Vijay Kedia’s portfolio

Vijay Kishanlal Kedia is an Indian investor trader. He joined the stock market at the age of 19. Vijay Kedia’s portfolio has 15 companies with a net worth of ₹ 541 crores.

Vijay Kedia has a diversified portfolio with sectors like ceramics, 2&3 auto wheelers, dry cells, telecommunication, engineering, computers, hotels, plantations, construction, and printing. Each segment is 7% of the entire portfolio.

The Newly added stocks in Vijay Kedia’s Portfolio are:

Affordable Robotic & Automation Ltd

Vijay Kedia added the stock back to the portfolio in September 2021 after offloading the stake in June 2021. The current holding percentage is 15.3% (14.4% in March 2021). The number of shares held is 15,52,000, valued at ₹ 18.6 crores.

In H1 FY22, the net profit grew by 110.13%, and the revenue declined by 46.37%.

Affordable Robotic & Automation is an automobile parking company. They provide one-time parking, automated industrial and warehousing parking solutions. The different services offered are complex automation, integrated parking and maintenance services, the right solution with an effective implementation plan.

They also make use of robots and machines to eliminate chances of error and pace the production process. They have automated car parking solutions, man-less automated 4 & 3-wheeler manufacturing assembly lines, and real-time solutions. In addition, warehouse automation, technologies and robots deliver quality and sustainable value to all stakeholders.

Volvo, Hero, Honda, Mahindra, Maruti Suzuki, and Eicher are some of its valued customers.

Affordable Robotic & Automation Ltd

Innovators Facade Systems Ltd

This stock was also added back in September 2021 after holding 10.7% of the stake till March 2021. Currently, Vijay Kedia has a 10.7% stake in the company. The portfolio has 20,10,632 shares of Innovators Facade Systems, amounting ₹ 9 to crores.

In H1 FY22, the net profit growth was 169.14%, but the revenue decreased by 13.63%. On a YoY basis, the net profit and revenue declined by 53.45% and 4.98%, respectively.

Innovators Facade System is a building finishing contractor offering facade design, installation, fabrication services. It serves residential and commercial properties in India. Aditya Birla Group, Tata Housing, Reliance, L&T, Lodha, and Oberoi are existing clients.

Innovators Facade Systems Ltd

The shares in Vijay Kedia’s portfolio whose holding percentage has increased are:

Ramco Systems Ltd

Presently, Vijay Kedia’s portfolio has 7,87,663 shares, valued at ₹ 30 crores. The current holding percentage is 2.6%. The stake has increased by 0.8% and 0.2% since June 2021 and March 2021, respectively.

The net profit has declined by 177.18% and 44.54% on a YoY and QoQ basis, respectively. The revenue growth has also decreased by 11.96% on a YoY basis.

EBITDA is ₹0.68 crore in September 2021, down 97.99% on a YoY basis. It gave -10.55% returns over the last six months and -7.09% over the past year.

In Q2 FY22, Ramco has signed four million-plus deals. The quarterly bookings are $ 19.67 million. The strategic partnership deal with Workday will help to provide seamless services to customers. It also enables large enterprises and MNCs to drive HR & Payroll transformation globally.

Firstly, its collaboration with Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management has shown significant traction across markets. Secondly, Ramco Aviation and Aerospace & Défense strengthen foothold in the MRO segment. Lastly, it is planning to set up an entity in the US to cater to the security market. Ramco Logistics secures orders from Southern Africa and the Middle East.

Ramco’s management believes that innovation nurtures business. Thus, it focuses on next-gen technology including, Bots, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. The focus on Aviation, Aerospace & Défense, and Global Payroll has helped them thrive and surf the digital wave.

Ramco Systems Ltd

The shares whose holding percentage in Vijay Kedia’s portfolio remains constant are:

Atul Auto Ltd

Vijay Kedia has 1.5% stake in Atul Auto since March 2021. The portfolio has 3,21,512 shares worth ₹ 6.7 crores.

Atul Auto’s products and revenue segments are three-wheelers, spare parts, export incentives, commission, scrap, and other operating revenue. For the September quarter of 2021, the company’s total income was 86.06%, rising by 165.37% sequentially and 11.75% yearly.

The company is strengthening its market presence by increasing penetration in LPG and CNG segments, improving credit access, more presence in export markets, launching innovative and novel products, and expanding distribution reach.

Atul Auto Ltd

Neuland Laboratories ltd

Vijay Kedia’s portfolio had a 1% stake in the company since June 2021. The number of shares is 1,30,000, valued at ₹ 22.7 crores.

The revenue increased by 28.4% and 6.8% on QoQ and YoY basis, respectively. The Specialty API segment supported the revenue growth. The operational performance increased the net profit by 133.3% on a QoQ basis.

EBIDTA margin was up by 383% on QoQ basis due to the innovative product mix.

Neuland’s management is optimistic about improving the overall margin levels. They aim is to strengthen the order book in CMS business, better traction in GDS business, and cost reduction measures.

