Top 20 Fashion Influencers to Follow on Instagram in India

fashion influencers to follow on Instagram

Explore the intersection of fashion and innovation on Instagram as you embark on a sartorial expedition and uncover the top fashion influencers to follow on Instagram in India. This curated list presents the individuals who redefine style and establish the prevailing atmosphere of the constantly changing fashion industry. These influencers, who range from street-style experts to luxury enthusiasts, exemplify the very definition of fashion innovation. As we traverse their profiles, each a singular work of art, we shall become engrossed in the realm of these influential trendsetters, thereby establishing Instagram as the preeminent repository for curated fashion inspiration. Make your Instagram feed a daily occurrence by following and engaging with the top fashion influencers to follow on Instagram.

Here are the Top 20 Fashion Influencers to Follow on Instagram in India

Juhi Godambe – @juhigodambe (553K followers)

Top fashion influencers to follow on Instagram

A prominent figure in Indian fashion blogging, Juhi Godambe adeptly combines elements of sophistication and street style. The individual’s Instagram profile is a fascinating log of recent fashion trends. She effortlessly embodies sophistication and trendiness in her ensembles, rendering her style an approachable source of motivation for fashion lovers.

Komal Pandey- @komalpandeyofficial (1.9M followers)

Top fashion influencers to follow on Instagram

Komal Pandey considers fashion a therapeutic art form rather than merely apparel. Her Instagram feed serves as a dynamic exhibition of avant-garde aesthetics, as she consistently challenges the limits of what is considered creative. With its eclectic blends and unique combinations, Komal’s profile exalts self-expression and inspires its audience to embrace the boundless potential the fashion industry offers.

Kritika Khurana – @thatbohogirl (1.8M followers)

Top fashion influencers to follow on Instagram

Regarding practical fashion, Kritika Khurana’s blog serves as an example. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, her content serves as a manual for reinventing ordinary items into distinctive, captivating, and fashionable ensembles. Kritika’s aptitude for revitalising vintage garments exemplifies her skill in rendering fashion approachable, relatable, and constructively revolutionary.

Aashna Shroff – @aashnashroff (1M followers)

Top fashion influencers to follow on Instagram

Aashna Shroff, a renowned travel and fashion blogger, has attained the esteemed position of a style icon. In addition to exhibiting an exceptional sense of style, her Instagram page showcases her expertise in capturing visually captivating content. Recognised as the most captivating influencer by Cosmopolitan in 2019, Aashna’s profile exudes sophistication and yearning for new experiences.

Santoshi Shetty – @santoshishetty (736K followers)

Top fashion influencers to follow on Instagram

Santoshi Shetty’s fashion sensibility is invigorating, as he perpetually defies conventions and investigates diverse aspects of the industry. The individual’s Instagram functioned as a fashion travelogue, engaging followers in an expedition through various aesthetics and locales. Sophisticated and ultramodern, Santoshi’s profile serves as a source of motivation for individuals searching for an unparalleled and ever-evolving fashion encounter.

Akanksha Redhu – @akanksharedhu (165K followers)

Top fashion influencers to follow on Instagram

The luxurious, individualistic aesthetic of Akanksha Redhu is both approachable and straightforward to emulate. In addition to Instagram, she imparts her perspectives on fashion and lifestyle via her blog, thereby imbuing her experiences with depth. A blend of sophistication and relatability characterises Akanksha’s profile.

House of Misu – @houseofmisu (496K followers)

Top fashion influencers to follow on Instagram

Established by Mitali and Summiya, House of Misu surpasses the boundaries of traditional fashion journals. Beyond its practical function as a platform for apparel and accessories, the pair cultivates a sense of community and inspiration within the fashion industry by divulging their narratives, concepts, and encounters.

Usaamah Siddique – @usaamahsiddique (111K followers)

Top fashion influencers to follow on Instagram

Blogger and influencer in men’s fashion, Usaamah Siddique, known for his extraordinary creativity, combines an impressive physical appearance with an easygoing demeanour. His affiliation with The Dapper Label, an apparel line that graces public figures and personalities, transforms his Instagram profile into a hub of fashion and influence.

Gia Kashyap – @giasaysthat (164K followers)

Top fashion influencers to follow on Instagram

Regarding lifestyle, fashion, and cosmetics, Gia Kashyap’s blog approaches style as an art form. Her Instagram consistently progresses by showcasing captivating images and words that convey original and significant concepts. Gia’s distinctive fashion sensibility invariably provokes surprise and motivation.

Aakriti Rana – @aakritiranaofficial (1Mfollowers)

Top fashion influencers to follow on Instagram

Aakriti Rana, a fashion blogger and content creator with diverse interests, infuses her profile with energy, positivism, and noteworthy occurrences. As a result, her Instagram is highly recommended for fashion enthusiasts as her dynamic content delves into a wide range of captivating subjects, infusing her followers with vitality and vibrancy.

