17 Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games

Make money playing video games

The gaming landscape has dramatically transformed in recent years, presenting new and exciting avenues for gamers to monetise their passion. What was once confined to hobbies has become a lucrative opportunity to make money playing video games. As 2023 unfolds, there will be numerous accessible pathways for individuals to make money by playing video games. This article delves into 17 comprehensive and accessible ways to achieve this goal within the gaming ecosystem. Whether you’re a competitive player, a content creator, or a gaming enthusiast, making money playing video games has become a tangible reality in today’s gaming world.

1. Esports Tournaments

Participating in eSports tournaments is arguably one of the most direct paths to earning money through gaming. Professional leagues and tournaments have garnered massive audiences and substantial prize pools, with global championships offering winnings in the millions. Skilled players who excel in competitive titles like League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike can secure fame and fortune by climbing the ranks and claiming their share of these lucrative rewards.

2. Content Creation

The advent of platforms such as YouTube and Twitch has allowed players to produce entertaining content centred on their gaming experiences. This strategy enables players to establish a loyal following by generating cash via ad revenue, contributions, and subscriptions. The ability to exhibit one’s distinct gaming style, comments, and humour may result in a continuous income source while cultivating an involved community.

3. Game Testing

Behind every successful video game is an army of dedicated playtesters who rigorously evaluate gameplay mechanics, identify bugs, and provide valuable feedback. Game developers often run beta testing programmes, recruiting gamers to help fine-tune their titles before release. This offers a chance to experience games before they hit the market and allows players to earn money while actively contributing to the gaming industry’s growth.

4. Game Coaching

The demand for improving gaming skills has led to the emergence of professional game coaching services. Skilled players can offer lessons and tutorials to aspiring gamers, helping them enhance their abilities and climb the ranks. This mutually beneficial arrangement allows coaches to monetise their expertise while helping others realise their gaming potential.

5. Streaming

Because of the popularity of live streaming services such as Twitch, gamers now have many monetisation options. Streamers do more than play games; they engage with their audience in real time, building a sense of community and amusement. Successful streamers may transform their passion into a commercial business with ad money, audience contributions, and subscription income.

6. In-Game Purchases and Virtual Economies

Microtransactions and virtual currencies in games have generated a new income source for users. Players may buy, sell, and trade virtual objects within the game’s ecosystem. Astute users may use market trends to gain real-world revenue by obtaining rare skins, weaponry, or in-game gold.

7. Professional Gaming Teams

Joining a professional gaming team allows players to compete at the highest levels while securing a regular income. These teams often provide salaries, sponsorships, and a portion of tournament winnings. Being part of an established team boosts a player’s credibility and opens doors to partnerships and endorsements.

8. Sponsored Content and Endorsements

As gaming gains mainstream recognition, brands seek out popular gamers for sponsored content and endorsements. This collaborative arrangement provides gamers an additional income stream while allowing brands to tap into the influencer’s engaged audience.

9. Competitive Game Leagues

Beyond traditional esports, community-driven competitive leagues cater to gamers of varying skill levels. These leagues often offer cash prizes and a platform for players to prove their mettle in a less intense environment than professional esports, providing an avenue for skilled players to monetise their talents.

10. Game Journalism and Reviews

Combining a love for gaming with writing skills opens doors to game journalism. Contributing reviews, articles, and guides to gaming websites can earn writers a steady income. This route offers a creative outlet for those who wish to explore the analytical and critical sides of gaming.

11. Gaming Merchandise

Creating and selling merchandise related to their gaming persona can be profitable for gamers with a dedicated fan base. Items like t-shirts, mugs, posters, and even custom gaming gear can provide an additional income stream while solidifying a player’s brand.

12. Participating in Focus Groups

Game developers frequently organise focus groups to gather player insights during development. Gamers can participate and get compensated for sharing their opinions, contributing to the refinement of upcoming titles.

13. Twitch Affiliate and Partner Programmes

Twitch’s affiliate and partner programmes allow streamers to earn a share of subscription revenue, ad revenue, and more. Streamers can unlock increasingly lucrative monetisation options as they grow their audience and engagement.

14. Virtual Reality Gaming

The surge in virtual reality (VR) gaming opens fresh avenues for income generation. Gamers can explore opportunities in VR esports, content creation, and game testing within the evolving VR ecosystem.

15. Game Development and Modding

Gamers with a knack for coding and design can venture into game development or modding. Creating original games, mods, or plugins can generate revenue through sales, subscriptions, or donations from fellow gamers.

16. Online Tournaments and Challenges

Various websites and platforms host online gaming tournaments and challenges, offering cash prizes for winners. These events cater to various games and skill levels, providing an accessible entry point for gamers looking to earn money through their passion.

17. Crowdfunding and Patreon

For those embarking on ambitious gaming-related projects, platforms like Patreon and crowdfunding websites can serve as sources of financial support. Enthusiastic fans and supporters can contribute to the realisation of creative endeavours.


The growth of the gaming scene has converted gaming from a hobby to a feasible source of revenue. Making money while playing video games is easier than ever, thanks to esports glory, content production, virtual economies, and other new ways. Talent, tenacity, and flexibility are all necessary for success in a dynamic gaming environment. As 2023 progresses, gamers throughout the globe will have a plethora of chances to explore, closing the gap between passion and revenue in the gaming industry. Making money from video games has become a reality for anyone ready to take advantage of the chances given by this dynamic industry.