Therefore, their long-term prospects are worthwhile due to abundant product opportunities, a healthy balance sheet, improving return ratios, and better earnings growth.

Neuland Laboratories ltd

Repro India Ltd

Vijay Kedia has a 7.5% stake in Repro India. He holds 9,01,491 shares worth ₹ 51.1 crores.

The net profit and revenue growth on a YoY basis was 42.11% and 93.33%, respectively. However, the net profit declined by 1.63% sequentially.

Repro India is a print, content, and fulfilment content, solution provider. In addition, they provide services like digital conversion, managing content printing, binding of books, warehousing, and delivery. The company also produce interactive content and e-books.

It also provide advanced tools to enrich the learning process. They have also developed an innovative tablet called RAPPLES, which is pre-loaded with interactive books.

Repro India Ltd


Panasonic Energy India Company Ltd

The holding percentage is 1.2%. The 93,004 shares amount to ₹ 2.8 crores.

The net profit and revenue have declined by 43.47% and 4.73% YoY, respectively. But sequentially, they have increased by 56.1% and 36.38%.

Panasonic Energy India is the country’s largest producer and supplier of cell batteries and lighting products. It is a part of Panasonic Corporation, the world’s leading audio-visual devices, electronic components, automotive electronics, and environmental systems manufacturer.

Panasonic’s objective is to grow and progress in the industry and devote themselves to the well-being of society. In addition, the company aims to enhance the quality of life across the globe. They also contribute to a healthier and prosperous community by manufacturing eco-friendly batteries, energy conservation, implementing the 3R concept – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Panasonic is also running a unique eco-relay programme to educate students about eco-awareness.

Panasonic Energy India Company Ltd

Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd

Vijay Kedia’s portfolio holds 10,00,000 shares worth ₹56.3 crores. He has had a 1.4% stake since March 2021.

The net profit has declined by 24.97% and 13.01% on a YoY and QoQ basis, respectively, but revenue rose by 16.11% on a YoY basis.

Sudarshan Chemical produces a wide range of organic and inorganic pigment products. SCIL exports its products in 85 countries and has a sales presence in Europe, China, North America, Latin America, and Japan.

In FY17, the company planned to invest ₹10 billion over the next five years. The key focus areas are expanding capacities in Roha and Mahad plants, new product launches, cost improvement and value chain integration projects. ₹6 billion will be fully implemented by FY22, delay due to the covid-19 pandemic. The company expects to add₹ 10-12 billion in the top line at peak utilization of the new CAPEX. Moreover, having higher-margin/realization specialty product categories such as high-performance azo pigments, cosmetics and pigment dispersions will help the company improve EBITDA. The company has two R&D centers globally that work on new products and customized solutions.

The capacity expansion with rising demand in end-user industries provides strong revenue growth. Return ratios will improve further with the acceleration of net profit on the back of improving operating margins and healthy revenue growth. The cash conversion cycle will remain stable at 70-80 days over FY22-24. The company’s debt-to-equity ratio would fall to 0.51x in FY24e, against 0.75x in FY20.

Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd

Heritage Foods Ltd

The portfolio has 5,25,000 shares, amounting to ₹ 22.4 crores. Vijay Kedia has a 1.1% stake in Heritage Foods.

Net sales in September 2021 was up by 9.88% on a YoY basis amounting to ₹ 670.30 crores. The net profit was ₹ 32.72 crore in September 2021, up by 1024.76% YoY. EBITDA increased by 74.84% over one year. Heritage Foods shares have given 46.82% returns over the last six months and 65.65% over one year. is a leading player in the dairy product segment. It is planning to add non-dairy products in the premium nutrition space. It will leverage the company’s distribution channels. The step will also help the enterprise improve profit margins, de-seasonalize the business, and create value.

Importantly, the company has strengthened its balance sheet after achieving its debt-free status in November 2021. It repaid the loan of ₹ 21 crores.

Heritage Foods Ltd

Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd

The holding percentage is 1%. The number of shares is 20,40,000. The value of shares is ₹ 42.3 crores.

The company has given a stellar performance in the past year. The revenue and net profit rose by 13.51% and 139.98%, respectively. They have increased by 47.32% and 375.16% sequentially.

The member additions in this quarter are 3943, and cumulative members are 2,58,815. The resort operational occupancies are 73% from 30% in Q2 FY21. EBIDTA stood at ₹ 165.2 crores, up from 34.3% on a YoY basis. The cash position is at ₹ 1041 crores (₹ 950 crores in June 2021).

Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India’s performance has surpassed pre-pandemic levels due to the ramp-up of resort operations with safety and hygienic protocols. Moreover, the resilient business model and member experience helped the company achieve PBT growth of 20%, member additions and cash improvement.

Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd

Cera Sanitaryware Ltd

Vijay Kedia’s portfolio has 1,35,306 shares of Cera. The value of shares is ₹ 67.7 crores. The holding percentage is 1%.

