Such a trending topic it is…. Well exciting enough to get viral. A thread by a person named NIKHIL went viral a few days where he explained an alternative approach to make us understand Warren buffet’s theory of spending and investing. Warren said in one of his interviews that people spending ruthlessly on worthless luxuries might face a financial crunch in long term but when it comes to big and wealthy people a few thousand dollars doesn’t make much of a difference.

The same thing has been showcased in the movie “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”, where Hritik Roshan purchased a €12000 handbag for Abhay Deol’s fiancée Kalki kochlin.

Well, let’s talk about numbers here, shall we:


In 2011,

€1 = ₹60

Bhagwati’s value was 7.2L

Bitcoin’s worth was $30

$1 = ₹44

Bitcoin = ₹1320

Now, if this money was invested in BTC, Kabir would end up with 545 BTCs. Well, brace yourselves, the current valuation of those BTCs would be around ₹180 crores!!!!!, after deducting all the taxes and payments.

This number cannot even fit in a regular calculator, on the other hand, the bag would be thrown by Natasha within a week.

As you can see, after adjusting inflation, the lifetime collection of ZNMD is less than the current value of the BTCs. A whopping 180 crores, strong enough to buy a major stake in the respective bag-making company, and after that bag would be given to Natasha as a present by the owner.

Plus, the money would strong enough for Kabir to buy 20% of Natasha’s Father’s company.

On a sarcastic note, If the producers would have purchased the BTCs in place of the film, their account books would have show a picture as same as Natasha’s father’s 1000 crore hotel business.

In conclusion, I just wanted to eradicate the stereotypical and traditional thinking of cryptocurrency as it is still seen as a scam rather than the future of money and Banking system.