Exploring the Most 20 Expensive Stocks in India

Most Expensive Stocks in India

Exploring the intricate landscape of the stock market reveals an extensive range of share prices, spanning from a few rupees to several thousand. To pique the interest of investors in the upper strata of Indian stock exchanges, this article has compiled an exhaustive list of the 10 most expensive stocks that will be available in India in 2023. Every entry is accompanied by comprehensive analyses of the industries they symbolise and the determinants that impact their valuations among the most expensive stocks in India.

Why Invest in Expensive Stocks in India?


1. Stability and Track Record:
Proven financial stability and a track record of success.

2. Higher Returns Potential:
Potential for substantial long-term returns.

3. Market Leadership:
Associated with market-dominant companies.

4. Dividend Income:
Reliable dividend payments for steady income.

5. Quality and Reliability:
Perceived as high-quality and reliable investments.

6. Capital Appreciation:
Robust growth outlook for potential capital gains.

7. Global Presence:
Multinational corporations provide global exposure.

8. Innovative and Sustainable Practices:
Emphasis on innovation and sustainable practices.

Considerations Before Investing:

1. Financial Goals and Risk Tolerance:
Clearly define goals and assess risk tolerance.

2. Market Research and Due Diligence:
Thoroughly research the stocks under consideration.

3. Diversification:
Diversify to spread risk across various assets.

4. Long-Term vs. Short-Term:
Align investments with your desired time horizon.

5. Market Conditions and Indicators:
Stay informed about market conditions and indicators.

6. Management and Governance:
Evaluate the quality of company management and governance.

7. Dividend History and Earnings Growth:
Consider consistent dividend payments and earnings growth.

8. Liquidity and Volatility:
Assess stock liquidity and be mindful of market volatility.

Investing in expensive stocks offers potential benefits, but careful consideration and a strategic approach are crucial. Define your goals, conduct thorough research, and stay informed for informed decision-making.

Top 10 Most Expensive Stocks in India

MRF (Tyres & Rubber Products)

Overview: Madras Rubber Factory, or MRF, is the largest tyre manufacturer in India. The corporation began as a modest toy manufacturing facility and has since expanded its operations to encompass paints, sporting products, tyre manufacturing, and the renowned Funskool brand.

Diversification: Rubber product manufacturing, including conveyor belts, tubing, vents, and tread rubber, is MRF’s primary operation. Furthermore, the organisation manufactures pre-reads, vests, and toys.

Honeywell Automation India (Electronics-Instrumentation & Process Control Equipment)

Overview: Honeywell Automation India, a company specialising in delivering software-based business solutions, contributes significantly to advancing sustainability and innovation in numerous industries. It has provided solutions in life sciences, oil and gas, power generation, and refining since its inception in 1987 as a joint venture.

Evolution: Tata Honeywell, formerly known as Tata Group, experienced a significant shift in identity in 2004 when it divested its shareholding in support of its foreign joint venture partner.

Page Industries (Innerwear & Athleisure)

Overview: Page Industries possesses an exclusive licence for producing, distributing, and promoting Jockey merchandise across multiple nations. With a focus on comfort and quality, the Bangalore, India-based company has carved out a niche in the innerwear and apparel market.

Geographical Presence: Page Industries’ operations in Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, and Nepal demonstrate its regional dominance beyond India.

Shree Cement (Cement Manufacturing)

Overview: Shree Cement Ltd., a significant participant in cement manufacturing in northern India, does more than produce cement. Shree Ultra Jung Rodhak Cement, Bangur Cement, and Tuff Cemento are some of the brand names under which the company markets its products.

Product Range: The company’s involvement in power generation and cement production demonstrates its dedication to providing comprehensive infrastructure solutions.

3M India (Industrial Equipment)

Overview: Incorporated in 1987, 3M India possesses an extensive portfolio of businesses spanning multiple industries. The corporation, whose product lines include adhesives, healthcare, office supplies, and abrasives, is well-known for Scotch Brite, Scotch Tapes, and Post-Its.

Market Presence: 3M’s extensive business portfolio, which includes safety, security, and protection services, industrial and transportation, and consumer and office services, demonstrates the company’s influence in numerous industries.

Abbott India (Pharmaceutical)

Overview: Abbott India, an organisation operating as a subsidiary of Abbott Laboratories, emphasises an extensive array of medical specialities. The organisation participates in the Indian healthcare industry, offering branded generic pharmaceuticals, cardiovascular and diabetes care, and immunodiagnostics.

Market-Specific Approach: By customising product development and clinical trials for the Indian market, Abbott India demonstrates its dedication to meeting the healthcare requirements of the region.

Nestle India (Food Products)

Overview: Nestle India Limited has a long and illustrious legacy in the Indian culinary industry, which dates back to the early 1900s. Through its renowned labels, including Maggi, Nescafe, and the a+ milk range, Nestle maintains a position of dominance within the worldwide food industry.

