Unveiling the Top 20 Tech Influencers in India of 2023

Top tech influencers in India

India is home to a dynamic community of tech influencers in the constantly changing technological landscape, which not only shapes the field but also explains its intricacies to millions of individuals. These individuals have amassed many followers and have been instrumental in popularising technology. We shall thoroughly examine the 20 most prominent tech influencers in India who are making a lasting impact on the digital domain.

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Beebom – Bio-Tech that Matters

Top tech influencers in India

Beebom exemplifies technological advancement through its guiding principle of “biotech that matters.” Beebom is an all-encompassing platform for technology enthusiasts, facilitating the analytical exploration of cutting-edge devices and intricate software nuances. Their influence is widespread and profoundly significant, with 3 million Instagram followers.

Instagram: @beebomco
Followers: 3M Insta / 3.09M YouTube / 2.4M Facebook
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beebomco/
YouTube: @beebomco
Website: https://beebom.com/

Manoj Saru – The Software Engineer Unboxer

Top tech influencers in India

Manoj Saru, an accomplished tech YouTuber and software engineer by profession, adeptly combines technical insights with concise unboxing videos. Providing a unique glimpse into the world of a tech enthusiast with a professional background, his Instagram account, which has amassed 1.4 million followers, documents his life via the lens of devices and code.

Instagram: @manojSaruu
Followers: 1.4M Insta / 7.83M YouTube / 2.9M Facebook
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Technologygyanco/
YouTube: @ManojSaruu
Website: https://manojsaru.com/

Arun Prabhudesai – Technology, Explained One Video at a Time

Top tech influencers in India

A pioneer in the Indian tech YouTube community, Arun Prabhudesai takes excellent pride in elucidating technology through individual videos. Owing to his considerable Instagram following of 806K, he deconstructs the complexities of business and technology. Being a member of the collective with over 50 million followers at @armoksmedia, Arun is an expert in tech-related storytelling.

Instagram: @trakintech
Followers: 806K Insta / 13.8M YouTube / 1.8K Members Facebook
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/308527699830144/
YouTube: @TrakinTech

TechWiser – Navigating the Tech Landscape

Top tech influencers in India

TechWiser, which boasts 494K Instagram followers, is a central platform for providing insightful product evaluations and links. As they navigate the technological landscape, they offer their audience invaluable insights that simplify intricate technical decisions. TechWiser serves as a premier destination for both technical insights and the examination of cutting-edge devices.

Instagram: @techwiser
Followers: 494K Insta / 1.87M YouTube / 2.7K Facebook
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/techwiser/
YouTube: @techwiser
Website: https://techwiser.com/

iGyaan – Where Tech Comes Alive

Top tech influencers in India

Igyaan, whose motto is “We do tech stuff,” is an innovative force in the space of tech influencers. With a substantial following of 145.7K on Instagram, they infuse technology with vitality, making it relatable and stimulating for their viewers. With immersive tech experiences and comprehensive evaluations, iGyaan is where technology comes to life.

Instagram: @igyaan
Followers: 149K Insta / 1.05M YouTube / 2.1M Facebook
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iGyaanIn/
YouTube: @igyaan
Website: https://www.igyaan.in/

Shlok Srivastava – Making Tech Simple and Majedaar

Top tech influencers in India

Offering technical guidance and entertainment, Shlok Srivastava has amassed an astounding 4.1 million Instagram followers. Adding mujadara (laughter) to the technological realm, he gradually renders it more attainable for a wider audience. His entertaining and enlightening content makes him a singular figure in the tech influencer industry.

Instagram: @techburner
Followers: 4.1M Insta / 618K YouTube / 1.3M Facebook
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/techburner1/
YouTube: @shlok.srivastava
Website: http://techburner.co.in/

Gaurav Chaudhary – The Multifaceted Tech Enthusiast

Top tech influencers in India

Engineer, entrepreneur, and nanoscience researcher Gaurav Chaudhary is a multifaceted technology influencer. Boasting an impressive 4.1 million Instagram followers, he infuses the technology industry with an exceptional blend of knowledge and amusement. Gaurav is a technology dynamo, whether he is investigating the complexities of nanoscience or the newest devices.

Instagram: @technicalguruji
Followers: 4.1M Insta / 5.13M YouTube / 28K Facebook
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GauravchaudharyTechnicalGuruji/
YouTube: @GauravChaudharyOfficial

Naman Deshmukh – Adding Value Through Tech

Top tech influencers in India

With a mission to improve the quality of life through technology, Naman Deshmukh amasses a substantial following of 3.2 million on Instagram. Through collaboration and the exchange of insights, he enriches his audience’s technological experience. Collaborations and incisive tech videos exemplify Naman’s comprehensive approach to tech content.

Instagram: @techplusgadgets
Followers: 3.2M Insta / 318K YouTube / 2.4M Facebook
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/techplusgadgets.IN/
YouTube: @TechPlusGadgetsyt
Website: https://techplusgadgets.com/

Jai Arora – Excitement Unleashed in Tech Reels

Top tech influencers in India

Jai Arora, whose Instagram following is thriving, provides his 2.2 million followers with daily tech segments filled with excitement. With millions of subscribers on YouTube Shorts, he provides his audience with a blend of technological expertise and enthusiasm. His tech videos exemplify the ever-changing and dynamic nature of the technological landscape.

