Maximize Your Rewards with the Scapia Federal Bank Credit Card

Scapia Federal Bank Credit Card

In the contemporary era characterised by the rapidity and the influence of rewards and convenience on our financial choices, the Federal Scapia Credit Card is an innovative solution for individuals who travel frequently. With the support of Federal Bank and Scapia, this credit card provides an abundance of perks designed to elevate your travel experience and provide unparalleled rewards and security.

What is a Federal Scapia Credit Card?

Federal Bank and Scapia have partnered to establish the Federal Scapia Credit Card to reward cardholders for travel expenses. Its distinctive offerings distinguish it in the marketplace, particularly regarding travel benefits and rewards.

Highlights of Federal Scapia Credit Card

No Joining Fee or Annual Fee: The Federal Scapia Credit Card, unlike numerous other credit cards, does not impose an annual or membership fee, rendering it an appealing choice for individuals searching for an economical financial resolution.

Unlimited Domestic Lounge Access: An exceptional attribute of this card is its provision of unrestricted access to facilities within domestic airports. This benefit, customary for premium cards, becomes accessible to Scapia cardholders when they accumulate a minimum monthly expenditure of Rs 5,000. Guests can partake in airport facilities throughout India, substantially augmenting their travel experience by providing comfort and luxury.

Reward Points: Users amass Scapia Coins with each transaction; these coins are redeemable for travel reservations through the Scapia app. Variable reward rates for distinct card transactions guarantee that cardholders consistently accrue substantial rewards. Users can receive 10% Scapia Coins for all offline and online transactions (excluding specific categories) and 20% Scapia Coins for travel reservations completed via the Scapia app. This comprehensive rewards programme stimulates travel expenditure by offering concrete advantages to cardholders.

Zero Forex Markup Charges: The euphoria among international travellers! The Federal Scapia Credit Card eliminates the need for foreign exchange commission fees for frequent international travellers, rendering it an ideal companion. You can save money on every transaction, including hotel reservations, flights, and international purchases by avoiding additional costs.

No-Cost EMI: Additionally, the Scapia App offers users the convenience and flexibility to manage their finances by converting travel expenses incurred through the app into three-month interest-free instalment plans. This innovation facilitates the budgeting and trip planning processes by permitting cardholders to amortise their payments for travel expenses without incurring interest.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must satisfy specific requirements to qualify for a Federal Scapia Credit Card. These include being an adult citizen of India who is at least 18 years old, possessing a valid Aadhaar and PAN card, and preserving a satisfactory credit score. Furthermore, applicants must have something other than an existing Federal Bank credit card.

How to Apply for a Scapia Credit Card

The application process for the Federal Scapia Credit Card is simple and hassle-free:

1. Download and install the Scapia application on your smartphone.
2. Complete the KYC process using your Adhaar card and PAN card details, requiring video KYC for specific users.
3. Upon approval, receive an instant virtual Scapia card for online transactions.
4. Your physical Scapia Credit Card will be delivered within 2 – 3 days and can be tracked using the mobile application.

Fees & Charges

The minimal fees associated with the Federal Scapia Credit Card serve to increase its attractiveness to prospective customers. The card provides outstanding value for money and does not impose any foreign currency surcharge charges, membership fees, or renewal fees. In addition, competitive interest rates apply to revolve and EMI transactions, enabling cardholders to manage their finances effectively.

Additional Features

In addition to the advantages above, the Federal Scapia Credit Card provides cardholders with the following supplementary features:

Complimentary Insurance: Cardholders can access various insurance coverages, such as protection against air accidents, liability for lost or stolen cards, and protection against purchase protection. These coverages reassure cardholders and safeguard them during routine transactions and travel.

Concierge Services: Concierge services provide individualised assistance and support, encompassing a variety of tasks such as restaurant and travel arrangements, gift procurement, and event coordination. These services guarantee patrons a smooth and trouble-free experience in all their endeavours.

Exclusive Offers and Discounts: Gain entry to various exclusive privileges, discounts, and offers spanning travel, dining, retail, entertainment, and lifestyle. This enables members to partake in high-end experiences and budget for routine expenditures.

24/7 Customer Support: The advantages of round-the-clock customer support services guarantee the timely resolution of inquiries and concerns, irrespective of location (domestic or international).


In summary, the Federal Scapia Credit Card emerges as a preeminent option for frequent travellers in search of a credit card that concurrently provides benefits and convenience. This card revolutionises the journey through its diverse advantages—complimentary access to domestic lounges, the absence of foreign exchange commission fees, and appealing reward points. The Federal Scapia Credit Card is an ideal travel companion, whether embarking on an international trip or simply venturing closer to home.

