10 best stocks from the previous decade

Wanna know how rich people keep getting richer and middle and lower class struggle with their daily needs. The simple answer is investment. The right investment in the right stock can help you make money while you sleep. There’s below a list of 10 blue chip stocks which has an exceptional journey of 10 years from “where to where”.


The leading plastic processor company in the country. The company has seen a 3200% growth in the previous decade which sounds as exciting as price hike in IRCTC within 3 years of its IPO. Its decision to move from commodity products to technical produced goods helped in creating wonders. Its long term stakeholders got their pockets big in just a decade and further increment can be predicted as historical facts evidently show potential of its long term growth.



The infamous reliance brand is the best blue chip investments in the country with an assurance of heavy returns and safety of your investments. It is seen that the share price has surged around 500% in the past decade. The company doesn’t require any introduction or description as the brand name is strong enough to induce an early or a veteran investor to invest.


The analytical hub of India showed a 700% gain in the past decade. The credit rating agency of India owned by Standard and Poor showed a tremendous growth in just 3 decades of its inception. The PE is stated to be low by certain analysts but in real the company focuses more on the expansion. It has created a brand name for itself. Its diversification from only rating to non-rating business activities alongside major M n A with its robust business models create excitement among the shareholders and new investors as well.


The glassware brand proved that its business models and brand name is not fragile. From a penny stock to a mid cap stock, it journey has been simply astonishing, with a growth of around 100 times from 2010 to 2021. This share has seen a big tsunami wave in its chart, the trend analysis show that the share isn’t going to stop at mid capitalization, many analysts show that the share is going to touch 1000 price mark in the next 5 years.


The sanitary ware of India has seen a 5760% hike in the past decade. Since the consumer spending is increasing day by day, the sanitary ware is expanding its operations and diversifying into into similar products. The financials are at par with the price hike and we can see a similar increase in the price.


The next business pioneer in India which has surpassed all the unrequited phenomena in the stock market. The stock price has seen a phenomenal change and the standalone and consolidated value of the company has the major impact of it, which is far better than any other in the industry. The C.A.G.R of the company is 57.7%. The share has fulfilled all its prophecies and it is certain that it will continue to do so.


The leading paint house of India doesn’t just go crazy around festivals, it also creates a buzz for its share price, which has seen a 900% hike in just 10 years. The R.O.I of the MNC is simply astonishing. The major business for the company comes from India but the rest half from the middle east and African regions. It is predicted to see a 5000 mark in the next 2 years.


The conglomerate diversified into every field runs an online job portal Naukri.com, a matrimony website Jeevansathi.com, a real estate classifieds platform 99Acres.com and an educational website Shiksha.com. The company has seen a hike of 2770% in the last decade. The key investment is in Zomato and policy bazaar.


Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd. is a joint venture between Samvardhana Motherson International Ltd of India and Sumitomo Wiring Systems Ltd. of Japan. It has seen a 1312% hike in the last decade and it is India’s largest manufacturer of automotive wiring harnesses and mirrors for passenger cars.

Plus point with this company is that it is reduces its debt whenever they have surplus or cash. It is seen as a blue chip investment by many analysts.


The bakery and confectionery of the world is not just sweet in terms of taste but also in taste of fortune as the company has seen a 1566% hike in 10 years and gives its investor proper annual dividends and has a blue chip R.O.I.


Conclusion: There are many shares in the industry showing the same kind of growth within a shorter time period. A learned analyst and a right share can change your outlook towards money. Patience, read and research are the 3 pillars of investment.

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