Masoom Minawala – @masoomminawala (1.4M followers)

Top fashion influencers to follow on Instagram

Masoom Minawala, an Indian influencer based in Europe, has an endearing smile on Instagram and an impeccable sense of style. Masoom Minawala earned the title of India’s preeminent luxury fashion blogger in 2019, and her profile serves as a veritable inspiration repository for both Indian and Western apparel preferences.

Karron S Dhinggra – @theformaledit (1.4M followers)

Top fashion influencers to follow on Instagram

Former attorney and notable menswear influencer Karron S. Dhinggra has established a space that combines men’s fashion, hygiene, and luxury. His YouTube channel has amassed more than 130,000 subscribers, establishing it as a preferred platform for male individuals who appreciate investigating the domains of travel and fashion while experimenting with novel appearances.

Shaurya Sanadhya Tulshyan – @shauryasanadhya (641K followers)

Top fashion influencers to follow on Instagram

Shaurya Sanadhya Tulshyan, a blogger specialising in fashion and cosmetics, infuses her aesthetic with eccentric sophistication. Her Instagram account exemplifies her aesthetic and style sensibilities as the founder of Shaurya Sanadhya and Aryam body care labels.

Diipa Khosla – @diipakhosla (2M followers)

Top fashion influencers to follow on Instagram

In addition to being a fashionista, Diipa Khosla, the proprietor of the international Indian fashion journal post.for.change, is a TEDx speaker and three-time Influence of the Year nominee. Her Instagram demonstrates her inherent sense of style by providing a global perspective on fashion and influencing positive change.

Varun Agarwal – @settlesubtle (121K followers)

Varun Agarwal’s blog is a vivid mosaic of imaginative imagery and vibrant hues. His extraordinary photographic prowess and brilliant design sensibility produce a feed overflowing with vibrant hues, daring patterns, and unorthodox style. Varun’s profile serves as a platform for individuals to explore and innovate with vivid aesthetics.

Siddharth Batra – @siddharth93batra (276K followers)

Siddharth Batra exemplifies “Fashion Forward” with his effortless exhibition of an eccentric sense of style and unparalleled accessorising prowess. Consistent partnerships with renowned fashion influencers, including Komal Pandey, testify to his sway in the fashion industry.

Sakshi Sindwani – @stylemeupwithsakshi (579K followers)

A model and body-positive creator, Sakshi Sindwani, shares an uplifting narrative on her Instagram. Her profile chronicles an odyssey of challenging societal norms and discovering solace in apparel, which has propelled her to prominence as a YouTuber and proponent of self-acceptance.

Pooja Mundhra – @thecozyvibe (631K followers)

The profile of Pooja Mundhra is an excellent fusion of fashionable and casual wardrobe suggestions. Her Instagram is a mecca for street style fans due to the combination of her contemporary and airy aesthetic and trendy and modern ambience. Pooja’s blog dominates the street style discourse, distinguishing her profile as a destination for individuals searching for fashionable yet casual inspiration.

Shereen Sikka – @shereenlovebug (344K followers)

Shereen Sikka has a propensity for establishing trends rather than following them. Her methodology entails the creation of designs that are not solely stylish but also functional and cost-effective. Shereen’s Instagram account showcases various fashion influences, including traditional, urban, and indo-western garments. This broad spectrum of styles provides followers with a wealth of fashion inspiration.

Roshni Bhatia – @thechiquefactor (584K followers)

Roshni Bhatia, a fashion blogger and busy mother, incorporates vivid hues and daring patterns into her style. Her Instagram demonstrates an audacious inclination towards experimentation, as she imparts her distinct aesthetic vantage point via an extensive assortment of fashion-related topics. Roshni’s adeptness at conveying her unique perspective renders her Instagram a captivating domain for individuals interested in manners.


As we close our investigation into the continuously growing realm of fashion on Instagram, we honour the originality and ingenuity exhibited by the top fashion influencers to follow on Instagram. Your feed will be a daily source of transformation and inspiration if you adhere to these fashion masters. As we conclude this meticulously curated expedition, we extend an invitation to actively participate, establish connections, and fully immerse ourselves in fashion’s profound influence. Permit your Instagram encounter to surpass the mundane, and may the impact of these fashion pioneers persist in moulding and redefining forthcoming trends. Boost your profile, remain current with fashion trends, and become a part of the community that recognises the genuine artistry fashion influencers on Instagram embody. Daily, immerse yourself in the curated universe of the top fashion influencers on Instagram through engagement and following.