A Closer Look at the Top 20 Influencers and YouTubers in Delhi

Top Influencers and YouTubers in Delhi

A tumultuous web of influencers and YouTubers is transforming how we interact with content in the ever-changing digital environment of Delhi. Join us on an exploration as we reveal the compelling narratives and profiles of the foremost YouTubers and influencers in Delhi. These digital celebrities have defied conventional standards by amassing a celebrity status that transcends the virtual realm, encompassing culinary exploration and cosmetic expertise. Embark on an investigation into the personas who wield considerable influence over brand visibility and trendsetting in the epicentre of India’s capital and generate substantial fan bases.

Here are Top 20 Influencers and YouTubers in Delhi

Kritika Khurana – Fashion and Lifestyle Sphere

Kritika Khurana, widely recognised for her impact on the fashion and lifestyle domains, pioneered the digital trendsetting movement. Kritika’s considerable following and astute sense of style indicate the significant influence of influencers on brand visibility, particularly in the lifestyle and fashion sectors.

Instagram: 1.8M
Facebook: 223K
YouTube: 809K

Shivesh – A Prominent Name in the Culinary World

Reputable in the culinary industry, Shivesh’s writing transports readers to the essence of cuisine and exploration. His impact transcends the culinary sphere, positioning him as a pivotal figure at the convergence of travel, lifestyle, and cooking. The digital presence of Shivesh is in perfect harmony with the subject matter of our investigation concerning the most influential individuals and YouTubers in Delhi.

Instagram: 1.6M
Facebook: 526K
YouTube: 1.38M

Twinkle Sharma – Beauty, Skincare, and Lifestyle

Owing to her emphasis on lifestyle, cosmetics, and hygiene, Twinkle Sharma has established herself as a significant influencer in Delhi. Her profound understanding of beauty trends and lifestyle preferences enhances the multifaceted fabric of influencers that mould the digital environment. Including Twinkle Sharma’s profile in our analysis of how influencers transform brand exposure in the capital enhances its profundity.

Instagram: 1.5M
Facebook: 13K
YouTube: 5.95K

Insha Ghaii Kalra – Digital Sphere, Encompassing Travel, Beauty, and Lifestyle

Insha Ghaii Kalra contributes a distinctive viewpoint to the realm of digital, which includes topics such as attractiveness, travel, and lifestyle. The captivating nature of her content exemplifies the changing dynamics of influencers, who curate intriguing material and shape public attitudes towards brands. The presence of Insha Ghaii Kalra harmonises effortlessly with the diverse influencers we examined during our investigation.

Instagram: 712K
Facebook: 13K
YouTube: 2.11K

Mehak Ghai – The Queen of Travel, Beauty, and Skincare

Mehak Ghai’s commitment to travel, beauty, and hygiene contributes a vibrant element to the group of influencers who are moulding the digital environment in Delhi. With a significant subscriber base and captivating material, she emerges as an exceptional individual in our investigation of Delhi’s leading YouTubers and influencers, particularly about cosmetics and travel.

Instagram: 1.5M
Facebook: 157K
YouTube: 506K

Niki Mehra Madan – Beauty, Skincare, Fashion, and Lifestyle

The spheres in which Niki Mehra Madan exerts her impact are extensive, encompassing cosmetics, wellness, fashion, and lifestyle. Her all-encompassing methodology for generating content reflects the multifaceted influencers we have examined in our investigation. The digital presence of Niki Mehra Madan contributes to the discourse surrounding influencers who significantly enhance brand exposure in Delhi.

Instagram: 526K

Nandini Swaminathan – The Queen of Beauty & Skincare

Top Influencers and YouTubers in Delhi

Nandini Swaminathan has garnered a substantial audience through her passionate presentation of beauty and skincare, fashion and grooming, and lifestyle-related material. Although Nandini has a remarkable total of 38k followers, she distinguishes herself with an additional 8.5k on Facebook and 29.5k on Instagram. Her wide-ranging impact spans multiple platforms, rendering her an attractive candidate for brands seeking to penetrate the cosmetics and lifestyle sectors.

Facebook: 8.5K
Instagram: 29.5K

Pratibha Bhadauria – The Wanderlust Queen

Top Influencers and YouTubers in Delhi

Pratibha Bhadauria, an influencer with a wide-ranging portfolio that includes travel, beauty and skincare, fashion and grooming, and lifestyle, generates considerable interest with her varied content. She demonstrates her influence in the travel and lifestyle industries through her 111k Instagram followers out of an extensive overall follower base of 138k. Pratibha’s vast audience and compelling content make her an optimal collaborator for brands that integrate travel, fashion, and cosmetics promotion.

Instagram: 111K
Facebook: 17K
YouTube: 9.88K

Shilpa – The Fashionista Entertainer

Top Influencers and YouTubers in Delhi

Shilpa, a prominent figure in entertainment, fashion, grooming, and lifestyle, has amassed an astounding 2 million followers. Her impressive Instagram following is 1.2 million, and she maintains 1 million engagements on YouTube. Shilpa’s ability to seamlessly integrate lifestyle, entertainment, and fashion elements establishes her as a pivotal influencer for brands seeking to engage a broad audience.

