How to Apply for Loans Without Salary Slip Using Loan Apps

without salary slip loan apps

We often need immediate financial solutions in our fast-paced society, especially when unforeseen expenses arise. While traditional lenders may require various documents, including a salary slip, several new loan apps that cater to those without a salary slip are now available. These applications offer quick disbursals with minimal paperwork, making them ideal for people who need urgent financial assistance.

Ways to Obtain an Instant Personal Loan without a Salary Slip

To get an instant personal loan without a salary slip, try the following strategies:

Use alternate proof of income: Bank statements, income certificates, or ITRs can be used as proof of income.

Build a good relationship with the lender: Sometimes, solid relationships can bypass document requirements.

Maintain a high CIBIL score: A credit score of 750 or above enhances your creditworthiness.

Offer collateral: Secured loans reduce the lender’s risk and increase your chances of approval.

Apply with a co-applicant: Applying with a co-applicant strengthens your application.

Minimal Documentation Lenders: Choose lenders or loan apps with minimal documentation requirements.

Best Loan Apps for Loans without Salary Slip

IIFL Loans Mobile App

Description: IIFL Loans Mobile App offers a comprehensive digital journey for new loan applications, including personal and business loans. Users can also check credit scores and apply for mutual funds, trading accounts, and insurance.

Features: Quick approvals, end-to-end digital services, loan account details, payment options, instant loan facility.

Requirements: Indian citizenship, age between 21 and 57 years, income credited directly to a bank account.

Benefits: Convenient documentation, user-friendly interface, quick disbursal.


Description: PaySense partners with reputed banks to offer instant loans from Rs.5000 to Rs.5 lakhs, catering to diverse financial needs.

Features: Flexible repayment tenures, partnerships with banks, instant loan facility.

Benefits: Quick disbursal, easy eligibility norms, no collateral requirement.

CASHe Personal Loan

Description: CASHe provides unsecured loans up to Rs.4 lakhs with flexible repayment tenures ranging from 3 to 18 months.

Features: Rapid approvals, manageable EMIs, unsecured loans.

Benefits: Streamlined application process, convenient repayment options.


Description: EarlySalary offers loans up to Rs.5 lakhs with manageable EMIs and quick disbursals.

Features: Manageable EMIs and instant loan facility.

Benefits: Flexible repayment options and quick disbursal.


Description: Nira facilitates rapid approvals and easy registration for loans ranging from Rs.3000 to Rs.5 lakhs.

Features: Automatic credit score evaluation and rapid approvals.

Benefits: No CIBIL score requirement, extended repayment tenure.

mPokket Loan

Description: mPokket Loan suits students and salaried individuals requiring short-term loans from Rs.500 to Rs.30,000.

Features: Low interest rates, fully online process.

Requirements: ID proof for students and pay stubs for salaried individuals.

Benefits: Quick disbursal to digital wallets, minimal documentation.

Home Credit

Description: Home Credit offers loans up to Rs.2 lakhs without requiring a credit score, with repayment periods extending over 26 months.

Features: No credit score requirement, convenient repayment terms.

Requirements: PAN card, ID/address proofs.

Benefits: Suitable for individuals without a credit score, accessible loan options.


If you are looking for financial aid, applying for a loan that does not require a salary counterfoil can be a quick and convenient option. Before proceeding with the loan application, it is always important to carefully consider your monetary requirements and ability to repay. Make sure to select a loan that suits your needs. Additionally, examine the terms and conditions of the loan to ensure a smooth borrowing experience.

Features and Benefits of the Loan App for Loans Without Salary Slip

IIFL Loans Mobile App

Features: This app offers an end-to-end digital journey, credit score check, loan account details, payment options, and instant loan facility.

Benefits: You can expect quick approvals, convenient documentation, a user-friendly interface, and speedy disbursals.


Features: With PaySense, you can apply for flexible loan amounts ranging from Rs.5000 to Rs.5 lakhs. They have partnerships with reputed banks and offer flexible repayment tenures.

Benefits: Expect quick disbursals, easy eligibility norms, and no collateral requirement.

CASHe Personal Loan

Features: CASHe provides unsecured loans up to Rs.4 lakhs, with flexible repayment tenures ranging from 3 to 18 months.

