Top 10 Richest Instagram Influencers and Bloggers in India

Richest Instagram Influencers And Bloggers In India

The emergence of social media platforms has allowed influencers and bloggers to communicate with an extensive audience, foster substantial connections with them, and generate income through their content. As a highly prevalent social media platform, Instagram has granted bloggers and influencers unprecedented access to a vast and varied audience. Instagram has played a substantial role in the meteoric rise to fame and wealth of several Indian luminaries. As reflected on this list, the following are the 10 richest bloggers and Instagram influencers in India in 2024.

BHUVAN BAM: @bhuvan.bam22 (19.1M)

Richest Instagram Influencers And Bloggers In India

Bhuvan Bam first became famous for his work in the “BB ki Vines” series of short comedy flicks, in which he dressed up like individuals he knew from his YouTube account. He started off playing music for Rs. 5,000 a month. In a short time, he gave up on his music career entirely and focused on filming music videos. With 26.3 million subscribers, BB Ki Vines is still going strong. The research by DNA estimates that Bhuvan Bam’s net worth is Rs 122 crore, or around USD 15 million, making him one of the richest Instagram influencers and bloggers in India. He generates income via online series, corporate collaborations, sponsorships, and YouTube videos.

Ajey Nagar aka CarryMinati: @carryminati (21.1M)

Richest Instagram Influencers And Bloggers In India

“Carry Minati” is Ajey Nagar. He has become a youth online superstar, with an average of 39 million subscribers and 7–10 million views per video. His spoof videos of several Bollywood reality shows and stars catapulted him to stardom. At the tender age of 10, Ajey Nagar started submitting videos on YouTube. 5 YouTube Creator Awards, 2 Silver Play Buttons, and 2 Golden Play Buttons for Carry Minati are a few honours conferred upon him. He achieved viral status in less than six days with his video “YouTube vs. Tik-Tok: The End,” which garnered 72.2 million views. His estimated net worth is more than 31 crores. Most of his income comes from his YouTube videos, sponsorship arrangements, and collaborative projects. Because he continues to work hard despite his numerous accomplishments, he serves as an example to many young people.

Prajakata Koli: @mostlysane (7.9M)

Richest Instagram Influencers And Bloggers In India

Cosmetics, infotainment, celebrity interviews, and her roles in blockbuster films are just a few areas in which Mostly Sane, or Prajakta Koli, has succeeded. Her decision to focus solely on her YouTube channel, which has over 7.9 million subscribers, followed her successful tenure as a radio DJ at Fever 104 FM. Forbes included Koli in their 2019 30 Under 30 list, and he made history as India’s first young climate advocate to join UNDP. Her other acting credits include roles in Bollywood features like “Jugg Jugg Jiyo” and the smash Netflix series “Mismatched.”

Ranveer Allahbadia: @beeerbiceps (3.5M)

Richest Instagram Influencers And Bloggers In India

Highly regarded health Ranveer Allahbadia, an enthusiastic media personality and Instagrammer, extends an invitation to accompany him on a comprehensive adventure. He has co-founded many popular platforms that concentrate on mental, physical, and sleep wellness, and his work advocating for physical fitness. These platforms include Monk Entertainment and The Ranveer Show. Highlights from Ranveer’s Instagram are intriguing, ranging from motivational exercises to stunning images. Join Ranveer on his journey to a healthier lifestyle, where he will teach you the importance of listening to all perspectives and prioritising more than just physical fitness.

Kritika Khurana Chhabra: @thatbohogirl (1.8M)

Richest Instagram Influencers And Bloggers In India

The Indian fashion and travel blogger Kritika Khurana has a massive following. She sprang to fame in 2013 when a series of her “Outfit of the Day” photographs went viral online. Kritika’s meteoric rise to blogging stardom began when she began writing frequently for the style and fashion website ThatBohoGirl. Critika Khurana started her own YouTube channel after her blog got much attention. The 2023 Award for Lifestyle Influencer of the Year (female) is only one of her many remarkable achievements. The fact that she has over 1.7 million Instagram followers is proof of her immense fame. She is among India’s most paid social media influencers, with a net worth of fifteen crore rupees. Because of this, many people think Kritika is one of India’s wealthiest Instagrammers.