Product Range: Besides culinary implements, beverages, prepared dishes, and confectionery are among the varied product categories of the organisation.

Bajaj Finserv (Non-Banking Finance)

Overview: Insurance, asset management, lending, and wealth management are the business activities of Bajaj Finserv, a subsidiary of Bajaj Holdings & Investments Limited. In addition to providing financial services, the organisation is actively engaged in the generation of wind energy.

Diversification: Bajaj Finserv endeavours to offer an extensive array of financial products and services in India, including life insurance, general insurance, and consumer finance.

Bosch (Industrial Technology, Mobility Solutions, Consumer Goods & Energy, & Building Technology)

Overview: Bosch Ltd., a prominent entity in the fields of automotive technology, industrial technology, and construction technology, is a subsidiary of the Robert Bosch company based in Germany. The largest manufacturer of automotive components in India is the organisation.

Product Divisions: Diesel and petroleum fuel injection systems, stereo systems, electrical components and accessories, starters, and motors are all examples of automotive technology.


Overview: Various products comprise the fast-moving consumer goods corporation Procter & Gamble Hygiene and Health Care Limited (P&G HCL). It owns Whisper and Vicks, among other internationally renowned brands.

Brand Portfolio: With Duracell, Olay, Tide, Gillette, Braun, and numerous others, Procter & Gamble’s brand portfolio transcends the realm of personal hygiene and health.

ZF Commercial (Automotive Components)

Overview: ZF Commercial is a prominent commercial vehicle components industry participant. The corporation is an international producer of sophisticated axles, gearboxes, and gearbox systems for various commercial vehicles. ZF Commercial is renowned for technological prowess and innovation in the automotive industry.

Diversification: ZF Commercial implements a diversification strategy by providing extensive products within the commercial vehicle sector. These components comprise efficiency-oriented transmissions, control-enhancing steering systems, and axles that contribute to the vehicle’s overall performance. ZF Commercial ensures a wide-ranging market presence and continued relevance in the commercial vehicle industry by accommodating a variety of components.

Kaycee Industries (Electrical and Electronic)

Overview: Kaycee Industries is prominent in the electronic and electrical sectors. The organisation has cultivated a revered reputation in the industry due to its proficiency in producing electrical switches, control panels, and various other electrical components. Innovative solutions and high-quality products are the primary focuses of Kaycee Industries across multiple industries.

Diversification: Kaycee Industries demonstrates exceptional diversification through its extensive selection of electrical products. The business accommodates industrial and residential requirements with advanced control panels and conventional switches. By implementing this diversification strategy, Kaycee Industries can access various market segments and secure a strong foothold in the electrical and electronic industries.

Polson (Agrochemical)

Overview: Polson is an industry leader in the production of agrochemicals. The organisation has operated for decades and specialises in manufacturing insecticides, pesticides, and other agricultural compounds. Sustainable agriculture and high-quality products are two factors that have contributed to Polson’s enduring market presence.

Diversification: A wide array of agrochemical solutions constitutes the core of Polson’s diversification strategy. The corporation provides various agricultural necessities, including pesticides to safeguard crops and insecticides to promote plant vitality. By implementing this diversification strategy, Polson can effectively cater to the varied needs of producers and enhance the overall efficacy of agricultural methodologies.

Disa India (Foundry Technology)

Overview: Disa India is an enterprise operating in the foundry technology sector, offering solutions for streamlined casting procedures. Disa India, a subsidiary of the worldwide Norican Group, uses cutting-edge technologies to increase its foundry operations’ efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Diversification: The diversification of Disa India consists of offering an extensive selection of foundry solutions. This includes shot blasting systems, moulding and core-making apparatus, and additional technologies optimising casting processes. Disa India ensures that foundries operate efficiently and maintain a competitive edge by providing various foundry solutions.

Tasty Bite Eat (Food – Ready-to-Eat)

Overview: Tasty Bite Eat is a prominent culinary entity that manufactures ready-to-eat Asian and Indian dishes. The organisation has garnered acclaim for its extensive assortment of delectable and practical food items, which it distributes to markets worldwide.

Diversification: The diversification strategy of Tasty Bite Eat revolves around an extensive range of ready-to-eat culinary items. The company offers a varied menu that caters to the preferences and flavours of a broad consumer demographic, including Asian-inspired dishes and Indian delicacies. By actively pursuing a range of products, Tasty Bite Eat establishes itself as a multifaceted contender in the ready-to-eat food industry, appealing to an international clientele.

Wendt India (Abrasives and Grinding Machines)

Overview: Wendt India is a well-established participant in the grinding machine and abrasives industry. Producing high-precision grinding solutions for various industrial applications is the company’s area of expertise. With its dedication to technological innovation and quality, Wendt India has positioned itself as the market leader in grinding solutions.

