The Top 9 Credit Cards for Free Airport Lounge Access in 2024

free airport lounge access credit cards

Going on a luxury travel experience gives you access to a private realm where the thrill of getting access to lounges takes the place of the worry about protracted layovers. Forbes Advisor India conducted an exhaustive investigation, curating a list of the most exceptional credit cards by analysing their features. In addition to granting free access to airport lounges, these credit cards offer travellers various additional luxuries. The Unrivaled Comfort of Credit Cards with Free Airport Lounge Access

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IndusInd Legend Credit Card

free airport lounge access credit cards

Annual Fee: INR 9,999 + GST

Welcome Benefits: Unwind at the pinnacle of luxury by staying at the renowned Oberoi Chain of Hotels, complimentary of charge.
Features: Permitting up to eight visits per year, this ID grants access to more than 600 facilities across the globe. Furthermore, they experience enhanced financial sophistication by benefiting from a 1.8% reduction in international transaction fees.

Standard Chartered Bank Rewards Credit Card

free airport lounge access credit cards

Fees: No joining fees. Second-year annual fees are waived for expenditures exceeding INR 1,50,000 in the preceding year.

Welcome Benefits: Monthly retail expenditures of INR 150 earn four points towards a rewards universe.

Features: Four visits per year, strategically spaced to optimise each quarter of travel, grant you access to domestic lounges.

HSBC Cashback Credit Card

free airport lounge access credit cards

Fees: (Fee reversible if annual expenditures surpass INR 200,000) 999 INR

Welcome Benefits: Begin your endeavour by redeeming INR 10,000 of the expenses within the initial thirty days for INR 1,000 in Amazon vouchers.

Features: A touch of convenience for your travels is provided annually through four complimentary visits to domestic lounges, which grant access to luxury every quarter.

YES Bank Prosperity Business Credit Card

free airport lounge access credit cards

Fees: INR 399+ taxes (Waived first-year fee with INR 10,000 spent in 30 days).

Welcome Benefit: Commence your credit card experience with a benevolent initiation bonus: an Amazon voucher worth INR 500, complimentary for every INR 1000 spent during the initial thirty days of use.

Features: This card provides access to more than 30 lounges in India and three complimentary visits to international lounges annually, with one visit per quarter.

Best Credit Cards for Free Airport Lounge Access in India

Infinia Credit Card

free airport lounge access credit cards

Annual Fee: INR 12,500 + 18% GST

Lounge Visits: Unlimited

Why We Picked It: This card exemplifies luxury with its impeccable 5.0 rating and unrestricted access to domestic and international lounges.

Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card

Annual Fee: INR 12,500 + 18% GST

Lounge Visits: Unlimited

Why We Picked It: Commendable at a 5.0 rating, this card offers eight additional visitor visits annually in addition to unrestricted lounge access.

Axis Bank Reserve Credit Card

Annual Fee: INR 50,000 + 18% GST

Lounge Visits: Unlimited

Why We Picked It: This card features an impressive 4.5 rating and grants unrestricted access to domestic and international lounges.

Pioneer Heritage Metal Credit Card

Annual Fee: INR 1,80,000 + 18% GST (one time)

Lounge Visits: Unlimited

Why We Picked It: Sustaining unrestricted entry to domestic and international terminals, this metal badge with a notable 4.0 rating ensures an unforgettable experience.

The American Express® Platinum Card

Annual Fee: INR 60,000 + 18% GST

Lounge Visits: Unlimited

Why We Picked It: This American Express card, which has an unrestricted amount of usage at domestic and international terminals, adds a worldwide dimension to your journeys despite its 3.0 rating.

How Airport Lounge Access Works

Embrace the pinnacle of luxury by comprehending the streamlined procedure for gaining entry to airport lounges using these credit cards:

Not All Lounges Are the Same: Utilising a premium card grants entry to more opulent lobbies, guaranteeing a comfortable and stylish start to your voyage.

Find a Participating Lounge: Utilise your card or airline to access eligible lounges where you can customise your lounge experience to suit your personal preferences.

Check-In: One must produce a lounge membership card, boarding pass, or credit card for lounge access, which expedites and simplifies the entry procedure.

Enjoy the Lounge: Incorporate opulent luxuries such as comfortable seating, complimentary Wi-Fi, meals, refreshments, and occasional showers to elevate your layover to a transcendental experience.

Board Your Flight and Departure: It is essential to remain informed about departure details and arrive punctually at your designated departure gate to smoothly transition from the terminal to your aircraft.

How to Apply for a Credit Card with Lounge Access

Navigate the process of obtaining a credit card with lounge access seamlessly.

Check Eligibility: Review the income and credit score prerequisites before applying to ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements for the card.

Apply Online or In Person: Please select the most convenient approach, visiting a local branch or completing the application online.

Submit Required Documents: Contribute corroborating documentation to verify your identity, address, and income to accelerate the approval procedure.

Wait for Approval: As the issuer examines your information and performs a credit check, patience is of the essence to ensure a comprehensive assessment of your creditworthiness.

Review Card Terms and Benefits: Thoroughly examine the credit card’s terms, conditions, and associated benefits to comprehend the entire array of privileges available.

Activate Your Card: Activate the card by following the instructions upon receipt to ensure a seamless transition from card usage to application.

Register for Lounge Access: Establishing an account on the lounge access programme website and linking a credit card to it will facilitate uncomplicated access to the lounges.

Enjoy Lounge Benefits: Gain effortless access to lounges and enjoy complimentary or discounted amenities, transforming each voyage into a luxurious experience.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Credit Card

Number of Lounge Visits: For frequent travellers, selecting unrestricted visits will allow them to indulge in luxurious amenities anytime during their voyage.

Terms and Conditions: By avoiding lounge visits with cards with unfavourable conditions, you can fully appreciate the benefits without contending with burdensome restrictions.

International or Domestic: Adapt your selection according to your travel habits, whether you frequent domestic or international destinations, to ensure that your card corresponds with your ambitions for globetrotting.

Partnerships: Increased partnerships improve availability across multiple destinations, augmenting the travel experience by providing access to many facilities.

Benefits of Free Airport Lounge Access Credit Cards

Cost-Effective Comfort: A year-round access credit card allows individuals to save on terminal access fees, facilitating a financially efficient approach to luxury travel.

Travel-Enhancing Features: Besides access to lounges, these cards frequently provide supplementary advantages such as travel insurance and rewards programmes, enhancing the overall travel experience.


Acquiring a credit card that grants access to luxury lounges should be a logical progression from one’s personal travel preferences and the intended benefit obtained from the corresponding advantages of high-end travel. Credit cards serve as entry points to a realm of convenience and relaxation and provide access to exclusive airport lounges. Embark on moments of serenity amidst the frenzy by making judicious selections at airports. The Ultimate Guide to Free Airport Lounge Access Credit Cards


Do these credit cards only provide access to domestic lounges?

In contrast, some highlighted credit cards provide access to domestic and international lounges. The assortment enables passengers to customise their selection according to their specific travel habits, regardless of whether they frequently visit domestic terminals or embark on international journeys.

Are there any additional benefits beyond lounge access?

Undoubtedly so. Many supplementary perks accompany these credit cards, including travel insurance, rewards programmes, and international transaction discounts. To enrich the overall travel experience, the exhaustive packages transcend mere lounge access tools.

Can I apply for these credit cards online, and what documents are required?

Most credit card applications are comprehensible online via the official website of the card issuer. Although particular document prerequisites may differ, it is customary for candidates to provide evidence of their identity, place of residence, and income. The streamlined online application procedure guarantees a practical and expeditious process for obtaining these high-end credit cards.