Top 20 Home Decor Influencers and Bloggers in India

Top Home Décor Influencers and Bloggers in India

Amidst the expansive realm of Instagram’s design landscape, a notable cohort of home decor influencers and bloggers from India emerges as the quintessence of aesthetic innovation. These innovative visionaries construct captivating visual narratives and wield a significant impact that surpasses the boundaries of digital platforms, definitively altering the fundamental trends in Indian home decor. As we explore the distinctive designs and boundless ingenuity that characterise these influential figures in the field of interior design, we cordially invite you to join us. We expect the foremost home decor influencers and bloggers in India to share their unique insights in this investigation.

How do top home décor influencers in India shape contemporary design trends?

The impact of prominent influencers in the home décor industry in India transcends mere aesthetic appeal on social media platforms. By their unique aesthetics and imaginative accounts, these individuals of high regard significantly impact the formation and dissemination of modern design patterns throughout the nation. By curating visually captivating narratives and demonstrating limitless ingenuity, these influencers establish the standard for current trends and fundamentally reshape the interior design concept within the Indian milieu. Investigating the distinct viewpoints of these individuals not only yields inspiration but also provides insight into the dynamic realm of design aesthetics, which mirrors the cultural subtleties and unique characteristics of Indian residences.

Minimalist Marvels and Opulent Designs

Ashwiinii Dongare Bangar

top home decor influencers and bloggers in India

Ashwinii’s Instagram is a tranquil haven filled with contemporary and minimalist designs that inspire commercial and residential spaces—her capacity to merge elegance and simplicity results in aesthetically pleasing environments that exude serenity and vitality.

Instagram: @interiorsbyashwiiniidongare
Followers: 961K Insta / 27.1K YouTube / 7.3K Facebook
YouTube: @interiorsbyashwiiniidongare

Motiani and Meetali Mehta

top home decor influencers and bloggers in India

A wealthy and varied symphony of designs results from the dynamic collaboration between Meetali Mehta and Simple Motiani. The user’s Instagram is a digital itinerary through lavish residential and commercial developments, exhibiting a scrupulous fusion of elegance and magnificence.

Instagram: @16thavenue.interiors
Followers: 74.3K Insta / 99.6K YouTube / 899 Facebook
YouTube: @ManishShahAssociates

Bhavna Bhatnagar

top home decor influencers and bloggers in India

An immersive experience awaits in @anindiansummer by Bhavna Bhatnagar, where the author deftly interweaves her travel narratives with exquisite home décor. The individual’s webpage surpasses traditional design limitations by incorporating modern aesthetics while honouring the allure of the past and eclectic style.

Instagram: @anindiansummer
Followers: 18K Insta / 17K Facebook

Rashmi Chandra

top home decor influencers and bloggers in India

Rashmi Chandra’s design concepts converge classical ambience and traditional eclecticism in splendid harmony, taking inspiration from the regal magnificence of ancient Rajasthan palaces. Rashmi Chandra prominently features the craftsmanship of Indian artisans on a canvas that reflects her dedication to minimalism.

Instagram: rashmi1169
Followers: 60.9K Insta/ 533 Facebook / 37.3K YouTube
YouTube: @RashmiChandra

Shabnam Gupta

top home decor influencers and bloggers in India

Shabnam Gupta’s Instagram is a visual voyage traversing the convergence of vibrant hues, contemporary styling, and organic tones, all of which contribute to her renowned ability to curate private spaces for celebrities. Every design embodies her meticulous curation, which has come to represent her distinct artistic persona.

Instagram: @shabnamguptainteriors
Followers: 85.4K Insta / 66 YouTube / 11K Facebook
YouTube: @shabnamguptainteriors

From DIY Tips to Sustainable Designs

Kruti Badiani

top home decor influencers and bloggers in India

The Instagram account of Kruti Badiani is a refuge for amateurs searching for simple ideas to redesign their spaces. Her feed features a harmonious combination of organic tones, lush greens, and tranquil blue tints, all drawing inspiration from the hues found in nature. A vibrant colour scheme and monochromatic materials redefine the very definition of simplicity.

