Business model of Classplus ~ Business Plan, Revenue Model, SWOT Analysis


Classplus is a mobile first SaaS platform that enables private coaching institutes to streamline their video distribution, payments, communication and online assessments through a single platform. The business model of Classplus involves its business plan, revenue model, competitors, SWOT Analysis and many more.

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Classplus is located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. Classplus is a coaching institute management software designed for coaching institutes to operate online. Classplus mobile app offers multiple utilities that enable coaching institutes to expand in an online environment. It offers a strong digital infrastructure which assists in conducting online classes properly.

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Business Plan

Classplus operates on a B2B business model as it helps the educators to bring their offline businesses to online mode. With online comes the freedom to reach any part of the country as communication becomes bi-directional. It offers educators to take multiple live classes & teach unlimited students across the country without worrying about storage and video quality.

Classplus app provides several benefits to educators in the transition from offline to online teaching. Educators include online teachers, school and college teachers, coaching teachers, tuition teachers, and independent teachers.

  • Live lectures: You can create video lectures without any storage restrictions. You can also take multiple live classes with automatic recordings. There is no limit on the number of students.
  • Increased earnings: Teachers can create and sell their study materials across India, gaining an additional source of income.
  • Automatic test results: Automatic checking and solutions are available when you conduct online tests.
  • Smart attendance: Classplus provides live attendance option. You can receive monthly reports of class attendance and share the information with parents.
  • Communicate anytime: Teachers can contact students and parents 24/7. A live chat option is also available. Chats can be disabled when you are busy.
  • Student reports: Receive personalized and detailed performance report for every student.
  • Fee management: You get receipts of fee payments. There are automatic reminders for due fees.
  • Security and privacy for content creation: Data security for the content you create is ensured via SSL AES 256-bit encryption. Educators can control what information can be viewed by admin and other individuals.

Classplus is providing the best management software and mobile application service for coaching institutes, tuition centers, and private tutors. The teaching and learning approaches have been reformed with the innovative features and technologies that Classplus brings in, thereby empowering the educationalists to become future-ready.

Revenue model

Classplus has a subscription-based revenue model. The platform charges subscription fees for its software suite, which handles class communication, payments, assessments, online learning programs, and attendance, thereby reducing the time spent on management activities and focusing more on classroom teaching.

The revenue model of Classplus is based on simple subscription fees. The subscription fees of this platform start from Rs 15,000 and can go up to Rs 50,000. The fees depend upon the services required by the teachers.

Classplus pricing is ₹ 13,500/- per annum.
Classplus Lite is a free app for teachers to teach and engage with their students.


Here are some important features offered by Classplus coaching management app/software:

  1. Video portal
  2. Online test portal
  3. Online attendance
  4. Student performance report
  5. Fee records


Some of the examples of competitors of Classsplus are:

SWOT Analysis


  1. For a tutoring business to succeed, one strength has to be its people. Whether you’re offering general academic tutoring to grade-school students or specialized subject-matter knowledge in a more advanced curriculum, your tutors have to be experts at their designated subjects and adept at communicating their knowledge to the customer. If your people fit that description, you have a big edge over rivals whose tutors lack one of those abilities.
  2. Having advanced resources, such as enough computers to accommodate those looking for tutoring on their programming skills, can be a strength.
  3. Location is also key: If you’re within walking distance of the local university, you’ll likely draw more business than a similar service that requires its clients to drive and park.


  1. One weakness for a tutoring service is a lack of space. A tutoring service that can’t offer clients enough space on site will be limited to customers who want the tutors to come to their homes.
  2. A lack of funding can force your business to reduce its offerings. Maintaining qualified tutors may also be a problem, particularly if their expertise is in a high-demand subject and competition for their services is fierce.
  3. You might have low participation due to a lack of awareness of your services or apathy among your target market, or low brand name recognition might make it difficult for you to stand out.


  1. A tutoring service can increase its offerings and operate on a more stable footing when it has a regular source of clients. Use the strength of your people to find partnerships with academic institutions that may have students who need tutoring.
  2. A local community college, for example, may not have the funding or capacity to provide individual tutoring for those needing training in remedial English or math. But the school might be willing to advertise the easy availability of your tutoring services, which helps you expand your business at little cost.
  3. In addition, some schools have federal or state funding available for tutoring or a line item in their own budget for this service. Find out if you qualify to receive those funds for providing services.


  1. Other competitors entering your space pose the greatest threat. That’s why building your brand name is key; without a strong marketing campaign, one algebra tutoring service is likely to look much the same as another.
  2. If a competitor is trying to poach your best people, find out what motivates your tutors and make sure you provide it. It might not require a payroll increase; more flexible working hours might be more motivating.
  3. A lack of physical space can be a threat, but if rents are too high for an office and you can’t use the facilities at local schools, consider making your market niche online tutoring and homework help.


Classplus is a mobile-first SaaS platform. It enables private coaching institutions and their tutors to streamline their content distribution, payments, communication, and online assessments through the app.