Diversification: Various grinding solutions constitute the core of Wendt India’s diversification strategy. The company provides precision grinding machines and abrasives tailored to multiple materials catering to various industries. By pursuing diversification, Wendt India maintains its significance in numerous sectors that necessitate grinding processes that are both precise and efficient.

Lakshmi Machine Works (Textile Machinery)

Overview: Lakshmi Machine Works is a well-established entity within the textile machinery production sector. Spinning and weaving devices are among the fabric apparatuses the company is renowned for manufacturing. Lakshmi Machine Works maintains a significant foothold in the global and domestic textile industries.

Diversification: Lakshmi Machine Works demonstrates exceptional diversification by offering an extensive selection of textile machinery. Contributing to the efficacy of textile manufacturing processes, this consists of machinery for various phases of textile production. The organisation’s diversification strategy guarantees a substantial presence in the worldwide textile apparatus industry.

Bombay Oxygen (Industrial Gases)

Overview: Bombay Oxygen, a prominent entity in the industrial gases industry, specialises in the manufacturing and dissemination a diverse range of gases that find application in industrial procedures. In addition to nitrogen and oxygen, the organisation provides a range of industrial gases with various industrial applications.

Diversification: A diverse selection of industrial gases constitutes the core of Bombay Oxygen’s diversification strategy. The organisation serves various sectors, including healthcare and metal fabrication process support. The strategic diversification of Bombay Oxygen guarantees its status as a multifaceted provider of critical industrial gases.

Maruti Suzuki (Automobile)

Overview: Maruti Suzuki is the preeminent manufacturer of automobiles in India. Maruti Suzuki has earned acclaim for manufacturing cars that appeal to various automotive industry segments. Supervising the passenger vehicle market in India, Maruti Suzuki has established itself as a reputable and well-liked brand.

Diversification: Maruti Suzuki’s strategy is to provide an extensive range of automobiles. The company offers a comprehensive range of vehicles to meet consumers’ diverse preferences and requirements, from compact hatchbacks to SUVs. By diversifying its operations, Maruti Suzuki effectively maintains a dominant position in the Indian automotive market and expands its reach to a wide range of customers.

UltraTech Cement (Cement Manufacturing)

Overview: UltraTech Cement is a significant participant in the cement production industry. The company, operating under the Aditya Birla Group, has gained recognition for its extensive assortment of cement merchandise: ready-mix concrete, Portland Pozzolana Cement, and ordinary Portland Cement.

Diversification: The diversification strategy of UltraTech Cement entails the provision of an extensive assortment of cement products. The organisation ensures a robust presence in the construction sector by providing diverse cement varieties to meet numerous construction requirements. By diversifying its operations, UltraTech Cement is a significant contender in the Indian cement market.

Things to Remember While Investing in Expensive Stocks in India

Regarding pricey equities, investors ought to exercise prudence. Merely relying on a high stock price does not guarantee a solid investment. Critical factors to bear in mind include the following:

In-depth Research is Crucial:

It is potentially hazardous to be exclusively dependent on stock recommendations. Irrespective of investment decisions, conduct a comprehensive investigation and assessment of the organisation’s management, growth prospects, and financial health. A holistic perspective can be obtained by analysing past performance, current market trends, and competitive environments.

Avoid Incorrect Advice:

Financial hazards may result from erroneous guidance, even when it originates from agencies that appear to be trustworthy. Consistently corroborate information by consulting various sources and arrive at well-informed decisions grounded in a comprehensive comprehension of the market and the company’s foundational principles.

Budget Wisely:

Avoid prompt spending and prioritise long-term investments. Diversify investments across numerous reputable equities and establish a fixed budget. This strategy facilitates risk reduction and offers a well-rounded approach to generating wealth.


Investing in the ten most expensive stocks in India presents a significant return potential due to their established track record of growth and market leadership. Nevertheless, the stock market’s intrinsic unpredictability necessitates meticulous examination and extensive investigation. While remaining informed about market trends, economic indicators, and company performances, investors should carefully consider the risks and benefits associated with the 10 most expensive stocks in India. Investors continue to value wisdom, diligence, and a strategic approach above all else in the dynamic stock market environment.


Why consider investing in expensive stocks in India?

Investors often achieve stability, increased potential returns, and exposure to market leaders with a track record of achievement by investing in expensive equities.

What factors should be considered before investing?

Evaluating a company’s management, governance, dividend history, earnings growth, market research, financial goals, risk tolerance, and diversification is necessary.

How can I mitigate risks when investing in expensive stocks? 

After thorough due diligence, ensure that potential investments align with your time horizon and diversify your portfolio to mitigate risk.