Instagram: @myhomevibes
Followers: 147K Insta / 99 YouTube / 4.3K Facebook
YouTube: @myhomevibesbykruti7048

Aamir and Hameeda Sharma

top home decor influencers and bloggers in India

Aamir and Hameeda Sharma’s projects showcase a distinctive aesthetic distinguished by geometric frameworks and innovative designs, making them prime examples of parametric forms. From a microbrewery in Bengaluru to a parametric-lined ceiling in Hyderabad, their Instagram showcases various inventive spaces.

Instagram: @aamir_hameeda
Followers: 153K Insta / 24K Facebook

Reshma Kadvath

top home decor influencers and bloggers in India

Author Reshma Kadvath, who has a deep affection for crafting, adeptly incorporates otherworldly do-it-yourself craft inspirations into her feed. Her creations frequently attain a rustic finish, elevating them to timeless works of art, as her aesthetic spans from traditional to minimalist.

Instagram: @reshmakadvath
Followers: 70.1K Insta

Rohina Anand Khira

top home decor influencers and bloggers in India

Rohina’s Instagram is replete with do-it-yourself interior design concepts and home décor endeavours; she has been named the Hafele Woman of Impact 2020. Her online business, which sells various furnishings, linens, décor, wall hangings, and more, reflects her entrepreneurial spirit.

Instagram: @rohina
Followers: 599K Insta / 3.85K YouTube / 8.4K Facebook
YouTube: @RohinaAnandKhira

Navneet Sandhu Singh

top home decor influencers and bloggers in India

Navneet, an architect and upcycling artist, demonstrates her dedication to sustainable décor and promotes ethical procurement. Navneet’s feed presents a visually captivating assortment of repurposed goals artfully interwoven with travel souvenirs, creating an atmosphere that is both conventional and modern.

Instagram: @designdecortravel
Followers: 244K Insta / 237K YouTube 
YouTube: @designdecortravel

Inspiring Spaces and Artistic Elegance

Tanvi Agarwal

top home decor influencers and bloggers in India

The aesthetic of vibrant, bohemian, and colourful elements permeates Tanvi Agarwal’s Instagram. Tanvi Agarwal adorns her visually captivating feed with handcrafted ornaments and products procured from Indian brands and artisans. As a result, it invigorates any given space.

Instagram: @wanderinvogue
Followers: 82.3K Insta / 44 Facebook

Rukmini Ray Kadam

top home decor influencers and bloggers in India

Award-winning interior design blogger Rukmini Ray Kadam imbues her creations with an air of cosy cosiness. Her Instagram is a charming investigation of techniques for creating elegant niches in minimal, white spaces by selecting suitable furniture and décor.

Instagram: @trumatter
Followers: 42K Insta / 176 YouTube / 2.4K Facebook 
YouTube: @trumatter

Shivani Raina

top home decor influencers and bloggers in India

Exuding positivity and bohemian aesthetics, Raina’s interior design reflects her affinity for such things. Of her admiration for the mundane, Instagram is a manual for curating combinations of textures and patterns that imbue any area with the appeal.

Instagram: @theshalomhome
Followers: 30.6K Insta 

Tara Lange

Tara Lange’s domicile in Finland exudes a gipsy and hippie atmosphere, and happiness serves as its governing principle. Her Instagram features more than 140 plants, yellow and turquoise walls, and bohemian-style furniture, integrating Goa’s lively atmosphere into her Finnish residence.

Instagram: @j.o.y.h.o.m.e
Followers: 36.7K Insta

Mohicka Gupta Bose

Mohicka Gupta’s Instagram is a haven of cosy and warm hues that reflect her travelogues, cultural encounters, and persona. Her advocacy for repurposed, sustainably sourced, and locally sourced items demonstrates her dedication to environmentally conscious interior design.

