Unlock Financial Benefits with the Best Credit Cards in India 2023

Best Credit Cards in India

The credit card industry in India provides an extensive range of choices; each customised to suit particular lifestyles and financial inclinations. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best credit cards in India in 2023 to assist you in sifting through the options, ensuring that something for everyone is available, whether you are a student, frequent traveller, fuel-saver, salaried individual, or student.

For Travel Enthusiasts

Amex Platinum Travel

The Amex Platinum Travel card provides many rewards and perks that enhance the traveller’s experience. Featuring a prospective reward rate of 8.5%, this credit card is well-suited for individuals who accumulate an annual expenditure of approximately Rs 4 lakh. Furthermore, it provides complimentary lounge access in addition to Taj vouchers, enhancing the luxury and smoothness of your journey.

  • Joining Fee: Rs 3500+GST
  • Annual Fee: Rs 5000+GST
  • Rewards: Up to 8.5%
  • Best Rewards Redemption Options: Taj Vouchers
  • Annual Fee Waiver: Varies yearly

Notable Features: Rs 34,000 worth of Taj Vouchers for spending Rs 4 Lakhs in a year, Complimentary lounge access.

Club Vistara SBI Card Prime

A variety of perks are available to frequent fliers with the Club Vistara SBI Card Prime on all purchases. This card offers premium economy award tickets and CV Silver membership with up to 5.6% rewards. It is the ideal companion for air travellers who prioritise convenience and comfort.

  • Joining Fee: Rs 2999+GST
  • Annual Fee: Rs 2999+GST
  • Rewards: Up to 5.6%
  • Best Rewards Redemption Options: Vistara Flights
  • Annual Fee Waiver: None

Notable Features: Premium Economy award tickets, CV Silver membership.

For Students

Axis Bank Neo Credit Card LTF Offer

The Axis Bank Neo Credit Card is an innovative product that offers students a streamlined and effortless transition into credit. It provides the convenience of a lifetime-free (LTF) card and minimal annual fees, making it an outstanding instrument for prudent financial management. Students also have access to complimentary airport lounges.

  • Joining/Annual Fee: Rs 1499+GST / LTF
  • Rewards: 1.5% to 6%
  • Rewards Redemption Options: NeuCoins for Tata Neu app partners
  • Annual Fee Waiver: Rs 3 Lakhs spent in a membership year

Notable Features: Lifetime Free option, Complimentary Airport Lounge Access.

Amex Membership Rewards Credit Card

The American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card (MRCC) rewards students with premium cards. It is a fantastic card for establishing credit while getting valuable perks, as it provides bonus MR points and enticing rewards on purchases.

  • Annual Fee: Rs 1500+GST with referral
  • Rewards: 1% to 8%
  • Rewards Redemption: Gold Collection, Transfer to Marriott Bonvoy or Airline partners
  • Annual Fee Waiver: Rs 1.5 Lakhs spent in a membership year

Notable Features: Comparable rewards to premium cards, Gold Collection redemption option.

LTF IDFC First Bank Credit Card

The LTF IDFC First Bank Credit Card provides students desiring to establish credit with a solid credit history with an outstanding option. It allows setting credit without incurring additional expenses, as there is no yearly fee. It is an invaluable instrument for managing credit responsibly.

  • Annual Fee: NIL (Lifetime Free – LTF)
  • Rewards: Up to 2.5%
  • Rewards Redemption: Statement Credit, Gift Vouchers

Notable Features: Lifetime Free, Complimentary airport spa and railway lounge access.

For Shopping Enthusiasts

SBI Card Cashback

Offering a tempting 5% cashback rate on purchases made at online merchants, the SBI Cashback Credit Card caters to online purchasing enthusiasts. Although it may not qualify for specific e-commerce discounts, its cashback benefits position it as a preferred option among online shoppers.

  • Joining Fee: Rs 999+GST
  • Annual Fee: Rs 999+GST
  • Cashback: 1% to 5%
  • Annual Fee Waiver: Rs 2 Lakhs spend in a membership year

Notable Features: 5% cashback on online merchant spends, Cashback on utility bills.

HDFC Bank Millennia

Mainly designed for individuals who engage in frequent shopping, the HDFC Bank Millennia Credit Card is a purchasing enthusiast’s paradise, offering 5% cashback on Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra and 1% cashback on all other purchases. In addition, it provides monthly Smartbuy cashback of up to Rs 1000.

  • Annual Fee: Rs 1000+GST
  • Rewards: 1% to 6%
  • Rewards Redemption: Statement Credit
  • Annual Fee Waiver: Rs 1 Lakh spent in a membership year

Notable Features: 5% cashback on Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra, Smart buy cashback.