The net profit has increased by 74.85% and 252.79% on a YoY and QoQ basis, respectively. The revenue has also grown by 24.42% sequentially. The EBITDA stands at ₹ 69.54 crores in September 2021, up 52.94% on a YoY basis. The shares have given 36.17% returns over the last six months and 100.37% over one year.

The government’s incentives to the real estate sector, low-interest rates, and pandemic induced huge space preferences will support growth. Moreover, the customers are inclining towards home upgradation and improvement, which will help to elevate demand. The company’s steady investment flows and increasing manufacturing capabilities have helped thrive from the supply chain disruptions.

But, the company still faces elevated costs of certain raw materials and products such as natural gas and metals.

Cera Sanitaryware Ltd

Vaibhav Global Ltd

The portfolio comprises 30,00,000 shares of Vaibhav Global Ltd, valued at ₹ 151.4 crores. The holding percentage was 1.8% since March 2021.

The net profit has declined by 40.22% and 57.29% on a YoY and QoQ basis, respectively. There is marginal revenue growth of 6% on a YoY basis.

US and UK economies have more or less fully opened, and the consumer behavior moving to increase in-person shopping in brick-and-mortar stores and people going out on holidays. It has led to lower in-house shopping for the business, which is a home retailer. The gross margin continues to be strong.

Higher shipping costs, global supply chain constraints, initial operating costs from the recently launched German business, digital marketing investments, and increased airtime spend as they onboarded new TV channels and OTT platforms impacted EBIDTA margin.

Investments have already given 5.3% increased new customers in Q2 compared to pandemic induced high new customer count in Q2 FY21.

They remain confident about the breaking even target within three years of launch. It continues with its investment in Products, Channels and enhances its Digital Capabilities. They have also strengthened the warehouse operations digitally through GEEK+ robots.

They launched TAMSY, a new fashion apparel brand for women in USA, UK and Germany. During the quarter, they also acquired worldwide online brand rights of RACHEL GALLEY, the UK based multiple-award-winning jewellery brand.

Vaibhav Global Ltd

Elecon Engineering Company

Vijay Kedia’s portfolio has 13,00,000 shares of Elecon Engineering worth ₹ 26.8 crores. The holding percentage was 1.2% since June 2021.

The revenue and net profit growth for the September 2021 quarter was 17.73% and 61.13% on a YoY basis, respectively. The EBITDA stands at Rs. 68.30 crore in September 2021, up 12.74% on a YoY basis. Elecon shares have given 69.70% returns over the last six months and 633.71% in the past year.

FIIs have increased their holding from 0.79% to 1.58% sequentially, while mutual funds decreased their holding marginally to 2.2 % from 2.3%.

Elecon Engineering is a pioneer in the manufacturing of industrial geared motors and reducers, casting processes, material handling equipment, mining equipment, etc. Moreover it is one of the largest manufacturers of Industrial gear and Material handling equipment in Asia.

The stock looks slightly overbought, and there is a possibility for some consolidation, but it should be an indicator to buy the stock.

Elecon Engineering Company


The shares in Vijay Kedia’s portfolio whose holding percentage has decreased are:

Lykis Ltd

The holding percentage has reduced by 0.7% since March 2021. The current stake in Lykis is 9.3%. The number of shares is 18,07,911, valued at ₹ 5.8 crores.

The revenue and net profit have increased by 761.22% and 332.92% YoY, respectively. But the net profit declined by 32.79% sequentially.

Lykis is a home and personal care company in India. It has a presence in personal care, beauty and home care, grooming, food & beverages, and the healthcare segment.

They have adopted international practices to leave a lesser impact on the environment. In the first place, they believe sustainability depends on energy efficiency, emission reductions, and waste management.

Lykis Ltd


Tejas Networks Ltd

Vijay Kedia has trimmed the stake in Tejas Networks by 1.9%. The current holding percentage is 3.4%. The number of shares is 39,00,000, amounting to ₹ 174 crores.

The net profit has declined by 19.21% and 51.52% on a YoY and QoQ basis. The revenue growth was 16.11% on a YoY basis.

The EBITDA is ₹ 22.28, up 28.49% on a YoY basis. Tejas Networks has given 166.71% returns over the last six months and 453.28% in the past year.

The global semiconductor shortage impacted margins and revenues. It led to difficulties such as longer lead times and an increase in raw material and component costs. The government of India has launched various supportive policies for promoting Made in India telecom products. The government has approved their application for the PLI scheme.

Tejas Networks Ltd


For instance, when you go for shopping, you try to buy the best product at the cheapest rate. The same logic works in the share market, due to which ace investors like Vijay Kedia were buying stocks at discounted prices when the market was falling. Moreover, the best thing Vijay Kedia did was- learning from failures and perform better next time. He also learns from the success and mistakes of other investors. Knowledge, patience and courage to purchase stocks at sufficient cost are essential. To sum up, examining the company’s future and being abreast with the latest financial news is necessary for success.