7 Best Smartphones to Buy for Every Budget

best smartphones to buy

The market offers an abundance of excellent smartphones to buy in 2023, which can be daunting for consumers seeking a new device. Your final decision will be contingent upon your financial means and particular considerations. This exhaustive guide features a meticulously curated assortment of high-performing smartphones to buy that accommodate a wide range of preferences, including but not limited to battery life, camera quality, affordability, and foldable design.

How to Choose the Best Smartphone to Buy

You must consider your specific requirements and preferences to choose the ideal smartphone to buy. Several crucial factors should be considered:


Establish a reasonable budgetary commitment. Doing so will ensure you consider phones within your specified price range.

Operating System

iOS or Android should be chosen. Diverse in their integration with other devices and ecosystems, each provides a distinct user experience.

Size and Display

Screen resolution and dimensions should be considered. Smaller displays are more portable, whereas larger ones are more suitable for gaming and multimedia. Moreover, seek out attributes such as elevated refresh rates for cinematic fluidity.

Camera Quality

Determine your photography requirements. Prioritise smartphones with sophisticated camera systems if photography is your thing. MP count, optic variety, and low-light performance are all aspects to consider.


Consider purchasing a processor with ample power and RAM. This guarantees efficient programme launches and seamless multitasking. One factor to consider is the generation of the processor (e.g., Apple A-series, Snapdragon).

Battery Life

Assess the phone’s battery life under typical usage conditions—a decreased charging frequency results from an extended battery life. Wireless charging and the rapid charging capabilities of the phone should also be considered.

Ecosystem Compatibility

Investing in a specific ecosystem (e.g., Apple, Google) may impact your smartphone selection. The inclusion of smartwatch and laptop compatibility is an advantageous feature.

Special Features

Please specify any necessary attributes, such as support for styluses, expandable storage, or 5G capability. Consider facial recognition, in-screen biometric sensors, and water resistance as well.

Our Top Picks for the Best Smartphones to Buy

iPhone 14 – 49,900

best smartphones to buy

The iPhone 14 continues to be our preferred option overall due to its unbeatable price and impressive combination of battery life, performance, and camera quality. Even with the recent introduction of the iPhone 15 series, the iPhone 14 maintains its remarkable value proposition, particularly in light of its diminished initial cost of $699.

It is equipped with an A15 Bionic processor, and the iPhone 14 guarantees lightning-fast performance in various duties. Despite not having a dedicated telephoto lens, its camera system generates visually breathtaking images characterised by vivid colours and intricate details. The inherent compatibility with the Apple ecosystem, encompassing features like FaceTime and iMessage, augments its attractiveness to current Apple users.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus – 94,999

best smartphones to buy

Android enthusiasts will find the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus the preeminent option. It outperforms in every respect at a competitive price, showcasing high-end features and exceptional performance.

An optimised Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor powers the Galaxy S23 Plus, the flagship model of Samsung’s S23 series. This guarantees uninterrupted multitasking and streamlined navigation. The aesthetically pleasing visuals delivered by its 120Hz display make it an ideal device for consuming multimedia content. The camera system uses a versatile triple-lens configuration to capture vivid and intricate images in various situations.

iPhone SE – 27,540

best smartphones to buy

In its third generation, the iPhone SE offers a cost-effective means of entering the Apple ecosystem. Its performance is comparable to the iPhone 14, making it an excellent choice for individuals on a budget.

The A15 Bionic chip, which powers it, ensures remarkable speed and responsiveness. Despite its smaller size, the SE’s 4.7-inch display is comfortable using one hand. Although the single camera does not possess the versatility of higher-end models, it continues to deliver crisp and clear images.

Google Pixel 7a – 35,999

best smartphones to buy

Recent discounts on the Google Pixel 7a, its flagship-level processor, and remarkable cameras make it the Android phone of choice for those searching for exceptional value.

Operating on the Tensor G2 processor, the Pixel 7a performs comparable to a flagship device. The display’s fluid visuals and 90-Hz refresh rate enhance the user experience. Notable is its camera system, which is similar in quality to models costing even more. Although it lacks a dedicated zoom lens, the Pixel 7a does an exceptional job of capturing precise and detailed images.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – 1,24,999

best smartphones to buy

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra dominates smartphone photography with its multifunctional four-lens camera system. Outstanding photo and video quality, in addition to a 10x optical magnification, distinguish it.

The 200-megapixel primary camera of the Galaxy S23 Ultra enables the capture of incredibly detailed images, mainly when photographing in ideal illumination conditions. Its revolutionary 10x magnification capability enables clear images of distant subjects. Advanced post-processing and optical image stabilisation work in tandem to guarantee consistent and precise outcomes. Furthermore, the S Pen instrument improves accuracy for editing on the device.

iPhone 14 Plus – 79,900

The iPhone 14 Plus has the most extended battery life of all our evaluated smartphones. Following our rigorous testing, the battery’s extraordinary 73% remaining capacity proves Apple’s exceptional engineering capabilities.

The iPhone 14 Plus and its smaller companion share numerous components, such as the A15 Bionic chip and camera system. Its enlarged display facilitates productivity and media consumption in an immersive fashion. However, its outstanding battery performance distinguishes it as an optimal option for consumers searching for a durable device.

Google Pixel Fold – 14,7490

The Google Pixel Fold distinguishes itself among foldable smartphones due to its recognisable exterior display. Its battery life, performance, and camera system position it as the preeminent option for individuals searching for a hybrid smartphone-tablet experience.

The Pixel Fold’s Tensor G2 processor provides performance at the pinnacle of the industry, ensuring seamless app launches and multitasking. The five-camera system offers a wide range of photographic scenarios, maximising versatility. An internal and external 120Hz display contributes to the enhancement of the foldable experience. Although it has a heavier and bulkier profile than a conventional phone, its foldable design provides a distinctive and adaptable physical appearance.


In 2023, when selecting the most suitable smartphones to buy for your requirements, you should consider your preferences, budget, and priorities. Our recommended products accommodate diverse consumers, guaranteeing you will discover a device that precisely fulfils your needs. Whether one places a premium on battery life, camera quality, affordability, or foldable technology, the alternatives delineated in this guide provide outstanding value and functionality.


FAQ 1: What Should I Consider When Choosing a Smartphone?

When selecting a smartphone, prioritise specific features, such as stylus support or 5G capability, overarching performance, battery life, compatibility with existing devices, screen size and display quality, and budget and preferred operating system (iOS or Android).

FAQ 2: Which Smartphone Offers the Best Camera Quality?

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s camera system is prominent among users, which boasts a 10x optical magnification and four versatile lenses. This mobile device performs exceptionally in capturing videos and photographs of superior quality, mainly when operating in low-light conditions.

FAQ 3: What Is the Best Budget-Friendly Smartphones to Buy?

When looking for an affordable alternative that does not sacrifice performance, the Google Pixel 7a emerges as a highly commendable selection. It presents Android users on a budget with outstanding value through its discounted starting price, flagship-level computational power, and spectacular camera system.