Kusha Kapila: @kushakapila (3.6M)

Richest Instagram Influencers And Bloggers In India

Kusha Kapila is a prominent personality in India’s influencer scene. She is known for her work on the “South Delhi Girls” videos on the iDiva YouTube channel. That channel has almost 451,000 members, compared to her own channel’s 369k. On Instagram, Kusha has garnered 3.6 million followers. There, she shares hilarious anecdotes about her life as a rising celebrity. She has collaborated with companies like Cred and Google and often walks the red carpet at major film industry events. She has appeared in Karan Johar’s Ghost Stories and judged fashion events, among other things.

Gaurav Chaudhary: @technicalguruji (5.2M)

Gaurav Chaudhary currently goes by the moniker Technical Guruji in the IT industry. Many people subscribe to Gaurav’s YouTube channel, where he posts tech reviews and instructive videos. As a result of his extensive network and expertise in technology, he has quickly become one of India’s most prominent social media personalities. Tech Guruji’s creator, Gaurav Chaudhary, is worth more than 356 crore rupees. Technical Guruji has built a loyal following of tech enthusiasts who seek out his advice and commentary on tech-related topics.

Gaurav Taneja: @taneja.gaurav (3.9M)

Join Gaurav Taneja, aka “Flying Beast,” on an exhilarating journey. Among Gaurav’s many accomplishments are his roles as a pilot, law professor at Delhi University, and well-known video creator. Delve into his fascinating life story, beginning with his A320 training in Spain and ending with his promotion to first officer at IndiGo and AirAsia. Find a thrilling rendezvous spot. An approximation indicates that Taneja’s ‘Flying Beast’ channel, which has 8.6 million subscribers, uploads four or five weekly videos. He earns between ₹8.5 and 9 lakh a month based on only one channel; however, the precise number of views varies from video to video. He reportedly made one million dollars.

Aashna Shroff: @aashnashroff (1M)

Aashna Shroff is an example of an Indian fashion blogger who covers luxury brands. Her online journal, “The Snob Diaries,” calls itself just that. She started her ascent to fame with a fashion blog when she was only twenty-one. She was an introverted youngster growing up in a middle-class Mumbai family where her mother was the only source of income. Some of Aashna’s high-end clients include Gucci, Prada Beauty, Mac Cosmetics, Nyka, Loreal Paris, and her 967k Instagram followers. Moreover, Cosmo named her the Most Influential Luxury Fashionista for 2023. Sponsoring an Instagram post featuring Aashna Shroff, estimated to have a net worth of Rs 37 crores, costs around 2.65 lakhs. It is not surprising that she is one of the six richest Instagrammers in India.

Nikhil Sharma: @nikkhil (1.4M)

Vacation vlogs and other action-packed videos by Nikhil Sharma (aka Mumbiker Nikhil) have the internet in a frenzy. The films he uploads to YouTube chronicling his motorcycle exploits have won him a legion of fans. Brand endorsements, paid vacations, and merchandise sales have propelled Nikhil to the ranks of India’s most influential social media users. Nikhil Sharma is the personality behind the lifestyle blog known as “Casey Neistat” in India. He obtained more than 4 million subscribers after launching his channel in 2010 and became well-known in the motorcycle vlogging community with the name “Mumbaiker Nikhil.”. Nikhil was an early trailblazer in Indian influencer marketing and is now a top moto vlogger and international rider. Both MTV India and IWMBuzz awarded him “Vlogger of the Year” in 2019, and he has over 1.4 million Instagram followers. Nikhil has worked with many companies, including WB and Garmin.


The top 10 richest bloggers and Instagram influencers in India display a wide range of abilities and personalities. Many different types of users have been able to use the platform to build an audience, engage with them, and monetise their efforts via partnerships, sponsorships, and sponsored content. This category includes social media stars, fitness enthusiasts, artists, and actresses. As Instagram develops, these influencers will undoubtedly maintain their positions at the top and continue to motivate millions of followers.