Marketing strategy of Burger King ~ Marketing Mix, STP


Burger King is one of the most famous fast-food chains in the world. In this article, we have put in the marketing strategy of Burger King on its grounds of Marketing mix, its STP, and many more.

It has maintained its global footprint using out-of-the-box marketing campaigns that are memorable. These omnichannel marketing efforts have proven the chain’s dominance in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry.

The Burger King Marketing Mix 

In terms of the 4Ps of marketing, Burger King has many advantages.

Price Mix

It offers competitive pricing that is more or less based on cost leadership. That is, it looks into traditional market factors such as supply and demand, pricing of competitors, etc. Just like its competitors it also offers combo meals that are cheaper in price compared to the separately sold items.

Product Innovation and Differentiation:

One of the key components of Burger King’s marketing strategy is product innovation and differentiation. Burger King constantly introduces new menu items and limited-time offers to keep its offerings fresh and exciting for customers. This strategy allows the brand to cater to changing consumer preferences and generate buzz around its products.

Value meals and Kids meals are some combos to compete with combo packs offered by its competitors. Burger King has managed its operations in the more efficient way by maintaining the quality of the product offerings in its marketing mix overall globally.

Following are some food categories of Burger King offerings:

• Burgers

• Chicken and fish

• Sides

• Salads and veggies

• Beverages

• Sweets/Desserts

Promotion Mix

Burger King is known for its bold and provocative advertising campaigns, which aim to capture attention and differentiate the brand from its competitors. The company is not afraid to take risks and push boundaries with its messaging, utilizing humor, satire, and sometimes controversy to create buzz and engage consumers.

Burger King employs various tactics to promote its products. This component of the marketing mix covers the tactics used to communicate with the target market about the firm’s offers. Burger King uses the following promotion or marketing communications tactics:

  1. Advertising
  2. Sales promotions
  3. Personal selling
  4. Public relations

Target Audience

Burger King’s marketing strategy often incorporates elements of pop culture to resonate with its target audience. The company embraces current trends, memes, and references to capture the attention of consumers and stay relevant in a rapidly changing cultural landscape.

Place Mix

Burger King recognizes the importance of localizing its marketing efforts to cater to different markets and cultural preferences. The company adapts its menu and messaging to resonate with local tastes and preferences, ensuring that it remains relevant and appealing to consumers worldwide.

The Burger King has strong supply chain network globally. As headquarters situated Florida in the US, all operations are distributed region wise. As the suppliers of burgers, beverages and desserts are decided by the standards and quality of Burger Kings quality control dept. Burger King has set up food outlets in most of the big cities globally as majority of its target audience are in the urban market. Burger King has one of the highest number of restaurants in the US. Geographically they have a high presence across USA, Europe and Asia.

Unique Selling Points

Burger King’s branding strategy focuses on highlighting its unique selling points to differentiate itself from competitors. The company emphasizes its flame-grilled burgers, allowing it to position itself as a provider of higher quality and tastier burgers compared to its competitors who primarily use griddles.

Target Audience

A study states that consumers were becoming more health-conscious. Consumers here are the millennials who prefer diversity in cuisines with more affordable options.

Burger king applies various way to markets their products. Advertisements in print media like newspaper, magazines and hoardings. The food content is among its more focused advertising strategy of Burger King. Burger King also organizes or sponsors different events to reach to more customers. Offering more value-added menu for the main course during the time of ordering is also one of the strategies of Burger King. More discounts o0n application based ordering, distributing discount coupons during the first visit for the second visit will help to generate the customer base.

Digital marking is now emerging promotional strategy of the brands. Customer analytics helps Burger king to strategized its marketing to reach the targeted customer. Burger King is also publicizing their products digitally using SME and other techniques to reach to mass.

Burger King has focused on their customers and employees as well. The customer satisfaction ratio of the Burger King is much higher compared to other fast food outlets. Quality food and unique dining experience with fast availability of the food has made Burger King more customer centric. Burger King has also been keen to work for their employees. Programs such best performer for the week and regular appraisals appreciating the work contributed by every individual employee is considered in the Burger King corporation. More than 20,000 people are employed with the brand.


Burger King is exclusively known for its world-renowned recipes which have made it the second-largest fast-food chain around the planet. Burger King has pinned its Whopper burgers as its signature product since the very beginning of it. It also named some of its outlets as whopper bars because it was the most selling product to be precise.