Top share market investors in India

India has the highest number of investors in the world, even though only 3-4% of Indians invest in the stock market. This is due to lack of financial literacy and the subsequent feeling that their money would be unsafe. However, those individuals who invest and trade in the stock market have the same dream – to follow the footsteps of the country’s largest and most successful investors. We have heard some of their rags to riches stories, and by analysing how they invested their money, and learning their strategies and methodologies, we do have a chance of making it in the unpredictable market. Following is a list of the top share market investors in India and their stories-

1. Rakesh Jhunjhunwalaakasa air: Rakesh Jhunjhunwala's Akasa Air signs $4.5 billion deal with  engine maker CFM International - The Economic Times

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is the most popular Indian investor, also known as “The Warren Buffett of India” and “The Big Bull”. His father was also an investor, and after completing his CA (Chartered Accountancy), he followed in his footsteps. Mr. Jhunjhunwala started investing in 1985 with a mere sum of Rs.5000, and currently owns assets worth around Rs.15000 crores. Today, in the stock market, his net worth is a whopping Rs.24709 crores.

Rakesh has made a name for himself by making the right decisions, researching and investing in potential multi baggers and changing the portfolio as and when needed. He works with the resources provided by ‘Rare Enterprises’. Apart from this, he is the Chairman of Global education firm – Aptech Ltd. He also works with Bollywood entertainment firm – Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. An example of a good investing decision he made is that he bought Tata Tea at Rs.43 and in a short span it rose to Rs.143, giving almost a 3X return. Today, some of the companies his portfolio contains are-

  • Titan
  • Aurobindo Pharma
  • A2Z Infra Engineering Ltd.

2. Radhakishan DamaniRadhakishan Damani & family

Radhakishan Damani, also known as ‘Mr.White and white’, is one of the richest persons in India and the founder of Dmart. In spite of challenges in his early life, he became a full-time stockbroker and started investing at the age of 32. He mentored Rakesh Jhunjhunwala as well. Mr.Damani earns most of his money through short-selling. He believes in buying quality stocks with strong fundamentals over a long period of time. Today, his net worth is estimated to be around Rs.2,40,178.82 crore. His portfolio consists of-

  • Avenue Supermarts Ltd (DMART)
  • India Cements Ltd. (20% stake)
  • Andhra Paper (1% stake)
  • Foods and Inn Ltd.

3. Vijay KediaVijay Kedia's Investment Style, Philosophy & Latest Investment Portfolio

Vijay Kedia is from a stock-broking family and started when he was 19. He took over his family business at the age of 29. Although he faced many losses in the beginning, he did not lose confidence. He believes in smart investment and uses SMILE as an investing principle, i.e., Small in size, Medium in experience, Large in aspiration and Extra-large in market potential. He has been able to increase the valuation of stocks held by him by 100% in the last 12 years. His current networth is around Rs.702 crore. His portfolio consists of-

  • Atul Auto
  • Aegis Logistics
  • Cera Sanitaryware
  • Lykis Ltd.

4. Nemish ShahNemish shah portfolio

Nemish Shah is India’s best Retail Financial Investor. He co-founded ENAM Holdings Pvt. Ltd. in 1984, one of the most reputed business houses in India, which was later acquired by Axis Bank in 2012. He focuses on long-term investment and research for long-term growth. His strategy is that the company’s ROCE (Return on capital employed) should not be less than 9%, and that the company should have planned future growth, sound management and a discounted entry price. Mr. Shah’s venture reasoning matches that of Warren Buffett as he trusts in putting resources into firms that profit by developing utilisation. His net worth is currently estimated to be around Rs.1332 crores, making him one of the top share market investors in India. His portfolio consists of a mere 10 companies-

  • Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd.
  • The Hi-Tech Gears Ltd.
  • Elgi Equipments Ltd

5. Porinju V VeliyathPorinju Veliyath - Wikipedia

Porinju Veliyath is an outstanding stock market investor. He comes from a humble background in Kerala, and did law and a job simultaneously to support his family. However, he always had an interest in securities exchange and so he moved to Mumbai after graduation. He started his career as a floor trader at Kotak Securities in 1990. He founded and became the CEO of Equity Intelligence India Ltd. The Economic Times has called him a “Little top ruler”. Mr. Veliyath invests in small-cap companies with strong financials and management and a good business model. His net worth is estimated to be Rs.211 crores. His portfolio includes-

  • Duroply Industries Ltd.
  • Eastern Treads Ltd.
  • Archies Ltd.

