Discover the 7 Top Picks for the Best Credit Cards for Movie Tickets

credit cards for movie tickets

Indian society has a deep connection with cinema, which is not just a form of entertainment but also an obsession for many. Considering the immense influence of movies on people’s lives, financial institutions have introduced credit cards that cater specifically to cinema enthusiasts. These credit cards offer exclusive benefits and rewards to frequent moviegoers, making them an essential tool for cinephiles. Here’s a list of India’s top 7 credit cards perfect for purchasing movie tickets.

Axis My Zone Credit Card

credit cards for movie tickets

Joining Fee: Rs 500

Lifetime Free: Yes

Annual Fee Waiver Amount: No

Welcome Benefits: Complimentary premium subscription to SonyLiv worth Rs 999

Cashback Features: NA

Rewards: Earn 4 EDGE points for every Rs 200 spent on the card

Other Features: Are you a movie enthusiast? If so, subscribing to Paytm Movies can be an excellent option. By doing so, you can receive a monthly Buy One Get One (BOGO) offer on movie tickets, an immediate discount on Swiggy, perks for online purchasing, and complimentary access to domestic airport lounges.

If you’re looking for a credit card that caters to your love for movies, the Axis My Zone Credit Card can be a great choice. This card offers a range of benefits, including a complimentary premium subscription to SonyLiv, a Buy One, Get One (BOGO) offer on movie tickets through Paytm Movies, an immediate discount on Swiggy, and online purchasing privileges. Moreover, the card has a nominal application charge and a lifetime-free feature. Additionally, cardholders can enjoy complimentary access to domestic airport lounges and substantial discounts on dining.

ICICI Coral Credit Card

credit cards for movie tickets

Joining Fee: Rs 500

Lifetime Free: Yes (if spending exceeds Rs 1.5 lakhs in a year)

Annual Fee Waiver Amount: NA

Welcome Benefits: Vouchers worth Rs 5,000

Cashback Features: NA

Rewards: Two reward points on spending Rs 100, one reward point on spending Rs 100 on utilities

Other Features: ICICI Coral Credit Card members can enjoy various unique benefits, including discounts on travel, entertainment, and dining. The card offers complimentary lounge access at domestic airports and railway lounges and discounts on cinema tickets through BookMyShow and Inox. Cardholders can also receive welcome vouchers worth Rs 5,000.

Additionally, the card provides reward points for every transaction, making it a flexible option for movie lovers who enjoy earning rewards. With the Coral Credit Card, purchase a single movie ticket and receive Rs 500 off a second ticket twice monthly, culinary discounts and a waiver of fuel surcharges.

PVR Kotak Gold Credit Card

credit cards for movie tickets

Joining Fee: Rs 499

Lifetime Free: Yes

Annual Fee Waiver Amount: NA

Welcome Benefits: NA

Cashback Features: 15% cashback on food and beverages at PVR, 5% cashback on movie tickets at PVR Box Office

Rewards: One free PVR movie ticket if monthly spending exceeds Rs 10,000, 2 free PVR tickets if it exceeds Rs 15,000

Other Features: Zero liability protection worth Rs 50,000 and fuel surcharge waiver.

The PVR Kotak Gold Credit Card is a perfect reward for movie lovers, designed to give you an exceptional movie experience. It provides complimentary movie tickets, cashback on food and beverages, and movie tickets at PVR based on your monthly expenditure. With a low annual fee and nil liability protection, this card is a convenient and secure option for frequent moviegoers.

SBI Card Prime

credit cards for movie tickets

Joining Fee: Rs 2,999

Lifetime Free: Yes (if spending exceeds Rs 3 lakhs in a year)

Annual Fee Waiver Amount: NA

Welcome Benefits: Vouchers worth Rs 3,000

Cashback Features: NA

Rewards: Ten reward points for every Rs 100 spent on movies, dining, groceries, and departmental stores, two reward points for retail spending except fuel

Other Features: Complimentary lounge access, Club Vistara Silver membership, fuel surcharge waiver, and golf privileges.

SBI Card Prime members are known for their premium benefits and generous reward points. This card provides complimentary lounge access and vouchers worth Rs. 3,000 as introductory perks, making it an excellent option for cinema lovers who enjoy dining out and travelling. Cardholders can add satisfaction and value to every purchase by earning reward points on all transactions.

SBI Click Credit Card

Joining Fee: Rs 499

Lifetime Free: Yes (if spending exceeds Rs 1 lakh in a year)

Annual Fee Waiver Amount: NA

Welcome Benefits: Amazon gift card worth Rs 500

Cashback Features: NA

Rewards: 10x reward points on selected online platforms, 5x reward points on other online spends, and one reward point for every Rs 100 spent on other purchases

Other Features: Fuel surcharge waiver and zero liability against lost or stolen cards.

