Product mix of Britannia ~ Products, Consumers


Britannia Industries Limited is an Indian food firm formed in Kolkata in 1892. The firm is most known for its many brands of biscuits, but it also sells a wide range of packaged foods, dairy products, and bread to suit a variety of lifestyles.

It produces everyday food products such as Marie Gold, NutriChoice, Milk Bikis, Good Day, and tiger and is one of India’s most trusted brands. Not only in metropolitan areas but also in rural areas, these brands have become household names.

Product Mix – Britannia Biscuits

  • Britannia’s products can be classified as non durables/tangible.
  • Britannia in order to differentiate its products recently changed the packaging of almost all of its biscuits. It improved the quality and made the packaging more colorful and attractive. It also started selling its premium range in light weight boxes.
  • Britannia often offers some of its biscuits in bundles and provides a discount on them. This is again two fold-primarily it offers the same variant in a pack of two or three, or buy two get the third free. It offers two variants together and offers a discount on them.

Britannia Marketing Strategy & Marketing Mix (4Ps) | MBA Skool

Britannia’s Product Strategy

Britannia produces a wide range of biscuits and dairy items. Britannia’s product strategy comprises mostly cakes, dairy, biscuits, bread, and rusk in its marketing mix.

Britannia Marie Gold, Britannia Nutrichoice, Britannia Little Hearts, Britannia Pure Magic, and more famous brands are among them. The most well-known product is Britannia Tiger biscuits. Tiger cookies are also sold in countries such as Australia, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

With the help of cooperative agreements with dairy firms, Britannia can now make and sell butter, ghee, curd, and cheese. Its products are primarily aimed towards India’s middle class, which makes up most of the population.

Product List

  • Britannia Tiger
  • Britannia good day
  • Britannia nice time
  • Britannia treat
  • Britannia 50 50
  • Little hearts
  • Bourbon
  • Britannia Marie
  • Britannia bread and bakery products
  • Veg cakes
  • Britannia dairy products like Cheese, Butter, Ghee..
  • Britannia nutri choice


Brittania has been successfully developing and generating trust among consumers by delivering a trust base and quality products. The marketing strategy of Brittania is product-centric where the company has been highlighting the taste and nutrition.