Instagram: @tech_iela
Followers: 2.2M Insta 

Tejas Patil – Infotainment and Tech Delight

Top tech influencers in India

By providing a daily measure of tech-infotainment, Tejas Patil imparts knowledge to his audience, increasing their intellect by 1%. As a TEDx speaker with 1.3 million Instagram followers, he is constructing Polaris Media. By charmingly fusing information and amusement, Tejas makes technology more approachable and enjoyable.

Instagram: @elementec
Followers: 1.3M Insta

Rajiv Makhni – Simplifying Gadgets with Tech and Fire

Top tech influencers in India

A tech enthusiast with 1.2 million Instagram followers, Rajiv Makhni remedies technological issues and simplifies devices with unmatched zeal. While simultaneously conducting a new Amazon programme and encouraging his audience to share their superpowers, Rajiv draws inspiration from the intersection of technology and fire.

Instagram: @therajivmakhni
Followers: 1.2 M Insta / 114K YouTube
YouTube: @TechMakhnified

Abhinav Ranjan Jha – Daily Tech Delights and Creative Ventures

Top tech influencers in India

Abhinav Ranjan Jha, who has amassed over 50,000 subscribers on YouTube and provides daily new technology videos, is also the mastermind behind @litwallz. Abhinav, who has amassed a substantial 1.1 million Instagram following, approaches technology exploration with ingenuity and eagerness.

Instagram: @digidoty
Followers: 1.1M Insta / 56.3K YouTube / 500K Facebook
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/digidoty
YouTube: @Digidoty

Akash Pal – Tech Tales from North-East India

Akash Pal, a native of Tripura, North-East India, is an innovator of technological content who offers a distinctive regional viewpoint. Akash, who has 627.3K Instagram followers, requests collaboration via email at technicalsky@nexmedia.in.

Instagram: @technical_sky
Followers: 800K Insta / 1.53M YouTube
YouTube: @technicalsky 

Dhananjay Bhosale – A Journey of Quality Infotainment Since 2014

Since 2014, Dhananjay Bhosale, an industry veteran in tech content creation, has provided high-quality infotainment. Dhananjay’s instructional approach to technology, including information, hints, and techniques, has earned him 607,600 followers on Instagram.

Instagram: @dhananjay_tech
Followers: 613K Insta / 437K YouTube / 11K Facebook
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dhananjay.YouTube/
YouTube: @Dhananjay_Tech

Jay Kapoor – Sparking Curiosity Every Day

Top tech influencers in India

Sharing his voyage with 539.7K Instagram followers, Jay Kapoor strives daily to arouse curiosity. Jay establishes communication via email at hello@jaykapoor.in for collaborations and inquiries.

Instagram: @jaykapoor.24
Followers: 557K Insta / 651K YouTube / 7.7K Facebook
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JayKapoorYT/
YouTube: @JayKapoor24

Mohit Verma – Engineer Turned Content Creator

Top tech influencers in India

Mohit Verma, who possesses an engineering background, transitions effortlessly into the role of content creator. Mohit interacts with his 480.4K Instagram followers by sharing educational, fintech, tech, and infotainment-related content contributing to the ongoing tech discourse.

Instagram: @itz_mohit_verma
Followers: 608K Insta / 1.55K YouTube / 22K Facebbok
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mvmickeyvirus/
YouTube: @mohitverma0001

Mani Sandhu – Tech Videos for Smart Minds

Mani Sandhu curates intellectually stimulating technology videos. Mani aims to educate his audience and encourages collaboration at mrtechinsidecollab@gmail.com.

Instagram: @mrtechinside
Followers: 595K Insta / 15.3K YouTube / 41K Facebook
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mrtechinside/
YouTube: @mrtechinside

Ruhez Amrelia – Mumbai’s No.1 Tech Creator

Recognised as one of India’s top ten technology YouTubers and the leading technology creator in Mumbai, Ruhez Amrelia focuses exclusively on business inquiries. You can contact Ruhez, who has 390k thousand followers on Instagram, at technoreviewww@gmail.com.

Instagram: @technoruhez
Followers: 390K Insta / 3.7M YouTube / 79K Facebook
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/technoruhez/
YouTube: @TechnoRuhez

Harsh Punjabi – Crafting Useful Tech Content

Harsh Punjabi, an author of valuable technological content, delves into various topics, including tech advice, evaluations, and features. With 446K Instagram followers, Harsh’s content combines educational and entertaining elements.

Instagram: @technolobe
Followers: 446K Insta / 176K YouTube / 924 Facebook
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/technolobe/
YouTube: @Technolobe

Yogi Yogendra – Tech and Travel with a 1.8M+ YouTube Family

Contributing to a YouTube family of over 1.84 million, Yogi Yogendra lends a personal touch to travel and technology. Yogi encourages collaboration regarding business inquiries via email at technicalyogi8@gmail.com. Please email anuj@feedspot.com requesting an exhaustive roster of 156 Indian tech influencers, bloggers, podcasters, and YouTubers, along with their email addresses.

Instagram: @technicalyogi
Followers: 119K Insta / 1.84M YouTube / 24K Facebook
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TechnicalYogi/
YouTube: @TechnicalYogi


Within the extensive realm of tech influencers in India, the following 20 people emerge as ideals of enlightenment, amusement, and motivation. Every influencer contributes something unique to the technological symphony, whether streamlining devices or infusing tech showcases enthusiastically. These tech influencers in India remain beacons of guidance as we traverse the perpetually changing technical terrain, ensuring that technology remains accessible to all.