Top 10 Richest People in Ahmedabad: Diversified Fortunes

Enter the ever-evolving financial environment of Ahmedabad, where success and sway converge. This investigation into the richest people in Ahmedabad reveals the backstories that have contributed to their fortunes. Observe the lives of Ahmedabad’s affluent, including pharmaceutical pioneers, consumer goods magnates, and the visionary Gautam Adani, who personifies the city’s financial prowess. This expedition reveals the economic tapestry of Ahmedabad, where enterprises thrive and legacies endure, in addition to net worths. As one traverses the corridors of affluence, it becomes apparent that Ahmedabad is a focal point for the richest people in the city, thereby solidifying its reputation as a crucible of success.

Gautam Adani: Architect of Transformative Enterprises

richest people in Ahmedabad

The dynamic chairman of the Adani Group, Gautam Adani, amasses an extraordinary net worth of $137 billion (₹10,94,400 Cr). His influence extends to the energy, construction, and electricity sectors. With global ventures such as the Mundra Port, Adani has demonstrated that his strategic vision transcends national boundaries. As a result, he is not only the financial colossus of Ahmedabad but also of India. Adani’s allocation of resources towards renewable energy further exemplifies Ahmedabad’s dedication to environmentally friendly initiatives and sustainability.

Mehta and Chudgar Families: Torrent of Pharmaceutical Triumphs

richest people in Ahmedabad

richest people in Ahmedabad

Hasmukh Chudgar & family, who oversee Intas Pharmaceuticals, and Samir Mehta & family, who manage the Torrent Group, respectively, have net worths of $7.1 billion (₹58,000 Cr) and $6.5 billion (₹54,000 Cr). Intas Pharmaceuticals’ global presence underscores Ahmedabad’s prominence in the pharmaceutical industry, while the Torrent Group possesses a diverse portfolio that includes power, real estate, and healthcare. Torrent Group has emerged as a trailblazer in sustainable practices, consistently adhering to international environmental objectives.

Pankaj Patel & Family: Zydus’ Pillar of Pharma Innovation

richest people in Ahmedabad

Pankaj Patel and family, critical stakeholders in Zydus Lifesciences, make a substantial financial investment of ₹34,900 crore (4.3 billion) in Ahmedabad’s pharmaceutical industry. As demonstrated by the development of the COVID-19 vaccine, the Zydus Group’s dedication to R&D underscores Ahmedabad’s status as a centre for innovative pharmaceutical progress. The organisation’s philanthropic endeavours in the healthcare sector enhance Ahmedabad’s social influence.

Sandeep Pravinbhai Engineer & Family: Astral’s Pioneering Journey

richest people in Ahmedabad

Sandeep Pravinbhai Engineer and his family amassed a fortune of ₹26,000 crore (approximately $3.3 billion) while leading Astral. From pipelines to chemicals, the trajectory of Astral exemplifies Ahmedabad’s capacity to cultivate diversified industrial triumphs characterised by ingenuity and environmental responsibility. The organisation’s emphasis on technological advancements and environmentally sustainable solutions highlights Ahmedabad’s significance in influencing forthcoming sectors.

Karsanbhai Patel & Family: Nirma’s Enduring Legacy in Consumer Goods

richest people in Ahmedabad

Having a net worth of $4.3 billion (₹34,400 crore), Karsanbhai Patel & Family is synonymous with Nirma and Nuvoco Vistas. The Nirma legacy, which originated as a modest detergent enterprise, has evolved into a conglomerate that exemplifies Ahmedabad’s entrepreneurial fortitude and capacity to develop long-lasting consumer brands. The commitment of the Patel family to social initiatives exemplifies the longstanding tradition of corporate social responsibility in Ahmedabad.

Bhadresh Shah: AIA Engineering’s Global Engineering Impact

richest people in Ahmedabad

Bhadresh Shah, whose AIA Engineering double-digit presence contributes to Ahmedabad’s construction and engineering venture fortune, possesses a net worth of $2.1 billion (16,200 crores). The international reach of AIA Engineering demonstrates Ahmedabad’s capacity to deliver engineering solutions at a global level. The organisation’s commitment to employee well-being and professional growth is consistent with Ahmedabad’s objective of fostering a proficient labour force.

Rajiv Modi: Cadila’s Journey in Affordable Pharmaceuticals

As chairman of Cadila Pharmaceuticals, Rajiv Modi significantly augments the wealth of Ahmedabad, amassing a net worth of ₹10,400 crore. Cadila’s emphasis on cost-effective healthcare solutions underscores Ahmedabad’s contribution to the global effort to render healthcare accessible and affordable. The organisation’s research and development efforts demonstrate Ahmedabad’s dedication to fostering innovation within the pharmaceutical industry.

Achal Anil Bakeri & Family: Symphony’s Harmonious Growth in Consumer Durables

Achal Anil Bakeri and his family, who have a combined net worth of ₹5,500 crore, are the strategic directors of Symphony, a company operating in the consumer durables sector. Symphony’s global reach and inventive cooling solutions exemplify Ahmedabad’s capacity to foster the development of market leaders in niche industries that produce state-of-the-art goods. The Bakeri family’s dedication to environmentally responsible practices is consistent with Ahmedabad’s.

Amit Bakshi and Manish Gupta & Family: Rising Stars in Pharmaceuticals and Exports

Rising heroes in the pharmaceutical and agricultural export sectors are Amit Indubhushan Bakshi, chairman of Eris Lifesciences, and Manish Gupta and his family at Gujarat Ambuja Export. The contributions above highlight the hospitable atmosphere in Ahmedabad that supports pharmaceutical firms and agri-export ventures. The outreach initiatives of Eris Lifesciences are based on Ahmedabad’s dedication to the betterment of the community.

Prakash Sanghvi, Kanubhai Mafatlal Patel, and Sanjay S Lalbhai: Versatility Across Industries

Industrial products, construction, and textiles are areas in which Prakash M. Sanghvi and family guide Ratnamani Metals & Tubes, Kanubhai Mafatlal Patel and family head Montecarlo, and Sanjay S. Lalbhai guiding Arvind, each have substantial investments with respective net worths of $500 million (₹3,700 Cr), $500 million (△3,600 Cr), and $500 million (△3,500 Cr). Their efforts underscore the adaptability of Ahmedabad in supporting enterprises operating in the textile, construction, and manufacturing sectors, thereby exemplifying the city’s multifaceted industrial environment. Ratnamani Metals & Tubes’ emphasis on technological advancements in producing metals is consistent with Ahmedabad’s longstanding reputation for industrial prowess.


The list of the richest people in Ahmedabad is a compelling testament to the city’s resilient economy and adjustability. The diverse industries present in the town, which include pharmaceutical moguls and consumer goods magnates, emphasise its position as a focal point for finance. With the city’s ongoing expansion, this esteemed roster is prepared to receive fresh participants, solidifying Ahmedabad’s status as a dominant force in India’s economic fabric. The city’s sustainable development, entrepreneurial drive, dedication to novel ideas, and social accountability establish a foundation for sustained prosperity and financial leadership.