical significance in Pune combine to render the city an attractive destination for expatriates. Featuring historical sites, markets, and movie theatres, the Old Town, which is hemiscut by a river, is the cultural epicentre of Pune. The complex tapestry of the city’s one-thousand-year history offers expatriates much to discover.


Best cities for expats in Idia

Gandhinagar and Chandigarh, known as “the planned cities,” offer a distinctive combination of natural and urban experiences. While both aesthetically pleasing cities provide a tranquil way of life, reasonably priced housing, and well-kept environments, expats frequently struggle to decide which to relocate to.

Gandhinagar and Chandigarh are notable for their well-designed urban landscapes, which provide an ideal blend of modern amenities and scenic allure. Green spaces and well-maintained infrastructure are prioritised to accommodate expatriates who prefer an active and health-conscious way of life.


Best cities for expats in Idia

Kolkata, also known as the “City of Joy,” stands out for its affordable housing options, laid-back atmosphere, and impressive infrastructure. The city is a compelling choice for expatriates due to its multiethnic culinary scene, old-world allure, and contemporary ambience.

The appeal of Kolkata extends beyond its affordable cost of living to encompass its abundant cultural heritage. The city boasts a wide variety of cuisines, encompassing Bengali, Italian, Asian, and Western influences, which consistently capture the taste sensibilities of expatriates. The eclectic combination of historic and contemporary architecture enhances the urban landscape’s appeal.


Best cities for expats in Idia

Engineers are awash in opportunities in Mumbai, the financial capital of India. In addition to exciting entertainment options, a higher cost of living, and congestion, the city provides a dynamic way of life and convenient urban amenities.

Many professional prospects result from Mumbai’s status as the world’s financial centre—however, the city’s hectic and congested lifestyle challenges expatriates. In contrast to the disorderliness of the town, convenient access to Marine Drive, shopping complexes, and fitness centres is present.


Best cities for expats in Idia

Hyderabad harmoniously combines modernity and tradition and provides a lively way of life, a flourishing IT sector, and a hospitable ambience. It is a favourite among expatriates due to its diverse cultural experiences, moderate cost of living, and extensive history.

Hyderabad is attractive due to its skilful integration of traditional and modern elements. The flourishing IT sector contributes to the city’s dynamic present, whereas its historic landmarks, such as the Charminar, attest to its greatness. The moderate expense of living contributes to the allure of the city.


Jaipur, alternatively referred to as the Pink City, enthrals expatriates with its majestic allure, significant historical sites, and affordable standard of living. Appealing factors include the city’s regal heritage, teeming markets, and vibrant cultural scene.

The appeal of Jaipur originates from its illustrious past and remarkable architectural achievements. Compared to large metropolitan areas, the lower cost of living makes it an appealing destination. In Pink City, the exuberant cultural scene and teeming markets lend an additional dimension of exhilaration to immigrant life.


Goa is the ideal locale for expatriates searching for a relaxed way of life sprinkled with idyllic beachside ambience. Despite having limited employment opportunities, Goa offers a distinctive experience due to its renowned picturesque coastlines, lively entertainment, and multicultural crowd.

Goa distinguishes itself as a sanctuary for individuals searching for a relaxed way of life despite its comparatively limited employment prospects in contrast to more populated urban centres. The urban landscape’s scenic shores, lively social scene, and diverse population contribute to the city’s distinctive allure, rendering it an optimal sanctuary for foreign nationals.


With its burgeoning industrial sector and abundant cultural legacy, Ahmedabad presents contemporary conveniences and significant historical sites. Compared to larger metropolitan areas, the city’s cost of living is more affordable, which appeals to expatriates in search of a harmonious coexistence of urban amenities and economical living.

A rich cultural heritage complements Ahmedabad’s industrial sector expansion. Compared to large metropolitan areas, the city maintains a lower cost of living while providing contemporary amenities. Ahmedabad attracts expatriates searching for a fusion of cultural diversity and industrial prospects.


As a prominent centre of culture and commerce, Chennai harmoniously merges elements of tradition and modernity. In addition to its educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and IT industry, the city boasts a vibrant cultural scene and more affordable housing than other major metropolitan areas.

As a result of its dynamic fusion of modernity and tradition, Chennai is a significant economic and cultural centre. Educational establishments and healthcare facilities contribute to the city’s allure, making it a preferred location for expatriates to pursue a well-rounded way of life.


When selecting a city in India, expatriates must meticulously contemplate their inclinations and precedences. Every urban centre in India presents a distinct experience, from the vibrant technological environment in Bangalore to the relaxed coastal way of life in Goa. It is one of the most hospitable cities for expats in India due to its culture, economic development, and generous population. As an organisation specialising in facilitating expat relocations, Allied is prepared to ensure that travelling to India is smooth and pleasurable for individuals and families. Contact us immediately for a customised estimate and commence your rewarding expat experience in one of our company’s most renowned cities for expats—the epicentre of India.