17 Ways to Make Money on Amazon: From Sales to Services

Ways to Make Money on Amazon

Amazon, the digital marketplace behemoth, has not only altered how we buy but has also become a hotspot for imaginative businesses and people trying to produce revenue via Amazon money-making opportunities. With its broad reach and large consumer base, Amazon provides many options for people to generate money. In this thorough article, we will go into the 17 best ways to make money on Amazon, offering deep insights into each strategy that will help you discover efficient ways to make money on Amazon.

1. Retail arbitrage

What is retail arbitrage?

Exploring local retailers for cheap or clearance products and reselling them on Amazon at a higher price is known as retail arbitrage. This method takes advantage of the pricing difference between physical businesses and online marketplaces.

How does it work?

Arbitrageurs find items with a significant price difference, buy them at a cheaper price, and then resell them on Amazon for a profit. Retail arbitrage success depends on thorough research, a quick purchase, and a competitive price.

2. Private Labelling

Understanding private labelling

Private labelling involves sourcing generic products from overseas manufacturers and branding them with your label before selling them on Amazon. This method demands a deep understanding of market trends and effective branding strategies.

Key Steps

  1. Market research: Identify niche products with demand but limited competition.
  2. Supplier Selection: Source reliable manufacturers who can provide quality products.
  3. Branding: Create a unique brand identity that separates your products.
  4. Listing Optimisation: Craft compelling product listings with high-quality images and detailed descriptions.

3. Online Arbitrage

The Concept of Online Arbitrage

Like retail arbitrage, online arbitrage entails buying products from online stores at a lower price and reselling them on Amazon. This method exploits online sales, discounts, and limited-time offers to maximise profitability.

Strategic Approach

Arbitrageurs use tools to track price fluctuations, leverage cashback offers, and take advantage of bulk discounts. Efficient logistics and quick listing are essential for success.

4. Amazon Handmade

Crafting and selling on Amazon Handmade

Amazon Handmade allows artisans to showcase and sell their handcrafted products. This platform caters to customers seeking unique, artisanal items, allowing creators to showcase their creativity.

Benefits for Artists

Amazon Handmade provides exposure to a vast customer base, handles payment processing, and manages shipping, allowing artisans to focus solely on their craft.

5. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Self-publishing with KDP

Budding authors can leverage Kindle Direct Publishing to self-publish eBooks and paperbacks. KDP offers authors a direct route to a massive reader base, bypassing traditional publishing barriers.

Royalties and Control

Authors retain control over their work and earn up to 70% royalties on eBook sales and a portion of paperback sales. Pricing flexibility allows authors to experiment with different strategies.

6. Merch by Amazon

Creating Custom Merchandise

Amazon’s merchandise empowers designers to create and sell custom apparel such as T-shirts and hoodies. Amazon handles production, shipping, and customer service, freeing designers from logistical concerns.

Design and Promotion

Designers focus on creating appealing designs, while Amazon cares for production quality. Promoting your merchandise through social media and other platforms can significantly boost sales.

7. Amazon Affiliate Programme

Participating in the Affiliate Programme

Individuals may use Amazon Associates to market items on their blogs or websites by employing unique affiliate links. Every sale that comes from your referral link earns you a commission.

Effective affiliate marketing

Strategic product selection, honest evaluations, and smoothly incorporating affiliate links into your content are all required for successful affiliate marketing.

8. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Print

Expanding to Print

KDP Print extends the self-publishing opportunity to physical books. Authors can tap into the audience that prefers the tactile experience of holding a physical book.

Print-On-Demand Advantage

Print-on-demand eliminates the need for upfront inventory, making offering paperback versions of your work cost-effective.

9. Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon)

Streamlined Selling with FBA

Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) is a programme that streamlines the selling process. Sellers ship their products to Amazon’s fulfilment centres, where inventory is stored, packaged, and shipped to customers. FBA listings are also eligible for Prime shipping benefits, enhancing visibility and desirability.

Benefits of FBA

FBA reduces the seller’s operational burden and offers efficient customer service. Prime eligibility can lead to higher conversion rates due to the trust associated with Prime shipping.

10. Amazon Services

Offering services through Amazon

If you possess skills in areas like home repair, cleaning, or tech support, you can join Amazon Home Services. This platform connects your expertise with local customers seeking reliable services.

Building Trust

Building a solid reputation through positive reviews is crucial for success in the services sector on Amazon. Excellent customer service and timely communication play a significant role.

11. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Microtasks on Mechanical Turk

Remote workers may complete the “Human Intelligence Tasks” (HITs) that Amazon Mechanical Turk offers. While the payouts for individual tasks are small, the total might be substantial.

Opportunities and Considerations

The Mechanical Turk performs microtasks like data validation and content moderation. It’s a versatile way to make money, although the rate of pay per hour may change based on the nature of the task.

12. Publish Audiobooks

Meeting the Demand for Audio Content

In addition to eBooks, authors can tap into the growing demand for audiobooks. Amazon-owned Audible provides a platform for authors to produce and distribute audiobooks to a global audience.

Production and royalties

Authors can narrate the audiobook themselves or hire a narrator. Royalties are earned based on sales, offering a revenue stream beyond traditional book sales.

13. Amazon Influencer Programme

Monetising social influence

The Amazon Influencer Programme allows individuals with a substantial social media following to curate personalised Amazon storefronts. Influencers earn commissions on the resulting sales by recommending products through these curated lists.

Building Authenticity

Success in the Influencer Programme hinges on genuine recommendations and a loyal audience. Building a rapport with followers enhances credibility and fosters lasting partnerships.

14. Amazon Live

Interactive Product Showcase

Amazon Live enables sellers to host live-streamed video sessions showcasing their products. This interactive approach allows sellers to engage with potential customers in real-time, answer questions, and demonstrate product features.

Driving engagement and sales

Live sessions can create a sense of urgency, encourage viewer participation, and lead to higher conversion rates. A well-planned presentation can boost sales and brand visibility.

15. Create an online course

Monetising expertise through courses

You can create and sell online courses with expertise in a specific field. Amazon partners with various online learning platforms, allowing instructors to share their knowledge.

Designing Effective Courses

Creating engaging and valuable content is vital. Well-structured courses with clear learning outcomes and interactive elements tend to attract more students.

16. Wholesale

Sourcing and selling wholesale products

Wholesaling on Amazon involves buying products in bulk directly from manufacturers and selling them on the platform. Successful wholesalers negotiate favourable terms and manage inventory effectively.

Scalability and profit margins

Wholesaling offers the potential for scalability and consistent income. However, competition can be fierce, and maintaining healthy profit margins requires skilful negotiation.

Subscription-Based Selling

The Subscribe & Save programme allows sellers to offer customers discounts on subscription-based purchases. This encourages customers to commit to regular purchases, providing sellers with a steady income stream.

Building customer loyalty

The programme builds customer loyalty by offering convenience and savings. Reliable delivery and quality products are crucial to retaining subscribers.


In the vast realm of Amazon’s marketplace, ways to make money abound. From the strategy-driven paths of retail and online arbitrage to creative ventures like publishing and designing, Amazon offers something for everyone looking for ways to make money on Amazon. However, these avenues demand more than just listing products; they require research, planning, and adaptability to thrive in the competitive landscape.

Whether you’re an artisan, writer, designer, or service provider, success on Amazon hinges on understanding your audience, delivering value, and maintaining high customer satisfaction standards. As you explore these 17 best ways to make money on Amazon, remember that each method has nuances and challenges. Embrace innovation, stay informed about market trends, and remain dedicated to refining your strategies as you navigate this dynamic online marketplace.