Instagram: @cozyquirk
Followers: 53.2K Insta

Anuradha Kapoor

The Instagram of Anuradha Kapoor, an interior designer, is a canvas of Indian heritage. Artistic endeavours are an inherent component of her environment, and the motif of eclecticism is pervasive. She uses her feed as a central location to find wall paintings and furnishing ideas.

Instagram: @anuraya_by_anuradhakapoor
Followers: 65.6K Insta / 52 YouTube / 6.7K Facebook
YouTube: @anurayabyanuradhakapoor5466

Shilpi Chaturvedi

Shilpi Chaturvedi emerges as a prominent figure of influence within the ever-evolving realm of interior design. Although not explicit regarding her Instagram alias, Shilpi has gained recognition for her distinctive perspective on interior design. Her methodology may incorporate a range of aesthetics, including modern sophistication and individualised allure. Unfortunately, additional information may be necessary to investigate her curated spaces and design philosophies without a distinct Instagram handle.

Instagram: @cshiplikari
Followers: 202K Insta / 703 YouTube
YouTube: @cshilpkari5246

Mamta Sharma Das

Instagram user Mamta Sharma Das, whose handle is @thebohobaalika, is a force of innovation in interior design. The user’s Instagram feed serves as a visual exploration of bohemian aesthetics, characterised by the convergence of vivid hues, unique designs, and an uninhibited spirit. Mamta’s designs exemplify a distinctive fusion of cultural influences, resulting in environments that deeply resonate with individuals searching for an unorthodox and lively approach to interior design.

Instagram: @thebohobaalika
Followers: 147K Insta / 12 Facebook 

Sanjay Puri Architects

Sanjay Puri Architects is a reputable firm recognised for its sustainable and innovative designs. Under the visionary leadership of architect Sanjay Puri, the firm has garnered recognition for its efforts to redefine architectural standards and stretch the boundaries. Their projects effectively harmonise aesthetics and practicality, contributing to India’s progressive realm of modern architecture.

Instagram: @sanjay_puri_architects
Followers: 407K Insta / 2.89K YouTube/ 8.7K Facebook
YouTube: @sanjaypuriarchitects7016

Krsnaa Mehta

Krsnaa Mehta is an influential figure in interior design and décor. In his capacity as the progenitor of India Circus, his designs exemplify a fusion of modern sensibilities and traditional Indian craftsmanship. The user’s Instagram presents a dynamic assortment of home decor items, each conveying a distinct visual narrative that draws inspiration from the abundant cultural legacy of India.

Instagram: @krsnaamehta
Followers: 346K Insta / 29K Facebook


In summary, our investigation into the domain of the foremost influencers and bloggers in home decor within India uncovers a diverse array of designs and forward-thinking manifestations. These individuals with refined tastes go beyond the typical, imprinting current fashions and the very essence of Indian households. Constantly evolving the realm of contemporary home decor in India, it becomes indisputable that these influencers are the authentic architects of style, as their meticulously curated spaces continue to provide us with fresh ideas. By influencing the narrative of home aesthetics throughout the nation, the impact of these foremost home decor influencers and bloggers in India reverberates in every curated corner.


1. How do home décor influencers and bloggers impact design trends in India?

Using visually captivating content that motivates and affects individuals’ approaches to and perceptions of modern home décor, home décor influencers shape design trends.

2. What sets the top home décor influencers and bloggers apart in India?

In the fiercely competitive domain of home aesthetics, the most prominent influencers distinguish themselves through a singular amalgamation of ingenuity, novelty, and astute comprehension of cultural subtleties. This enables them to construct particular narratives.

3. How can one incorporate influencer-inspired décor and bloggers into their own space?

By witnessing and incorporating elements corresponding to one’s preferences, individuals can incorporate home décor influencers’ ideas into their designs, creating fashionable and individualised living spaces.