Product mix of Costco ~ Products, Consumers


Costco Wholesale Corporation happens to be one of the biggest warehouse chains. With 493 warehouses, this company claims one of the biggest distribution channels. It uses the strategy of providing goods at a low price like Wal-Mart. With 750 warehouses, Costco caters to more than 85 million customers across the globe. 17,000 workers, both part-time and full-time work together and provide the best prices to their 85 million customers. In this article, the product mix of Costco includes its product range, consumers, and many more.

Costco’s deeply discounted products should not be confused with low-quality products. Quality is so paramount for Costco that it started its private label in 1995. Costco’s business model focuses on building an ecosystem. The company has been smart enough to extend its arms in the areas where members can visit its store more frequently.

Product mix of Costco

Costco being one of the largest warehouse service providers with 40 years of infield experience always strive for customer satisfaction. Costco has worked hard on policies and tried to simplify them and empower costumers. With the first warehouse that opened in Seattle, Washington, today Costco has come a long way.

With 750 warehouse outlets, Costco is catering to more than85 million members across the globe; 1,74,000 full-time and part-time employees are working together and bringing the best price shopping experience to 85 million members.

As a big-box retailer, Costco Wholesale offers a wide variety of products to match market demand. This element of the marketing mix identifies the firm’s outputs. Compared to some large retailers, the company has a limited product mix, but expands its product offerings over time. Costco’s product mix includes the following main product categories:

  1. Appliances
  2. Auto & Tires
  3. Baby, Kids & Toys
  4. Clothing & Handbags
  5. Computers & Printers
  6. Electronics
  7. Furniture
  8. Grocery, Floral & Pets
  9. Holiday, Gifts & Tickets
  10. Home Improvement
  11. Health & Beauty
  12. Home, Kitchen, Bed & Bath
  13. Jewelry & Watches
  14. Office Products
  15. Patio & Outdoor
  16. Sports & Fitness
  17. Travel & Luggage
  18. Photo Center services
  19. Optical services
  20. Hearing Aid Center services
  21. Gasoline
  22. Business Services
  23. Home Services
  24. Life Services
In addition to the typical basic goods found in its warehouses/stores, Costco offers services, such as photo printing services, life insurance, and payroll services. This element of the marketing mix shows that Costco Wholesale Corporation has expanded its product mix to a considerable degree of diversification to meet market demand. The evolution of this element of the marketing mix represents product development for growth and competitiveness.
Costco Wholesale uses the membership strategy on its business strategy. The member of the Costco Wholesale club has access to get various products at a low price. Although this company doesn’t have a lot of variety like Wal-Mart or Target, it’s still giving them a fierce competition through its massive warehouse chain.
It offers a narrower range of product lines with a broad category. This company now has almost 330 items on its private level, responsible for nearly 15% of its total revenue


Costco is one of the biggest warehouse service providers, with over 40 years of experience in the field, always striving for the satisfaction of customers. Costco has put a lot of effort into policies and has attempted to make them more accessible and give more power to the customers.