Should You Apply for a Scapia Credit Card?

Frequent Traveler: A significant benefit for frequent travellers, particularly those who travel extensively within India, is the unlimited access to domestic lounges provided by the Scapia Credit Card. In addition, the absence of foreign exchange commission fees makes it well-suited for enthusiastic individuals interested in international travel.

Cost-Conscious Consumer: Despite its no annual or application fees, the Scapia Credit Card is an appealing alternative for individuals seeking to circumvent supplementary financial obligations commonly associated with credit cards. This might be an acceptable selection if one desires a cost-free credit card that does not sacrifice any advantages.

Rewards Enthusiast: The Scapia Credit Card caters to individuals who derive satisfaction from accumulating reward points on their expenditures, offering substantial rewards on travel and non-travel transactions. By consistently reserving hotels and flights via the Scapia app, users can optimise their reward accumulation and apply it to subsequent travel expenditures.

Tech-Savvy Individual: The Scapia Credit Card is well-suited for technologically inclined individuals who opt for streamlined and expedient banking solutions owing to its streamlined application process and virtual card issuance. If you prioritise immediate card access and digital banking, this card is for your inclinations.

Budget Traveler: The opportunity to convert travel expenditures into interest-free EMIs for three months can be advantageous for travellers on a budget who wish to defer payment obligations without incurring additional charges. Those who favour convenient and adaptable travel expense management will appreciate this attribute, which enhances the Scapia Credit Card.

Who Should Get a Federal Bank Scapia Credit Card?

Travel Enthusiasts: Those who place a high value on travel and are looking for a credit card that offers travel-related perks, including complimentary access to lounges and no foreign exchange commission fees, may consider applying for the Federal Scapia Credit Card.

Value-Conscious Consumers: Those seeking to optimise their financial investment while avoiding exorbitant annual fees or membership charges can use the Scapia Credit Card’s cost-saving functionalities. It provides numerous advantageous features without further payment, making it an appealing choice for budget-aware consumers.

Digital Banking Users: Indulge in the ease of conducting financial transactions and managing accounts through mobile applications with a credit card that seamlessly integrates with digital banking platforms. The Scapia Credit Card provides a streamlined banking experience that caters to the contemporary inclinations of its users.

Individuals with Good Credit History: As the Federal Scapia Credit Card eligibility requirements include the maintenance of a satisfactory credit score, applicants with a commendable credit history are highly qualified to apply. A favourable credit profile increases the probability of obtaining approval and gaining access to advantageous terms and benefits.

Those Seeking Flexibility: The Scapia Credit Card offers a range of payment options, including EMI alternatives and advance payment for travel expenses, to accommodate various financial preferences. Regarding managing travel expenses, this card provides a range of flexible payment alternatives to accommodate your preferences.

The final determination regarding the Federal Scapia Credit Card application process is contingent upon one’s financial goals, expenditure patterns, and artistic inclinations. Assess the card’s features and benefits concerning your specific needs to ascertain whether they align with your financial goals and contribute to an improved banking experience.


Can I avail myself of unlimited domestic lounge access immediately after receiving the card?

Users are required to maintain monthly activity and satisfy a minimum monthly spending requirement of Rs 5,000 to preserve this benefit. Upon becoming eligible, users may avail themselves of unrestricted lounge access at domestic airports, indulging in a wealthy and comfortable travel experience.

Are there any restrictions on redeeming reward points?

Although redeeming Scapia Coins for travel bookings through the Scapia app does not impose any restrictions, they do not apply to other categories of expenditures. The flexibility, on the other hand, to apply earned rewards towards travel expenses as a means of offsetting costs facilitates trip planning and budgeting for future cardholders.

How can I track the delivery of my physical Scapia Credit Card?

Using the mobile application that Scapia provides, it is possible to monitor the delivery status. This facilitates communication with users regarding the delivery status of their cards and guarantees a streamlined and effective procedure.

Is there an age limit for applying for the Federal Bank Scapia Credit Card?

Applicants are required to be at least 18 years old to qualify for the card. Thus, the Federal Scapia Credit Card is exclusively accessible to those certified as lawful applicants and users.

Can I convert all my travel expenses into a no-cost EMI?

Per the “Travel Now, Pay Later” function, users may convert travel expenditures incurred via the Scapia App into three-month interest-free instalments. This functionality grants cardholders financial latitude by permitting them to amortise payments for travel expenditures without accruing interest, thereby simplifying allocating funds for journeys.