Bonafide Certificate: definition, Proof, Users


A Bonafide Certificate is a document issued as proof that you belong to a particular educational institute or an organisation.

Derived from a Latin word, ‘bonafide’ means ‘in good faith’. It is defined as a formal certificate that you might have stumbled across during the admission process. Its format can differ as per the purpose for which you need it.

Bonafide Certificate for Employees

Thus, it varies for students and employees as both of them require the document to fulfill different purposes. The certificate serves as valid proof of our identity at a workplace or an institution when we want to move, or want to complete our studies abroad.

Uses of a Bonafide Certificate

Since the bonafide certificate acts as proof of being part of an organisation, it is usually demanded in the following cases:

  • A student seeking to obtain student concessions offered by public transport agencies such as city buses, local trains, and metros may be required to produce this certificate while applying for the concession.
  • The certificate may also be required while applying for a passport.
  • Visa applications sometimes require this certificate especially in cases where a separate student visa is issued to students who are studying abroad or where a work visa is issued to an employee of a company.
  • Certain lending institutions offer loans to students at concessional rates. The student may be required to produce this certificate to receive this benefit.
  • The documents produced before various traffic authorities to apply for a driving license may include a bonafide certificate as additional ID proof.
  • Certain conferences, seminars, or other such events are conducted exclusively for students/employees and entry to such events may be granted on production of this certificate.
  • To apply for various student scholarships.
  • Corporates may have tie-ups with businesses to provide additional perquisites. For example, a company may have a tie-up with a taxi service to provide a concession for their employees. The employees may prove their eligibility with the help of this certificate.

Types of Bonafide Certification

It plays a crucial role in an array of documentation purposes, be it applying for education loans to study abroad, seeking a new job or availing benefits of governmental schemes. Now that you know its meaning, let’s understand what purposes it is usually asked for:

Bonafide Certificate For Students

  • Passport application and visa extension
  • To apply for educational loans
  • To attend a seminar and workshops at other academic institutions
  • To visit an industry for project work
  • To avail travel concessions
  • To join a public library

Bonafide Certificate For Employees

  • To open a bank account
  • To avail a bank loan
  • To attend a conference or an official seminar

What is the difference between a Bonafide Certificate and a Study Certificate?

They differ as per their content as well as the purpose they are required for. While a study certificate only shows that an individual is studying at a specific academic institution and comprises their name and class or course details, a bonafide certificate elucidates that a student is/was studying at a school/college/university for a particular time and resided in a specific location.Thus, a bonafide document not only includes the class/course that the person is pursuing but also details like their address, date of birth, etc. which are required to verify their candidature for educational loans, scholarship, government schemes.

How long is a Bonafide Certificate valid for?

It is generally valid for a duration of three months and is issued on a letterhead of the educational institution or the company with a duly signature and official seal.

How to Apply for a Bonafide Certificate?

  1. Applying for a bonafide application is not a difficult task. Every school, institution, company, or organization has its own application process which is easy.
  2. You have to reach out to the respective office and enquire about the same.
  3. Obtain the application form and fill in the required details.
  4. It is a hassle-free process and requires you to submit the necessary documents along to avail the certificate.
  5. If the institution does not have an application process to avail of the certificate, then you can submit a letter requesting the bonafide certificate to the office.
  6. The applications to avail of bonafide certificates can be submitted online and you can choose the information you want your institution to include in your certificate.
  7. A typical bonafide application will include all the accurate details of the time you worked or studied at a particular institution.
  8. You can avail of the bonafide certificate from your work by requesting the same and by submitting the required documents at the office.
  9. While parents can apply for the bonafide from school and submit the respective documents.
  10. Students from college or universities can apply for the same by themselves.


A Bona-Fide certificate is a very useful document as it is used as a proof in many places, especially for children.