This credit card is an excellent choice for those who frequently buy movie tickets online or use SBI Click Credit Cards for purchases. It offers Amazon gift cards as welcome bonuses and generous reward points for online purchases. This makes it an ideal option for movie enthusiasts who want a seamless and rewarding experience.

BookMyShow RBL Bank Play Credit Card

Joining Fee: Rs 499

Lifetime Free: Yes (if spending exceeds Rs 1.5 lakhs in a year)

Annual Fee Waiver Amount: NA

Welcome Benefits: Rs 500 on the movie and non-movie tickets through BookMyShow in the first 30 days

Cashback Features: NA

Rewards: 20 reward points for every Rs 100 spent on weekends, ten reward points for every Rs 100 spent on BookMyShow, Pizza Hut, and KFC outlets, and 1 reward point for every Rs 100 spent on all purchases except fuel

Other Features: Complimentary vouchers for gifting friends and family and fuel surcharge waiver.

The RBL Play Credit Card is a collaboration between RBL Bank and BookMyShow. This credit card offers enticing rewards and discounts to movie enthusiasts on their movie tickets. Cardholders can enjoy a rewarding movie-watching experience with complimentary vouchers and attractive reward points. The credit card also offers benefits on other transactions.

SBI Card Elite

Joining Fee: Rs 4,999

Lifetime Free: Yes (if spending exceeds Rs 10 lakhs in a year)

Annual Fee Waiver Amount: NA

Welcome Benefits: Voucher worth Rs 5,000 of Bata, Hush Puppies, Pantaloons, Aditya Birla Fashion, Shoppers Stop, and

Cashback Features: NA

Rewards: Free movie tickets monthly worth Rs 6,000 per annum, two reward points for every Rs 100 spent on retail purchases, and 5x reward points on dining, departmental and grocery store purchases.

Other Features: Complimentary Club Vistara and Trident Privilege Red Tier membership, complimentary international and domestic airport lounge access, complimentary golf rounds and monthly golf lessons, 15% discount at partner hotels and car rentals.

The SBI Card Elite is perfect for cinema enthusiasts who enjoy luxury experiences. It offers a range of premium benefits and rewards, including complimentary movie tickets, lounge access, and golf privileges. With this card, you can indulge your passion for films while enjoying exceptional value and exclusive privileges.


These credit cards are designed to cater to the diverse requirements of film enthusiasts, offering a wide range of advantages, rewards, and exclusive benefits. Whether you’re a casual moviegoer or a cinephile, there’s a personalised credit card that will enhance your cinematic experience in India. You can choose the credit card that best suits your lifestyle and personal preferences by analysing your spending patterns and habits.

How to Apply for the Credit Cards for Movie Tickets

Please find below a step-by-step guide to help you with the application process for the top credit cards for purchasing movie tickets in India:

1. Research and Compare: Start by exploring the different credit cards available on the market that offer exclusive perks to cinema enthusiasts. Compare various aspects, such as annual and membership fees, welcome benefits, rewards, and additional features, to determine which card best suits your requirements.

2. Check Eligibility:  Ensure you meet the issuing bank’s eligibility criteria before submitting a credit card application. Typical eligibility requirements include minimum income, age, and credit rating. Generally, applicants must be at least 18 years old, have a stable source of income, and have an excellent credit history.

3. Gather Required Documents: Gather the documentation required during the credit card application process. Examples of documents include proof of identity (Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport), proof of address (utility bills or rental agreements), and proof of income (salary receipts or income tax returns).

4. Online Application: Many financial institutions offer an automated credit card application process through their official website or mobile application. To access the credit card section of the bank website that provides the desired credit card, proceed to that page. Complete the online application form with accurate information and attach the required supporting documents.

5. Offline Application: If you want to apply for a credit card offline, you can visit a bank that offers the desired card. You can acquire a physical application form, fill it out with the necessary information, and submit it to a bank representative with the required documents.

6. Verification Process: Once you submit your application, the bank will verify it. This may include verifying your documents, checking your credit score, and evaluating your eligibility based on the bank’s standards.

7. Approval and Issuance: The bank will confirm via email or SMS if your application is approved. After that, your credit card will be generated and delivered to the address you provided during regular business hours.

8. Activation: Before you can start using your new credit card, you need to activate it. To do this, you should follow the guidelines provided by the bank. This may involve using the bank’s mobile application or website, dialling a toll-free number, or initiating the activation process via its website.