Benefits: You can expect rapid approvals, manageable EMIs, and streamlined application processes.


Features: EarlySalary offers loans up to Rs.5 lakhs, manageable EMIs, and quick disbursals.

Benefits: You can avail yourself of flexible repayment options, quick disbursals, and a user-friendly interface.


Features: With Nira, you can apply for loans ranging from Rs.3000 to Rs.5 lakhs, with rapid approvals and automatic credit score evaluation.

Benefits: There is no CIBIL score requirement, extended repayment tenure, and a convenient application process.

mPokket Loan

Features: Pocket Loan offers short-term loans from Rs.500 to Rs.30,000, low-interest rates, and fully online processes.

Benefits: Expect quick disbursals to digital wallets, minimal documentation requirements, and accessibility to students and salaried individuals.

How to Apply for a Loan App for Loans Without Salary Slip Through an App

To apply for a loan through our app, please follow these steps:

1. Download the App: Install the preferred loan app from your app store.

2. Registration: Create an account by providing basic details such as your name, contact information, and KYC documents.

3. Loan Application: Fill out the application form and specify the desired loan amount and repayment tenure.

4. Document Upload: Upload the required documents digitally, such as ID proof, address proof, and income proof.

5. Review and Submit: Carefully review the application details, agree to the terms and conditions, and then hit the submit button to apply.

6. Approval and Disbursal: Once your application is approved, the loan amount will be disbursed directly to your registered bank account.

Where to Look for a Loan App for Loans Without Salary Slip?

If you are looking for loan apps that don’t require a salary slip, there are various platforms that you can explore, including:

Loan Apps: You can check out reputable loan apps that offer instant loan facilities with minimal documentation.

Online Lenders: Visit the websites of online lenders that specialise in loans without salary slips.

Financial Institutions: Check with banks and financial institutions that provide digital loan services.

How to Choose the Right Loan App for Loans Without Salary Slip

When choosing a loan app, it’s essential to consider the following factors:

1. Loan Amount and Tenure: Make sure that the app offers the loan amount you need and flexible repayment periods to suit your budget and needs.

2. Interest Rates: Compare interest rates among different apps and choose a competitive rate that works for you.

3. Processing Time: Opt for apps with quick approval and disbursal timelines to get the loan amount you need as soon as possible.

4. Customer Support: Check for efficient customer support services to help you with queries or issues.

5. Reviews and Ratings: Consider app reviews and ratings to get an idea of the user experiences and satisfaction levels with the app. This can help you make a more informed decision when choosing the right loan app.

Loan App for Loans Without Salary Slip Documents Required

Standard documents required for loans without a salary slip include:

Identity Proof: Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport, or driver’s license.

Address Proof: Utility bills, Aadhaar card, rent agreement, or voter ID.

Income Proof: Bank statements, Form 16, income tax returns (ITR), or business registration documents (for self-employed individuals).

Eligibility Criteria for Loan App for Loans Without Salary Slip

Eligibility criteria for a loan app without a salary slip typically include:

Age: Usually between 21 years to 60 years, varying by lender

Nationality: Indian citizenship is required for most loan apps.

Income: Stable income source, either from employment or business activities.

Credit Score: Some apps offer loans without a credit score check, while others may require a good credit score.

KYC Compliance: Fulfill KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements by providing valid ID and address proofs.


Can I get a loan without a salary slip?

It is possible to get a loan without a salary counterfoil by providing alternative forms of income verification such as bank statements, income certificates, or ITRs. Some lenders may authorise loans even without a pay stub, based on your credit score and relationship with them.

What are the benefits of using loan apps for loans without salary slip?

Loan applications provide expedited approvals, streamlined digital procedures, and minimal documentation requirements for loans without salary stubs. In addition, they offer accessibility from any location and at any time, competitive interest rates, and flexible repayment options.

How do I choose the right loan apps without a salary slip?

When selecting a loan application, consider various aspects such as loan amounts, interest rates, processing time, customer support, and user reviews. Look for applications that provide competitive interest rates, the desired loan amounts, prompt approvals, and effective customer service.