Top 20 Best Political Strategists in India 2024

best political strategist in India

The indispensability of political strategists has increased in tandem with the upcoming 2024 general elections as the political environment in India experiences profound changes. This comprehensive analysis examines the biographies and strategic milestones of the 20 most influential political figures in India, all of whom have significantly impacted the country’s political fabric.

Here are the Top 20 Best Political Strategists in India

Amit Shah: The Architect of BJP’s Triumphs

best political strategists in India

Amit Shah’s astute strategic judgement has significantly influenced the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) remarkable political prowess. By effectively coordinating and utilising data-driven campaigns, he has achieved triumphs and revolutionised India’s political strategy landscape.

Prashant Kishor: A Maverick in Political Consulting

best political strategists in India

In political consulting, Prashant Kishor, the renegade consultant, has been at the forefront of pioneering novel approaches. The firm’s data-centric strategies provide intricate understandings of voter sentiments, enabling the customisation of campaigns for a wide range of political parties.

Atul Malikram: Navigating the Media Maze

best political strategists in India

Atul Malikram demonstrates an exceptional command of media management, going above and beyond by deftly influencing public opinion and securing a favourable narrative for political figures. His sophisticated strategy towards media relations demonstrates a keen awareness of the continuously changing media environment.

Sudhanshu Mittal: A Strategic Torchbearer

best political strategists in India

The importance of Pramod Mahajan in the political manoeuvres of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is further emphasised by Sudhanshu Mittal’s strategic legacy. Mittal’s substantial contributions to the party’s strategic profundity arise from his extensive political background.

Sunil Kanugolu: Crafting Congress’ Strategy in Karnataka

best political strategists in India

Sunil Kanugolu’s proficiency in political strategy is evident in his capacity to devise tactics for the Congress party in the state of Karnataka. His astute comprehension of the intricate political dynamics of the state has been instrumental in enhancing the party’s position in the area.

Rajat Narayan: The Maestro of Campaign Management

best political strategists in India

Rajat Narayan’s campaign management and election consulting career exemplifies a prodigy at work. The combination of his astute campaign strategies and strategic insight has been crucial in ensuring the success of numerous political candidates.

Ankit Lal: Social Media Activism in Election Campaigns

best political strategists in India

Ankit Lal’s notoriety in the realm of social media activism serves as evidence of how political strategies continue to develop. Lal, who has garnered significant attention for his astute utilisation of digital platforms, has been instrumental in mobilising support for the Aam Aadmi Party and captivating the youth.

Kalyan Chandra: Comprehensive Political Consulting Services

best political strategists in India

Kalyan Chandra’s sphere of influence extends across multiple facets of political consulting, encompassing managerial of voter databases and election campaigns. Political parties and organisations seeking to establish a robust online presence greatly value his proficiency in digital marketing strategies.

Surya Maithil: BJP-Supporting Political Analyst

best political strategists in India

Surya Maithil’s exhaustive analysis offers distinctive perspectives on the ideology and vision of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Maithil, a distinguished political analyst and ardent party supporter, provides a valuable perspective through her astute comprehension of socio-political dynamics.

Badri Seshadri: The Voice of Insightful Commentaries

best political strategists in India

Considered a pioneer in political discourse, Badri Seshadri is a distinguished political commentator and accomplished publisher. His perceptive viewpoints and discerning evaluations constantly influence politics and society’s discourse.

Naresh Arora: The Strategic Visionary

best political strategists in India

A prominent figure in formulating electoral strategies, Naresh Arora is characterised by his strategic insight and extensive background in political consulting. A sought-after strategist in the intricate political landscape of India, his wise understanding of political dynamics has earned him recognition.

Saurabh Vyas: A Dynamic Political Consultant

The strategic insights offered by Saurabh Vyas, which apply to various political scenarios, revitalise political consulting. He is an authority in the field due to his inventive strategies and capacity for adaptation.

Vivek Singh Bagri: Navigating Complex Political Terrains

best political strategists in India

Vivek Singh Bagri possesses a profound ability to navigate intricate political terrain. His strategic counsel has been indispensable in assisting political organisations to surmount obstacles and execute well-informed decisions that have resulted in triumphant campaigns.

Amit Malviya: Tech-Savvy Political Strategist

best political strategists in Indiabest political strategists in India

Amit Malviya’s technologically proficient political strategy establishes him as a pivotal figure in using technology to triumph in elections. The individual’s aptitude for utilising digital tools effectively exemplifies the dynamic nature of political communication.

Sharaschandra Shankar: Shaping Political Narratives

How Sharaschandra Shankar shaped political narratives exemplifies the capacity of strategists to mould public opinion—his adeptness in constructing narratives aids in developing a persuasive and effective political discourse.

Kalyan Krishnamurthy: Business Mind in Politics

best political strategists in India

Kalyan Krishnamurthy approaches political strategies from a business-oriented standpoint, creating a connection between political campaigns and corporate principles. By integrating political ideologies with economic principles, he presents a novel viewpoint through his distinctive methodology.

Manoj Sharma: Strategic Communication Expert

Manoj Sharma’s proficiency in strategic communication is crucial to efficiently transmitting political messages to a wide range of audiences. His astute comprehension of communication dynamics significantly enhances the efficacy of his political outreach efforts.

Ritu Kapoor: Women Empowerment Advocate and Strategist

Ritu Kapoor’s strategic contributions transcend electoral campaigns, as she employs her political strategies to advocate for women’s empowerment. Her commitment to diversity and inclusiveness imbues political consulting with an identity of its own.

Ashwin Upadhyaya: Grassroots Campaign Specialist

Particularly in his area of expertise, grassroots campaigns, Ashwin Upadhyaya stresses the significance of establishing a local connection with electors. His deliberate emphasis on community involvement amplifies the efficacy of political campaigns.

Meera Rao: Youth Engagement Maestro

Meera Rao’s emphasis on youth mobilisation and engagement exemplifies the dynamic approaches necessary to attract the youth demographic. Her capacity to establish rapport with the younger demographic infuses political strategies with vitality.


In this exhaustive analysis, we have scrutinised the diverse array of obligations and strategic understanding exhibited by the foremost twenty political strategists in India. As the country nears the elections of 2024, these individuals assume the role of catalysts for transformation, influencing the course of political parties. Their varied proficiencies enhance the democratic process in India, fostering dynamism and vitality. Moreover, they hold the potential to significantly impact the political landscape and shape the course of Indian politics.