Top 15 Indian Instagram Influencers You Need to Follow Right Now

In the ever-changing social media landscape, Indian influencers have become household names because of their unique characters and engaging postings. Their online identities have become lucrative, allowing them to acquire a large following and a comfortable fortune. These influential people include Prajakta Koli, Ajey Nagar (also known as carryminati), and many others, who cover everything from style to travel to comedy. Through the use of platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, they were able to amass millions of followers and rocket to fame. We will explore the stories and strategies that catapulted the top 15 Indian Instagram influencers to digital stardom in 2024 and look at how they got there. Dive into the world of Indian influencers and witness the power of their influence firsthand.

15 Top Indian Instagram Influencers Share Their Secrets to Success

Carry Minati, AKA Ajey Nagar

top Indian Instagram influencers

Instagram: @carryminati (21.1M Followers)

Youtube: @CarryMinati (41.7M Subscribers)

Among the many famous Indian YouTubers, Ajey Nagar (aka CarryMinati) stands out. The Faridabad-born YouTube sensation, who debuted her channel in 2014, gained over 41.7 million subscribers eight years after her birth on June 12, 1999. His Instagram following is 21.1 million strong. His original take on Hindi roast and fury were the videos that catapulted CarryMinati to stardom. CarryMinati’s many YouTube accomplishments are his roasts of famous people, his parodies of Bollywood award shows, and the legendary reality competition Bigg Boss. Thanks to the popularity of his diss song “Bye PewDiePie,” which he composed in reaction to the famous Swedish YouTuber Pewdiepie, his subscriber count has increased. Besides posting roasts and comedic videos on his second channel, CarryisLive, CarryMinati tries his hand at live-streaming video games.

Bhuvan Bam

top Indian Instagram influencers

Instagram: @bhuvan.bam22 (19.1M Followers)

Youtube: @BBkiVines (26.4M Subscribers)

Bhuvan, a well-known humorous actor, began his career with a short film called Vines. His 2015 Facebook video went viral, so he launched a YouTube channel under the “BB KI Vines” moniker to continue entertaining and informing his audience. His current following on Instagram is 19.1 million, and he has 26.4 million subscribers on YouTube. Along with these personalities, he has also risen to prominence in India. On top of that, he has proven himself in various other fields, such as music, acting, producing, and many more. Fans may watch his show “Taaza Khabar” on Disney Hot Star. The way he plays this series is just captivating. He has received numerous accolades both in India and internationally. Because of all these abilities, he is unparalleled among India’s influencers.

Prajakta Koli

top Indian Instagram influencers

Instagram: @mostlysane (7.9M Followers)

Youtube: @MostlySane (7.12M Subscribers)

At the start of her YouTube channel in February 2015, Prajakta primarily provided hilarious observational films based on everyday occurrences. She does it all on her own in her videos. She has 7.9 million Instagram followers and 7.12 million on her “MostlySane” YouTube channel. Many Indian women adore her and want to follow in her footsteps by becoming celebrities or social media influencers. The extraordinary lady is well-known for her work in many industries, such as podcasting, comedy, acting, and more. Anyone can see her in the critically acclaimed Netflix original series “mismatched”—now streaming online. She appeared frequently in several Bollywood films.

Ashish Chanchalani

top Indian Instagram influencers

Instagram: @ashishchanchalani (17.1M Followers)

Youtube: @ashishchanchalanivines (30.3M Subscribers)

Ashish took off as a YouTube sensation with the support of his friends; Ashish became a YouTube sensation and is now one of India’s most influential figures. Every one of his players is exceptional. His films are entertaining and humorous enough for anybody to appreciate. He uses the username “Ashish Chanchlani Vines” on his channel, with 30.3 million subscribers and 17.1 million Instagram followers. By producing both short and feature-length films, this channel entertains its audience. Thanks to an influencer marketing agency in India, Ashish can make new films with the help of his many sponsors, and businesses may advertise themselves via his movies. As an Indian influencer, he keeps his followers’ attention and tailors his content to their interests.