For Salaried Individuals

Axis Bank Ace

The Axis Bank Ace Credit Card is an outstanding option for salaried individuals seeking cashback benefits. It offers 2% to 5% unlimited compensation on transactions, making it a dependable choice for individuals searching for rewards for routine expenditures.

  • Joining & Annual Fee: Rs 499+GST
  • Cashback: 2% to 5%
  • Annual Fee Waiver: Rs 2 Lakhs spend in a membership year

Notable Features: 2% on offline transactions, 5% cashback up to Rs 500 per month on utility bills for Android users.

HDFC Bank Regalia Gold

In contrast to its progenitors, the HDFC Bank Regalia Gold Credit Card presents a compelling enhancement by extending the base reward rate from 1.3% to 13.3%. It provides comprehensive milestone benefits and complimentary access to international airport lounges, targeting the discerning preferences of salaried individuals.

  • Joining/Annual Fee: LTF with spend conditions or Rs 2500+GST
  • Rewards: 1.3% to 13.3%
  • Best Rewards Redemption Options: Smartbuy Flights/Hotels, Airmiles transfer
  • Annual Fee Waiver: Rs 3 Lakhs spent for paid cards (not applicable for LTF)

Notable Features: Good milestone benefits, Complimentary International Airport Lounge Access.

For Fuel Savings

BPCL SBI Credit Card Octane

Tailored for individuals who incur substantial monthly petroleum expenditures, the BPCL SBI Card Octane provides a noteworthy return of 7.25% on such outlays. Despite the Rs 1499+ GST membership charge, the rewards rate renders it a valuable option for individuals who frequent the pump.

  • Joining/Annual Fee: Rs 1499+GST
  • Rewards Rate: 2.5% to 7.25%
  • Rewards Redemption Options: Fuel
  • Annual Fee Waiver: Rs 2 Lakhs spend in a membership year

Notable Features: 7.25% return on fuel spends, Ideal for high monthly fuel expenses.

Factors To Consider Before Opting for Credit Cards in India

Spending Habits and Financial Discipline: One should assess their expense management to identify the most suitable credit card for their requirements.

Annual Fees and Supplementary Expenses: Aside from the annual fee, consider any additional charges the card may impose. While certain cards may provide enticing rewards, they also entail elevated yearly costs.

Interest Rates: It is advisable to closely monitor interest rates, particularly when planning to maintain a balance. When mismanaged, high-interest rates have the potential to induce financial hardship.

Rewards Initiative: Make a conscious choice regarding your preferred form of reward, be it travel rewards, reimbursements, or additional benefits. Elect a card that corresponds to your inclinations.

Additional Benefits: Assess the supplementary attributes that may augment the overall cardholder experience, including lounge access, insurance coverage, and other benefits.

Risks of Opting for Credit Cards in India:

Debt Accumulation: Elevated interest rates on unpaid balances may result in financial hardship and possible debt accrual without prudent utilisation.

The influence on one’s credit score: Payment defaults or late payments can harm one’s credit score, impeding the ability to obtain future loans or other financial products.

Undisclosed fees: Exercise caution regarding any concealed fees or charges that may not be readily apparent. It is imperative that you thoroughly review the terms and conditions.

Fraudulent Activities Incorporated: There is a risk of becoming a victim of fraudulent activities or unauthorised transactions. You must diligently observe your card statements in search of any suspicious activity.

Excessive expenditure: A reliance on credit cards to an extreme degree may result in excessive spending, which may threaten one’s financial stability. When using credit cards, it is essential to do so prudently and within one’s financial means.


Having incorporated these supplementary items, the compilation above of the top 10 credit cards in India for 2023 is now all-encompassing; each card addresses distinct lifestyles and requirements. There is an individualised card for every type of person, including travellers, students, shoppers, salaried individuals, and those seeking petroleum savings. Considering these recommended options, you can make a well-informed decision based on your financial goals.


How can I choose the right credit cards in India for my needs?

When selecting the ideal credit card, consider your preferences, spending patterns, and financial discipline. Consider annual fees, interest rates, supplementary benefits, and rewards programmes. This will aid you in locating a credit card that complements your lifestyle and financial goals.

What should I do if I suspect fraudulent activity on my credit card?

If you suspect fraudulent activity on your credit card, contact the customer service hotline of the card issuer immediately. Notify them of the suspicious transactions and adhere to their security measures for the account. Additionally, it is prudent to inspect your statements for any suspicious activity regularly.

How can I improve my credit score while using a credit card?

Maintain a low credit utilisation ratio, make on-time payments, and refrain from exceeding your credit limit to enhance your credit score while using a credit card. Over time, responsible usage, which includes making on-time payments and paying off balances in full, can positively affect one’s creditworthiness.