Best Cryptocurrency To Invest

Wanted to know about the new investment industry revolutions. The Crypto currency industry is here to stay. Take a look at the following cryptos to know more about teh leading coins and tokens.

1. Bitcoin: The revolutionary crypto currency that initiated the idea and took the concept of block chain to where it is right now. This crypto has seen a hike in the previous decade of unimaginable growth. The traditional investments may take more than 3 decades for such a growth. The potential has not been fulfilled, it is going to shoot even higher than it is right now. The year end might see a $70k mark completed.


2. Ethereum: The second biggest crypto currency in terms of market capitalisation and the first token to introduce smart contracts. The token has seen a 150000% hike since its initiation, which is a phenomenal as it took the first movers benefit.


3. Cardano: It is the brainchild of one of Ethereum’s co-founder. Instead of making upgrads in their existing products. The mastermind created something even more fascinating. The coin has already taken as many contracts as it can take, even then it is still going on at greater speed.


4. Solana: Ithas seen extraordinary gains this year, rising more than 12,000% since Jan.1. It’s one of several cryptocurrencies that are viewed as potential Ethereum killers because of the speedy and low cost transaction processing. I’m always cautious about buying coins at their highs, but so far Solana has shown no signs of stopping. It has a solid leadership and has attracted several reputable investors. Right now, Solana seems to be well positioned for the long term.


5. Polkadot: It  was set out to solve another problem faced by Ethereum and other older blockchains — they don’t communicate well with each other. It isn’t quite the same, but it would be a bit like having a bank account and not being able to transfer money to a different bank. That’s why solutions like Polkadot’s are crucial for the future of the crypto industry. There are a couple of players in this space, but Polkadot has a good reputation and already has a number of projects running on its system.


The earliest and largest volume cryptos having the potential to grow in the long term with increasing with each day.