Meet the Top 20 Highest-Paid Women Cricketers of WPL 2024

richest women cricketers

Competitions like the Women’s Premier League (WPL) have enabled talented athletes to showcase their skills internationally, contributing immensely to the growing prominence of women’s cricket in recent years. The league’s monetary rewards symbolise the rising economic feasibility of women’s cricket and highlight these athletes’ exceptional abilities and dedication. To better understand the league’s top 20 highest-paid women cricketers, we will examine their profiles in greater detail, analysing their contributions, accomplishments, and impact on women’s cricket. Delve into the world of women’s cricket and discover the highest-paid players in WPL 2024, known as the wealthiest women cricketers.

Explore the Profiles and Salaries of the Highest-Paid Women Cricketers in WPL 2024

Smriti Mandhana (Bangalore)

The inspiring journey of Mandhana, who went from a promising young player to an international superstar, is truly motivating. Her ability to anchor innings and showcase refined strokeplay has earned her a salary of 34 million rupees ($407,000). Mandhana is also a vocal advocate for gender equality in cricket, using her platform to encourage young female players to take up the sport.

Ashleigh Gardner (Gujarat)

highest-paid women cricketers

Gardner’s versatile skill set makes her an indispensable asset to her team in Gujarat. She donates $383 thousand (32 million rupees) to the club, contributing to its stability with her batting and bowling abilities. Gardner’s aggressive batting approach and off-spin variations have helped her perform consistently in Twenty20 leagues worldwide.

Natalie Sciver-Brunt (Mumbai)

Sciver-Brunt is an indispensable asset to Mumbai due to her leadership attributes and capacity to excel in high-stress situations. In conjunction with Gardner, she earns 32 million rupees ($383,000), which aptly represents the magnitude of her influence both in and out of the field. Sciver-Brunt is a vital member of the England national team and enters the WPL with abundant experience.

Deepti Sharma (UP)

Sharma, a spin-bowling all-rounder, earns a salary of 26 million rupees ($311,000) in Uttar Pradesh due to her versatility. Her valuable contributions of runs lower in the order and accurate off-spin make her an asset to any team, allowing her to control the game in the middle overs.

Jemimah Rodrigues (Delhi)

Rodrigues’ lightning-fast batting and skill on the pitch have propelled her to prominence. Her salary of 22 million rupees ($263,000) aptly represents her audacious demeanour and capacity for innovation, making her a fan favourite due to the unconventional images she executes.

Beth Mooney (Gujarat)

Mooney is a crucial member of the Gujarat team due to her reliable run-scoring capability and secure hands behind the wickets. Her remuneration of 20 million rupees ($239,000) indicates her dependability and pivotal role in the team’s triumph.

Shafali Verma (Delhi)

Verma has transformed the role of openers in women’s cricket with her aggressive batting at the top of the order. She brings energy and enthusiasm to Delhi’s batting lineup and earns a salary of 20 million rupees ($239,000). Verma’s fearless approach makes her a difficult player for opposing bowlers to handle.

Annabel Sutherland (Delhi)

highest-paid women cricketers

Sutherland is a player to watch closely in Delhi’s squad due to her potential as an all-rounder. Her salary of 20 million rupees ($239,000) is justified by her ability to contribute equally with the bat and the ball, which helps to balance the team’s composition.

Kashvee Gautam (Gujarat)

highest-paid women cricketers

Gautam is an essential member of Gujarat’s bowling attack because of her skill with the ball and ability to take crucial wickets. She adds to the team’s bowling options and can turn the game in Gujarat’s favour with her performances. Gautam earns a salary of 20 million rupees ($239,000).

Pooja Vastrakar (Mumbai)

highest-paid women cricketers

Vastrakar is an invaluable asset to Mumbai due to her versatile skillset. Her ability to score runs quickly and take wickets justifies her salary of 19 million rupees ($227,000). Vastrakar is an exceptional performer because of her competitiveness and athleticism.

Richa Ghosh (Bangalore)

highest-paid women cricketers

Ghosh is a valuable asset to Bangalore’s team due to her dynamic presence, skilled batting, and stumping. Her significant salary of 19 million rupees ($227,000) is justified by her ability to win matches and turn the game in her team’s favour.

Sophie Ecclestone (UP)

highest-paid women cricketers

Ecclestone has established herself as an impressive player in the Uttar Pradesh lineup. Her salary of 18 million rupees ($215,000) is commensurate with her exceptional skill in deceiving batters and securing vital wickets. Ecclestone’s contributions to her team frequently alter the course of events.

Harmanpreet Kaur (Mumbai)

highest-paid women cricketers

Kaur is a match-winning player for Mumbai, thanks to her experience and powerful striking ability. Her salary of 18 million rupees ($215,000) is well-deserved, given her duty of securing victories through her forceful batting approach.

Ellyse Perry (Bangalore)

highest-paid women cricketers

Perry is a standout performer in Bangalore due to her all-around brilliance. She plays a crucial role in high-pressure situations, contributing with her bat and ball while earning a salary of 17 million rupees ($203,000). Perry stands out for her exceptional leadership and professionalism.

Renuka Singh (Bangalore)

highest-paid women cricketers

Singh’s ability to produce bounce and velocity is valuable to Bangalore’s bowling rotation. With a salary of 15 million rupees ($180,000), she strengthens the team’s bowling attack by delivering powerful deliveries that disrupt opposing batters.

Yastika Bhatia (Mumbai)

highest-paid women cricketers

Bhatia is an essential member of the Mumbai squad due to her accuracy with the ball and talent on the field. Her earnings of 15 million rupees ($180,000) are fair compensation for her contribution to the team, as she stabilises the innings and captures crucial wickets.

Marizanne Kapp (Delhi)

highest-paid women cricketers

Kapp’s capacity to swing the ball lower in the order and her contribution with the bat makes her an invaluable asset to Delhi. She brings poise and expertise to the team’s lineup and earns a salary of 15 million rupees ($180,000).

Tahlia McGrath (UP)

highest-paid women cricketers

McGrath’s versatility and all-around abilities make her an asset to the Uttar Pradesh squad. Her consistent performance is reflected in her salary of 14 million rupees ($167,000), commensurate with her ability to contribute to various aspects of the game.

Vrinda Dinesh (UP)

highest-paid women cricketers

Dinesh is a dependable player for Uttar Pradesh due to her talent for batting rotation and anchoring the innings. Her earnings of 13 million rupees ($155,000) are a fair reflection of her role as a stabilising factor in the team’s batting lineup.

Shabnim Ismail (Mumbai)

highest-paid women cricketers

Ismail’s formidable bowling prowess and sheer velocity make her a potent asset to the Mumbai bowling unit. She costs the team 12 million rupees ($143,000) and dominates with aggression and intimidation, frequently breaking critical partnerships and securing victories for Mumbai.


They are breaking Boundaries and Breaking Records: The journey of WPL 2024’s highest-paid women cricketers. These highly skilled cricketers earn impressive salaries and embody the modern women’s cricket spirit of hard work, excellence, and dedication. Their influence lives on as they inspire new generations of young athletes, paving the way for a more promising and inclusive future for the sport.