Business model of Bharatpe ~ Business Plan, Revenue Model, SWOT Analysis


The app, which allows its users to accept UPI payments for free through the BharatPe QR code, is hugely beneficial for the small merchants and kirana stores and their owners. Along with offering easy and interoperable QR codes for effortless UPI payments, BharatPe also extends Bharat Swipe (POS machine) for card acceptance and small business financing. The Business model of Bharatpe involves its business plan, revenue model, its competitors, SWOT Analysis and many more.

Karanjawala & Co to represent BharatPe co-founder Ashneer Grover amid calls for his exit

The payment system was closed-loop before BharatPe entered the market. If the merchant was signed up with the PhonePe, the merchant was left with no choice but to use only a valid PhonePe QR code for the transaction. With BharatPe entering into the market, it proposed a unique value proposition that attracted a lot of merchants because of interoperable QR codes for payments.

Business Plan

The BharatPe business is an Indian QR code-based payments company that operates on a B2B2C model because it helps the customers as well as the merchants or shop owners/retailers and other businessmen/women.

The company has developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) backed algorithm that studies the transaction of merchants and, based on that, tries to decode the business’s cash flow. This is further used to know the merchant’s loan history and credit score, which is further processed for a willing debtor to disburse a loan by NBFC partner of BharatPe without asking for any collateral in return for the cashless loan.

BharatPe has developed an artificial intelligence (A.I.)-based algorithm that picks up various signals—the kind of transactions a shopkeeper does, their usage of other products on the platform, etc.—which gives them an insight into the business’s cash flow. It operates an eponymous service to help all offline merchants. However, such kind of payment apps nearly makes no money by enabling free transactions on their platforms. Those processing UPI payments can not even charge a small commission to merchants. The BharatPe login and interface are also easy to use. BharatPe credit card can also be created after the merchant account.

Revenue Model

BharatPe provided this service for free and made the interoperability of QR code easily accessible which pulled the other players to become interoperable and keep the MDR at 0%. BharatPe charges 2% monthly to the debtor and passes 1% per month to the lender. That is where big money comes in for the company. The exciting part is that the company said that their repayment of loans stood at 96%.

The BharatPe revenue model depends on providing its consumers with a digital payments platform and also has got a separate app for its merchant friends where the company credits them for their transactions digitally as mentioned above. It actually sails for providing credits to the merchants with cheaper interests.

Just like our credit card companies note our spending pattern every time we make a payment. Every time you make a payment at a store through the QR code the BharatPe algorithm takes note of the cash inflow at the merchant’s end similarly when a merchant pays his supplies through BharatPe the algorithm keeps note of her monthly inventory value and it also notes a spending pattern and several other parameters to estimate the Projected Savings, Income and Consistency of Income. This way without paperwork the BharatPe algorithm can decide the credit worthiness of a merchant even if he/she is in the remotest corner of the country and all the progress that our Grocery store makes is officially documented by the BharatPe’s algorithm.


The revolution in the payment system in the country is humongous, which is highly appreciated to Bharatpe as it has made the local shopkeeper smart by providing online and e-payment sources easily available. Here is the list of some of its competitors:


BharatPe is a pioneer in UPI payments and digital money lending for merchants. It is a payment solution application exclusively designed for merchants that can accept payments from any UPI payment app through a single BharatPe QR Code.