Marketing Strategy of Nykaa ~ STP, Marketing Strategy


Nykaa is an Indian beauty brand that sells makeup, skincare, and wellness products. The marketing strategy of Nykaa includes its business model, general information, marketing model, and many more.

Nykaa was called ‘Indian Sephora’ which is a multinational personal care and beauty retailer. The brand gained much popularity just after its launch. So that’s how Falguni Nayar created Nykaa and started its journey by setting up an eCommerce platform. Nykaa is revolutionizing the beauty industry with a wide range of products and making available the world’s class luxury brands in India.

Marketing Strategy

Nykaa is shining and flourishing in the beauty industry with its strong marketing strategy.
The backbone of the marketing strategy of Nykaa is digital marketing. The core strategy that Nykaa adopts to pitch its customers is a Digital marketing strategy. The brand is not just focusing its marketing efforts in tier 1 cities but is also pitching the customers of tier 2, tier 3, and tier 4 cities.


One of the most important aspects of Nykaa’s marketing strategy is their focus on product quality. They invest heavily in research and brand development to ensure that their products are souced at the best they can be. This commitment to quality has helped them build a strong reputation amongst consumers and industry experts.

This focus on product quality and multi-channel promotion has helped Nykaa become one of India’s leading beauty retailers. Their products are now available in over 1000 stores across the country, and they plan to expand internationally soon.

Social Media Marketing

The backbone of Nykaa’s digital marketing strategy is social media. It targets its social media’s audience by continuously engaging the people with their social media. From announcement of a new product to amazing deals, Nykaa has successfully grabbed everyone’s attention.

Impressively, Nykaa did not mixed up its different product line under on name on social media but created individual accounts for every product line that clearly define its niche and made it easy for the audience to reach out, what they’re looking for.

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Content Marketing

The content marketing used by the marketing team is done keeping in mind the reading lovers among their audience. Here, Nykaa was not only sharing its products but teaching about some genuine tips and healthy lifestyles. Nykaa believes that by showing high-end content on their website, app and social media handles they can showcase global trends by which they can establish their own brand name.

These helpful blogs or content have helped Nykaa to broaden its reach on search engines. Like YouTube, it has created diverse content here as well such as makeup looks, beauty tips and personal care.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a very professional way of reaching out to your audience. It is usually done to provide after-sale services and to attain customer’s loyalty.

Nykaa has won the expectations of people by providing back to its customers through emails. Nykaa has been in constant touch with its customer through emails, either by sharing the date of their special “Pink Friday Sale” or telling them about the best products of the season.

Offers and Discounts

Offers and coupon codes are the best ways to attract customers in a very short time. Nykaa has been offering many discounts and coupons to its customers on purchasing branded beauty and skincare products from their portal. This has been one of their very successful strategies in marketing their e-commerce business. They use various coupon codes and offer various discounts so that they attract a maximum number of customers on various occasions and festivals. This has proved to attract a lot of customers for them and they hence have a good sale during the offer periods.

Youtube Marketing

Nykaa has a full-fledged youtube marketing strategy. On its Nykaa youtube channel, the brand does not focus on selling its product but offers consumable content to its target, which involves beauty, personal care tips, makeup hacks, and much more. The youtube playlist of Nykaa has a variety of content like Beauty horoscope, bridal makeup tips, celebrity beauty secrets, and the list goes on and on.

Brand Endorsements and Collaborations

After creating a public image and building its brand stronger, Nykaa stepped into brand endorsements and collaborations to promote its brand. In 2018, Jhanvi Kapoor was announced as the brand ambassador and face of Nykaa.

The young actress actively promotes the brand on her social media pages and gain by creating video content and tutorials by trying out different products of Nykaa.

Another big name in the fashion industry is the fashion designer Masaba Gupta. The designer has collaborated with Nykaa and offers a special range, “Nykaa by Masaba,” where the packaging of Nykaa products is designed and printed by Masaba.


Nykaa’s marketing strategy is to deliver something new to the customers. Nykaa was a fresh idea in Indian markets, and today it holds an influential position. Nykaa offers value in its products, customer service, social media content, YouTube videos, and blogs. Moreover, everything that the brand does in its marketing strategy is to satisfy the customers at the utmost level even before they try out the product. The marketing strategy of a brand should not focus on persuading customers but delivering a great experience even before the customer purchase it.