6. Ashish Kacholiaआशीष कचौलिया: ashish kacholia Tips: शेयर बाजार के दिग्गज आशीष कचौलिया  मल्टीबैगर शेयर के एक्सपर्ट माने जाते हैं - Navbharat Times

Ashish Kacholia is a media modest financial specialist, well-known for his multi-bagger and little top picks. He worked for Prime securities for 4 years and then in Edelweiss, to gain knowledge on the stock market, after which he started his own firm – Lucky Securities- in 1995. He also co-founded Hungama Digital along with Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. Some of the multi-baggers that Mr.Kacholia invested in are KEI Industries, which gave a return of 204% AND APL Apollo Tubes, which gave a return of 116% in 2017. Currently, his net worth is Rs.1553 crores. His portfolio is diversified, and includes- 

  • Vishnu Chemical Ltd.
  • Acrysil Ltd.
  • Apollo Pipes Ltd.
  • Shaily Engineering Plastics Ltd.

7. Dolly KhannaTop 5 Richest Investors In Indian Stock Market - Marketing Mind

Dolly Khanna entered the stock market in 1986, but it was her husband, Rajeev Khanna investing in her name. He is an IITan from IIT Madras and is the one who picks the stocks for his wife. Dolly Khanna portfolio shares have given an extraordinary return of 4100% in 10 years, making her one of the top share market investors in India. She holds 1.12% stake in RSWM, one of the largest textile manufacturing companies in India. RSWM share prices surged over 155% just this year. This Chennai based investor is known to pick lesser known small-cap and mid-cap stocks of the more traditional sectors such as textile, manufacturing, chemicals and sugar. Special attention is paid to stop-loss and conducting proper research. Her net worth is Rs.362 crores. Her portfolio includes 14 stocks including-

  • RSWM
  • Nitin Spinners
  • Rama Phosphates
  • Rain Industries Ltd.

8. Raamdeo AgrawalRaamdeo Agarwal Success Story -The Warren Buffet of India!

Raamdeo Agarwal is the co-founder and joint managing director of Motilal Oswal Group. He is from Chattisgarh and is a Chartered Accountant and started his career in 1987 as a sub-broker. He is well-known for investing in the Motorbike company- Hero Honda in 1996 at Rs.30 per stock, which gave a dividend of Rs.600 per share in 2016, and its value also rose up to Rs.2600 per share. Currently, he does not own many stocks and is perhaps waiting to buy the right stock at the right price. His portfolio consists of-

  • Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd.
  • Maharashtra Scooters Ltd.
  • Bharat Wires Ropes Ltd.

9. Ashish DhawanAshish Dhawan: Next Gen Leader in Philanthropy – Central Square Foundation

Ashish Dhawan is a private equity investor. He co-founded ChrysCapital along with Raj Kondur, in 1999, which went on to become one of India’s biggest funds. His strategy includes smart and diversified investment for the long-term along with proper market analysis. His total net worth is estimated to be around Rs.2 083 crores. Mr.Dhawan’s wealth increased fivefold from Rs.5 21,00,00,000 in March 2020 to Rs.2544 crore this year. His current stockholdings include- 

  • Palred Technologies Ltd.
  • Greenlam Technologies Ltd.
  • Equitas Holding Ltd.
  • Birlasoft Ltd.
  • IDFC Ltd.

10. President Of India

All public-sector companies are either partially of fully help by the government. To humanise the government, they are said to be in the name of the President of India. So, the President is the majority owner in all the PSU companies. The net worth of the companies held is Rs.11,72,340 crores in 72 stocks. Its portfolio includes-

  • Andrew Yule & Company Ltd.
  • Bank of Baroda
  • Central Bank of India
  • Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd.

We can learn from the success and strategies of these top share market investors in India, and use the knowledge gained to enter the stock market ourselves and make money. The lives of these investors will help us develop a fruitful share trading system. If we research and invest smartly, there is a chance that we might make it.