Zakir Khan

top Indian Instagram influencers

Instagram: @zakirkhan_208 (6.2M Followers)

Youtube: @ZakirKhan (7.7M Subscribers)

Besides being a prominent person in India, Zakir has many talents, including hosting a podcast, acting, and storytelling. All of these abilities contribute to his one-of-a-kind character. Among his various roles, he presided over a comedy program, hosted a debate show, and hosted a Shayari show. He won the comedy show in 2012 and became famous on the internet. He should have spent more time getting into the habit of making and uploading content for niche-targeted shows. Around 7.7 million people subscribed to his Instagram account, while 6.2 million people followed him. Zakir is a prominent figure in Indian innovation, and his audience respects his views. People pay attention to and purchase a product when they support it.

Kusha Kapila

top Indian Instagram influencers

Instagram: @kushakapila (3.6M Followers)

Youtube: @kushakapila5643 (1.18M Subscribers)

Kusha is one of the most influential people in India, and her reach extends well beyond Instagram and YouTube. She rose to prominence after uploading hilarious movies to YouTube’s South Delhi Girls’ channel. Kusha uses Instagram, with an astounding 3.6 million followers, to provide entertaining videos and offer her admirers a glimpse into her life as her fame grows. Her followers like her posts because they are hilarious and relevant, and she eagerly anticipates her next article. Her charisma and knowledge have caught the attention of notable corporations, leading to exciting collaborations with Cred and Google, among others.

Komal Pandey

top Indian Instagram influencers

Instagram: @komalpandeyofficial (1.9M Followers)

Youtube: @komalpandey3894 (1.37M Subscribers)

Cosmopolitan ranks YouTuber Komal Pandey among the most influential fashion figures in India. Her fearless style choices and captivating “get ready with me” content have garnered millions of admirers. She achieved meteoric success on Instagram, especially among Indian fashion influencers. Komal Pandey, one of the most famous Indian women on Instagram, has an astonishing 1.9 million followers. The influence of Komal Pandey extends well beyond the people who follow her on social media. Her impact on the fashion industry is palpable due to her status as an innovator and a highly sought-after collaborator. Many have lauded her for her audacity and how she has shown how fashion can change lives.

Ranveer Allahbadia, aka Beerbiceps

top Indian Instagram influencers

Instagram: @beerbiceps (3.5M Followers) / @ranveerallahbadia (1.9M Followers)

Youtube: @beerbiceps (7.25M Subscribers) / @RanveerAllahbadia (7.68M Subscribers)

Ranveer began his career as a YouTuber, hosting guest podcasts on the channels “BeerBiceps” and “RanveerAllahbadia.” Today, he is one of India’s most famous podcasters and influencers. To change the audience’s viewpoint, he brings in unique guests on the show. His broadcast attracts spiritual, scientific, historical, political, YouTube, Bollywood, and many more visitors. His broadcast has a profound impact on how people perceive life’s obstacles. Influencer Marketing Agency India helps podcasters and guests make money by promoting brands, items, applications, books, and more. Sponsors of his TRS program also boost the show’s worth.

Anubhav Singh Bassi

top Indian Instagram influencers

Instagram: @be_a_bassi (3.3M Followers)

Youtube: @AnubhavSinghBassi (4.96M Subscribers)

A leading Indian influencer comedian, Anubhav is known for creating relatable comedic videos. One who can act, joke, tell a tale, and even report the news. Because he is consistent and dependable, he can captivate audiences and hold their attention. His popularity skyrocketed in 2017 when he started uploading videos of himself doing open-mic comedy. With 4.96 million YouTube subscribers, he also has 3.3 million Instagram followers. Bassi’s devoted fan base greatly desires to meet him in person and finally get closer to him. When Bassi posts anything on his channel, people take notice and even want to purchase it. If the product or brand gets a better ranking in the market, the influencer and the corporation will benefit.

Gaurav Chaudhary

top Indian Instagram influencers

Instagram: @technicalguruji (5.2M Followers)

Youtube: @TechnicalGuruji (23.5M Subscribers)

Many young people nowadays refer to Gaurav as “Technical Guru G” because of his prominence in the IT industry. His rise to digital popularity began in 2015 with instructional films covering various subjects, including computers, mobile devices, and new technology. He has an impressive following of 5.2 million on Instagram and 23.5 million followers on YouTube. He attracts young Indians who are knowledgeable about technology and passionate about learning more. Advertising goods and services in a manner that appeals to specific demographics is the main focus of influencer marketing agencies in India. They use influencers’ content and intended audience demographics to help them choose appropriate sponsors and investors.