Instagram: 1.2M
YouTube: 1M

Sudhanshu Verma – Redefining Fashion & Lifestyle

Top Influencers and YouTubers in Delhi

Sudhanshu Verma, who primarily covers lifestyle, fashion, and grooming, has amassed a notable following of 204K individuals. His entire Instagram following interacting with him demonstrates his influence in the fashion and lifestyle niches. Brands seeking a deeper connection with their target audience may discover Sudhanshu’s profile as a compelling collaboration opportunity.

Instagram: 204K

Aarushi Jain – Beauty, Fashion, and Beyond

Top Influencers and YouTubers in Delhi

With 250.8k subscribers, Aarushi Jain has established a niche in the online beauty, grooming, and skincare industries. Aarushi’s balanced Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook following distinguishes her as a multifaceted influencer suitable for brands searching for a comprehensive digital strategy.

Instagram: 37K
Facebook: 7.8K
YouTube: 206K

The Foodie Bae – Where Travel Meets Gastronomy

Top Influencers and YouTubers in Delhi

The Foodie Bae, an influential platform with a substantial 16.4 million subscriber base, is a domain expert in travel and food-related subjects. With a significant social media following of 385k on Youtube, 876K followers on Facebook, 383k on Instagram, and a journey, this influencer effortlessly merges these two domains, rendering her an attractive candidate for brands seeking to connect with them.

Instagram: 383K
Facebook: 876K
YouTube: 385K

Varun Verma – Fashion and Fitness Fusion

Top Influencers and YouTubers in Delhi

With an emphasis on fitness and wellness, fashion, and grooming, Varun Verma has amassed an impressive following of 1.07 million. Varun, whose engagement on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook is well-balanced, is the influencer of choice for companies seeking to promote a product that combines fitness and fashion.

Instagram: 753K
Facebook: 193K
YouTube: 61.4K

AAKASH MALHOTRA – Journeying through Travel

Top Influencers and YouTubers in Delhi

Aakash Malhotra, who is an expert in the field of travel, has amassed a total of 478k followers. With a strong presence on Instagram and a significant following on YouTube, Aakash’s travel exploits make him an enticing partner for businesses wishing to tap into the wanderlust of their audience.

Instagram: 906K
Facebook: 59K
YouTube: 122K

Aashna Malani – The Million Follower Maven

Top Influencers and YouTubers in Delhi

Aashna Malani, who writes about travel, skincare, and men’s style, has an impressive 5.85 million followers. Aashna is a digital superstar with a sizable Instagram following, making her a prime promotional asset for companies looking to increase brand awareness and consumer interaction.

Instagram: 3.1M
Facebook: 127K
YouTube: 157K

Aditi Shrestha – The Lifestyle Maestro

Top Influencers and YouTubers in Delhi

Aditi Shrestha, encompassing travel, food, beauty and skincare, fashion and grooming, and lifestyle, enjoys an incredible 4.21 million total followers. She is a multifaceted influencer who can provide all-encompassing brand marketing because of her vast sway in many different arenas.

Instagram: 293K
Facebook: 3.7K
YouTube: 1.25M

Tejeshwar Sandhoo – The Style Connoisseur

Top Influencers and YouTubers in Delhi

Tejeshwar Sandhoo has amassed a total of 120k subscribers because of his expertise in the fields of fashion, grooming, and lifestyle. Brands in the fashion and leisure industries often seek out his Instagram account because of his dedicated following and interaction.

Instagram: 120K

Anwesha Mukherjee Sarkar- The Multifaceted Maven

Top Influencers and YouTubers in Delhi

With 11.45 million followers, Anwesha Mukherjee is a digital juggernaut in beauty, skincare, lifestyle, and fitness and wellness. She is a leading influencer in digital marketing because of the breadth and depth of her material and its impact on various audiences.

Instagram: 103K
Facebook: 34K
YouTube: 1.08M

Rohit Khatri – The Fitness Phenomenon

Top Influencers and YouTubers in Delhi

Rohit Khatri, an advocate for health and fitness, has amassed an impressive 14.5 million followers on social media. As a fitness and wellness influencer with a massive Instagram following, Rohit is the perfect partner for companies peddling health-related goods and services.

Instagram: 888K
Facebook: 15K
YouTube: 5.02M

Zoya and Zina Singh – The Dynamic Duo

Top Influencers and YouTubers in Delhi

Zoya and Zina Singh, who focus on fashion and grooming and fitness and wellness, respectively, rapidly expanded their impact, amassing over 11.5k subscribers. This powerful combination has emerged as an essential resource for marketers looking to reach a hip, youthful demographic via Instagram.

Instagram: 11.5K


The foremost influencers and YouTubers in Delhi have emerged as exemplars of fashion, way of life, and brand exposure within the dynamic realm of digital influence. As this exploration of the digital areas of the capital draws to a close, it becomes apparent that these individuals embody a higher status than mere content producers. Instead, they construct narratives that deeply resonate with an extensive viewership. These influencers profoundly influence consumer preferences and brand perceptions, which transcend the realm of digital screens. These influencers and YouTubers in Delhi exemplify the profound impact digital influence can have on our globally interconnected society in a city where tradition and innovation interact.