Best Mid Cap Mutual Funds for 2023

Mid cap mutual funds provide investors with a unique chance to blend growth potential with stability in their investment portfolios. Mid cap mutual funds invest in firms with good growth potential since their market capitalizations lie between big and small caps. As we approach 2023, it’s critical to locate the top-performing mid cap mutual funds that have regularly produced excellent profits. In this article, we will look at the top five mid cap funds in detail, including their performance history, investing strategy, important components, and management competence. By learning more about these funds, investors may make more educated selections and perhaps profit from their growth potential.

Edelweiss Mid Cap Fund

The Edelweiss Mid Cap Fund, which debuted on December 26, 2007, has established itself as a trustworthy alternative for investors seeking exposure to mid-cap firms. The fund is available to a broad spectrum of investors, with a minimum investment requirement of $5,000. It has provided an exceptional return of 12.06 percent since its debut, demonstrating its capacity to build sustainable wealth over the long run.

The portfolio of the fund is made up of carefully chosen companies with high growth potential. Cummins India, Persistent Systems, Federal Bank, Kajaria Ceramics, Indian Bank, ABB India, and Trend Ltd. are among its significant component stocks. The fund provides diversity and decreases concentration risks by investing in firms from diverse industries.

Mahindra Manulife Mid Cap Fund

Mahindra Manulife Mid Cap Fund, which was launched on January 23, 2018, has acquired appeal among investors owing to its strong performance. The fund draws both regular and institutional investors, with a minimum commitment of $10,000. Early investors saw a tremendous increase, with investments totalling 17,924.

The skill of the firm’s fund managers, Abhinav Khandelwal and Manish Lodha, may have contributed to the fund’s performance. They do extensive research and analysis to find mid-cap firms with promising growth potential. The portfolio of the fund is made up of equities that are set to benefit from developing trends and market possibilities, enabling investors to capitalise on the growth potential of mid-cap firms.

Baroda BNP Paribas Midcap Fund

Since its inception on January 1, 2013, the Baroda BNP Paribas Midcap Fund has regularly outperformed its rivals. The fund has drawn the notice of its capacity to produce large wealth for investors, with a return of 18.36 percent since inception.

Shiv Chanani, the fund’s manager, is responsible for the fund’s performance. Chanani takes a methodical approach to investing, performing extensive research to discover mid-cap businesses with excellent fundamentals and growth prospects. This approach is reflected in the fund’s portfolio, which offers a well-diversified mix of companies from diverse industries, balancing risk and possible gain.

UTI Mid Cap Fund

The UTI Mid Cap Fund, which was established on April 7, 2004, has a proven track record of producing steady returns over time. The fund has offered investors the chance to profit from the rise of mid-cap firms, with a return of 17.42 percent since inception.

Key parts of the fund’s portfolio include NCA, Cholamandalam Investment & Finance Co., Federal Bank, Astral, and Tube Investments of India. The fund attempts to harness the growth potential of mid-size equities while limiting risk via diversification by investing in firms from various industries.

Taurus Discovery (Midcap) Fund

Taurus Discovery (Midcap) Fund, which was founded on September 5, 1994, provides investors with consistency and dependability. While the fund’s return of 7.59 percent since inception may seem lower than that of its peers, it has proven to be an appealing alternative for risk-averse investors seeking consistent growth.

Hardik Shah manages the fund, which takes a conservative approach to choosing mid-cap firms with excellent fundamentals and growth prospects. Shah performs extensive research and analysis to discover firms capable of producing consistent, long-term success. The fund’s steadiness and durability make it an intriguing option for investors with lower risk tolerance.


Investing in mid cap mutual funds allows investors to capitalise on the development potential of rising firms while managing risks. Edelweiss Mid Cap Fund, Mahindra Manulife Mid Cap Fund, Baroda BNP Paribas Midcap Fund, UTI Mid Cap Fund, and Taurus Discovery (Midcap) Fund are among the top-performing mid cap mutual funds reviewed in this article. However, before making any investment choices, investors must undertake comprehensive research, examine their investing goals and risk tolerance, and seek guidance from financial specialists. In this way, investors may make well-informed decisions and possibly profit from the development potential of mid-cap firms while efficiently managing risks in the dynamic market of 2023.

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