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“Winners don’t do different things. They do Things differently”. This statement is completely hinged with the Book’s main idea.

This Book is a step by step tool for Top achievers.

This book changed the thought process of many people and became an international bestseller instantly.

Chapters are:

4 Attributes of success
8 Steps on Building High


“Success doesn’t man the absence of failures; it means the attainment of ultimate objectives. It means winning the war, not every battle.”

– Quoted by Edwin C. Bliss

Its basic idea was to make its readers understand the true meaning of success and not envy against Failures. Failures are the stepping stones of Success. If success is taken for granted it becomes hard to hold it for a longer time. Treat failures with utmost respect.

Every chapter starts with a new and related quote to motivate the readers.

The above para is the simplest meaning of this book. The book’s is to motivate its readers who wants to live a rich and fulfilling life. The author clearly mentions that, this book is  not for those who are satisfied and don’t want to change themselves.

Your attitude is determined by how you think and behave. It will help if you keep the right attitude while facing any circumstance. Often the people you surround yourself with affect your attitude. Your attitude serves as a foundation and by having a solid foundation, you make sure that other things fall in the right place.

The main 3 E’s influencing the behavior of a person are: Environment, Experience, Education.

You won’t become charming by faking your behaviour. Do exercise, read books, do exciting things, work with amazing people. Knowing this would help you in developing and maintaining the right mindset.

You always have a choice. So it’s up to you what attitude you choose.

According to the author, you should stick with a positive attitude. A positive attitude helps you stay more productive, reduces stress, encourages you to be a problem solver, and improves the quality of your life. Conversely, a negative attitude do you more harm than good and often leads you to resentment.

The focus should focus on the changes to be welcomed with a positive attitude. No one wants to change. Because ‘change’ often requires that you leave your comfort zone and do things that you’ve never done before. At least develop a desire to change your attitude and make it right.

Change your mindset of “Can’t do it” to “how can I do it”. The author says that your energy drains a lot faster than usual when you procrastinate. You should do things without wasting your time. As you’re energy levels increases with a sense of achievement.

You’ve got to do your best at any given moment or at least utilize your time to its fullest. This is what people with a positive attitude do. They live in the present moment and do what they can do in the best possible way. The idea is to use your time in the best possible way. And to do that you’ll have to plan of course. Often people fail to get this idea right.

Especially, things like character building and teachings related to morals and ethics are entirely ignored or underestimated compared to technical knowledge.

The definition of an educated person is changed drastically. That’s because education today focuses on filling the information in our brains. Most of the so-called educated people are living encyclopedias who can’t even handle the real deals of the reality. Real education comes through real-life experiences. An educated person is competent enough to use his skills in the right circumstances.

You don’t need fancy degrees or qualifications to call yourself wise. Wisdom comes automatically when common sense is applied and accumulated in life. Common sense gives you the ability to think and differentiate between good and evil. So use it every time you make a decision.

There are 13 chapters in this book and every lesson takes you on a ride around the reality and the beauty of a peaceful and honest life.

This book will help you establish new goals, develop a anew sense of purpose, and generate new ideas about yourself and your future. Use this book as a workbook, solely reading won’t help you maximize. Discussing every learned lesson in this book with you partner, spouse, friend will help in a holistic development, but, keeping in minding that it is you who has taken the initiative to change your self in the first place.

The book seeks to dispel the sources of confusion that are more or less common in everyone’s life. Khera stresses on the need for being proactive, i.e. taking control of things instead of being controlled by them. He details strategies for winning, building a positive personality, turning weaknesses into strengths, motivating oneself and others, and forming positive habits and character. His writing is motivational and aimed at helping people who are seeking success, personal growth, and fulfillment.

About the Author

  • Shiv Khera was born in Dhanbad, India.
  • He graduated with a Bachelors degree in Commerce. He initially worked as a car washer, and then as a life insurance agent.
  • He also had a contract administration franchise.
  • He attended a lecture by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale while working in the United States and was extremely inspired by Dr. Peales motivational speech. He cultivated Dr. Peales teachings in his life and achieved tremendous success.

Shiv Khera - Wikipedia

  • He supported the Youth For Equality cause against reservation and made a documentary called Jaati Chodo, Bharat Jodo based on his experiences. He received the Lifetime Achievement Award given by Lions Club International, for his humanitarian service to the society.
  • He has established Qualified Learning Systems Inc, a business based on motivational speaking. He has also founded the Country First Foundation to fight caste-based reservation.
  • He conducts motivational workshops on stress management, time management, platform skills, customer service, and improving sales.

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