Varun Aditya

Instagram: @varun.aditya (3.6M Followers)

Despite Varun Aditya’s lack of experience in acting or sports, he exudes an aura of authority with his jaw-dropping visuals. In 2016, the Indian-American photographer’s animal photos won him the title of Nature Photographer of the Year, among other distinctions. Varun Aditya attended a prestigious school in Coimbatore and graduated. He was able to take advantage of the travel perks offered by his parents’ job at an Indian bank and go backpacking around the country, seeing its stunning scenery. The famous photographer returned to photography after obtaining an MBA in London. Varun Aditya’s breathtaking photographs of nature and animals have attracted over 3.6 million Instagram followers. He put in a lot of time and effort to become one of the most popular Instagram travel influencers. Many prominent news companies have featured him, including Apple, National Geographic, The Huffington Post, and the BBC.

Kritika Khurana Chhabra

Instagram: @thatbohogirl (1.8M Followers)

Youtube: @kritikathatbohogirl (844K Subscribers)

Accompany Kritika Khurana Chhabra, the influential brains behind the viral Instagram account “that boho girl,” as she leads you on a discovery of the dynamic fashion industry. Thanks to her daring exploration of many trends in her outfit uploads, Kritika has become a notable fashion influencer. Kritika has impeccable taste and is an innovative entrepreneur who launched the successful clothing label “The Hype” and the lifestyle website “That Boho Girl.” With an impressive engagement rate of 3.38%, she consistently receives an average of 58.24K likes per post.

Gaurav Taneja

Instagram: @taneja.gaurav (3.9M Followers)

Youtube: @FlyingBeast320 (9.01M Subscribers)

Gaurav Taneja, also known as Flying Beast, is a fitness fanatic, filmmaker, and pilot from India. His dominance in bodybuilding tournaments began in 2012, and since then, his photos and videos have become immensely renowned among fitness fanatics worldwide. Not only does Gaurav publish workout videos, but he also updates his life, discusses aviation, and showcases his various hobbies and interests via vlogs. Whether you’re looking for fitness tips or want to see what a regular day is like for a flight attendant, Flying Beast is a fantastic resource.

Rohit Zinjurke

Instagram: @rohittt_09_ (27.9M Followers)

Youtube: @RohitZinjurke (3.8M Subscribers)

Look at Rohit Zinjurke, who became famous on TikTok’s video-sharing app and is now a household name on YouTube and Instagram. Many of Rohit’s Indian fans envy his lavish lifestyle, world-class dancing skills, and flawless taste. He gives his followers a peek into his glitzy life by posting images from his latest photoshoots, vlogs, dance covers, and outfits on social media. Look no further than Rohit if you need style and motivation.

Aaditya D. Sawant

Instagram: @dynamo_gaming (2M Followers)

Youtube: @DynamoGaming (9.97M Subscribers)

As a gamer, do you need some primary motivation? If Dynamo Gaming interests you, contact Aaditya Sawant. Aaditya is one of the most well-known Indian broadcasters and gamers, with over 12 million followers across all platforms. He began posting gaming vlogs on YouTube as he delved further into games like Grand Theft Auto, Apex, and Battlefield. On the other hand, his online career took off with the release of PubG Mobile. Aaditya has worked with companies such as HP, Gillette, and ESPL since becoming a famous player and winning awards. Regardless of your expertise level, it would help if you kept a close watch on Aaditya.


Dive into the world of top Indian influencers and witness the power of their influence firsthand. India has some of the most influential people in the digital world, and their impact extends beyond social media. Celebrities look up to them as role models because of their honesty, creativity, and determination. By doing anything from striking up lucrative partnerships with corporations to launching their businesses, this generation of influencers has shown the world the boundless potential of the internet. Looking forward, it’s clear that these Indian influencers will continue to influence many sectors, including the financial and entertainment industries.