Following these simple steps, you can apply for the best credit cards for movie tickets in India and enjoy various exclusive perks and rewards designed to enhance your moviegoing experience.

Eligibility for the Credit Cards for Movie Tickets

To apply for the top credit cards that offer benefits on cinema tickets in India, prospective applicants need to meet specific eligibility criteria set by the issuing banks. While the specific requirements may vary from bank to bank, there are some general criteria that most applicants need to fulfil: –

Age: Applicants must be at least 18 when applying for the card. However, some banks may have a minimum age requirement of 21 years.

Income: A stable source of income is often a prerequisite for credit card approval, as it assures the bank of the applicant’s ability to repay the outstanding balances. The minimum income requirement may vary depending on the features and perks of the card.

Credit Score: A high credit score is crucial for getting approved for a credit card. A credit score indicates an individual’s credit history and repayment pattern, which banks use to evaluate an applicant’s creditworthiness. A good credit score increases the likelihood of approval.

Documents: Applicants must provide proof of identity, address, and income. Commonly requested records include Aadhaar cards, PAN cards, passports, utility bills, pay slips, and income tax returns. I hope this revised version is more transparent and more accessible to understand!

Existing Debt: Financial institutions consider the existing debt obligations of applicants when assessing their creditworthiness. This includes credit card dues and loans. Therefore, responsible management of existing debts can positively affect the likelihood of credit card approval.

Residency Status: In India, most credit cards require applicants to be Indian residents or non-resident Indians (NRIs) with a valid Indian address.

Employment Status: Certain financial institutions may require that applicants be salaried individuals, self-employed professionals, or business proprietors to qualify for specific credit cards. As a result, employment or business ownership verification may be mandatory components of the application procedure.

It is crucial for applicants to thoroughly examine the eligibility criteria specified by the bank extending the credit card before applying. By fulfilling the eligibility requirements, applicants increase their chances of obtaining a credit card. Moreover, they gain access to the privileges and incentives the card provides.

Benefits of the Credit Cards for Movie Tickets

Credit cards designed for purchasing movie tickets offer cardholders a range of benefits and incentives to enhance their cinematic experience. Some of the top credit cards for buying movie tickets in India provide the following key benefits:

1. Discounts on Movie Tickets: Cashback or attractive discounts on movie ticket purchases to help cardholders save money while enjoying movies.

2. Complimentary Tickets: Milestone rewards or complimentary movie tickets are welcome perks that allow cardholders to attend exclusive movie screenings at certain cinemas.

3. Multiplying Reward Points: Bonus reward points for both online and offline purchases of movie tickets. These reward points can be redeemed for merchandise, gift cards, and movie vouchers.

4. Exclusive Access: Premium credit cards can offer exclusive access to premieres, films, or events to give cardholders unique entertainment experiences. I hope this version is more transparent and more accessible to understand.

5. Dining Discounts: Credit cards often offer discounts or special deals at partner restaurants and food establishments, allowing cardholders to enjoy discounted meals before or after their movie outings.

6. Additional Entertainment Benefits: Some credit cards provide rewards and discounts on other forms of entertainment, such as concerts, plays, and events, in addition to movie-related benefits.

7. Travel Benefits: Certain credit cards offer travel-related perks, such as hotel discounts, airline miles, and lounge access, which can enhance the movie-centric lifestyle of frequent travellers.

8. Zero Foreign Transaction Fees: Some credit cards also waive foreign transaction fees for movie enthusiasts who attend international film screenings or festivals, simplifying purchasing tickets and conducting transactions overseas.

Movie tickets in India offer a range of perks and benefits to cardholders in addition to being affordable. These credit cards cater to movie enthusiasts’ diverse interests and lifestyles nationwide by providing access to exclusive events, discounted tickets, and free screenings.


What are the key benefits of the best credit cards for movie tickets?

Suppose you are looking for credit cards that offer benefits for purchasing movie tickets. In that case, you should consider those that provide complimentary screenings, rewards points for movie-related expenses, dining discounts, and exclusive access to premieres and events.

How can I apply for these credit cards?

To apply for the best credit cards for movie tickets, you can either fill out the online application form on the issuing bank’s website or submit the necessary documents at the nearest branch if you prefer an offline application.

What eligibility criteria must I meet to qualify for these credit cards?

While eligibility criteria may vary among card issuers, the standard requirements include being at least 18 years old, having a stable source of income, having a satisfactory credit score, and providing essential documentation such as proof of identity, proof of address, and proof of income.